Stage 1 (1994~2003)


July (number) The Council for the Promotion of the Establishment of the University Center was established.
March (japan) Kyoto University Center established


April Start of Stage 1 (1994~2003)
Credit transfer program started (15 universities and 13 junior colleges)


June (japan) Formulation of basic concept of university town exchange center (tentative name)
December The 1st FD Forum
March (japan) Kyoto Regional University Researcher's Yearbook published.


April City College Project (commissioned by Kyoto City) started.
May Establishment of a university information counseling office for working adults and publication of a guidebook (~2002)
September Researcher Database (~2003)
March Received permission from the Minister of Education to establish a foundation, and
changed the name to "Consortium of Universities Kyoto".


April Internship program started
Extracurricular study program for students


April Started considering distance lectures


June (japan) Future Vision Study Committee established
September The University Community Exchange Center (Campus Plaza Kyoto) was completed
. The 1st Kyoto Student Festival (~2002) The 1st Kyoto Student Film Festival
The 1st Art University Exhibition (~FY2013) Kyoto Entrepreneurship School opened (commissioned by Kyoto City)
October University Open Lecture
December Formulation of the Future Vision Study Committee's "Final Report"


April Advanced Human Resource Development Project – Kyoto MOT Program Started training course for turnover employees (commissioned by Kyoto Prefecture) Remedial
education program started
June (japan) Academic consortium established (merged into the Kyoto Academic Joint Research Organization in 2004)
August (japan) Plaza College begins
September Establishment of the Kyoto Regional Housing Guarantee Organization for International Students (~FY2013)
*New applications are accepted ~FY2009
March (japan) Started joint staff training program


April High school-university collaboration project started.
June (japan) Liaison Office established (~FY2008)
July (number) Kyoto University "Learning" Forum held in Tokyo and Osaka (~2007)


May Kyoto High School University Collaboration Council established
October The 1st Kyoto Student Festival Kyoto University "Learning" Forum held at Kyoto
venue (until 2015)
December The 1st SD Forum
January Medium- to Long-Term Plan "Toward the Second Stage: Formation of Kyoto, a World-Class City of Academic and Cultural City" (FY2004~FY2008)
February (japan) The 1st High School-University Collaborative Education Forum was held, and the "University Town and Exciting Kyoto Promotion Plan" (Kyoto City) was

Stage 2 (FY2004~FY2008)


April Start of Stage 2 (FY2004~FY2008)
August (japan) Distinctive University Education Support Program "Creation of New Liberal Arts Education through University Collaboration ~Credit Transfer System in the Kyoto Area~" (~2007)
Adopted [Representative school: Doshisha University]
September University Administrator Training Program started (~FY2011)
Started accepting applications for university regional collaboration model creation support (school town collaboration) project (commissioned by Kyoto City)
October University "Learning" Forum in Kyoto held in Fukuchiyama (~2010)
November University Consortium Kyoto 10th Anniversary Ceremony
University Consortium Kyoto 10th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine Published
National University Consortium Council established (secretariat operation)
The 1st National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum was held
. University Consortium Kyoto logo established
March (japan) Kyoto Research Center for Higher Education established (~FY2010)
Kyoto Academic Collaborative Research Organization established (~FY2009)
"University Consortium Kyoto Sports Club" established (~FY2008)


April Career Support Program for International Students (~FY2008)
June (japan) Started providing information on international student fairs and study abroad (~FY2008)
July (number) "Distinctive University Education Support Program (Human Resource Development Program through Industry-Government-Academia-Regional Collaboration ~Development of Internships in the Kyoto Area~)" (~FY2008) [Representative School: Ritsumeikan University]
October Started the high school-university collaborative project "Practical Research Joint Education Program" (until FY2015)
December Approved
as a specified public interest promotion corporation The 1st Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference was held.
January Full-scale operation of the Common Library Browsing System begins.
March (japan) First issue of "Kyoto Academia Series" published (~No. 5, 2009)


November "University Seminar for Staff" started (renamed "University Mirai Juku" in 2009, ~FY2010)
December "Kyoto College" logo established
February (japan) Kyoto Student Art Auction (~2010)


April "Kyoto College" started
July (number) 1st FD Seminar (~FY2009)
October Plaza College Kyoto Studies Course (National Project in Nagoya) held
The 1st Sports Culture Study Group
December Internship Program 10th Anniversary Symposium


April The Labor Student Aid Association Secretariat was launched.
June (japan) University "Learning" Forum Shiga in Kyoto (~2013)
July (number) "Kyoto One Campus" (participation in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka consultation venues as a coalition of universities in Kyoto) started (~FY2013)
August (japan) Strategic University Collaboration Support Program "Comprehensive Research on FD and Establishment of Common Program Development and Organizational Operation System through Collaboration with Local Universities" adopted (~FY2010) [Representative university: Bukkyo University]
Strategic University Collaboration Support Program "Promotion of Inter-University Collaboration and Efficiency of Liberal Arts Education in Combination with the Shared Sharing of e-Learning Systems" (~FY2010) [Representative School: Kyoto Sangyo University]
September Kyoto Creator Award 2008 Art and Culture Division (Kyoto Student Festival)
December 20 Regional Development Minister Commendation Group Award (Kyoto Student Festival)
January Medium- to Long-Term Plan "Toward the Third Stage ~ Aiming to Improve the Quality of Higher Education by Utilizing a New Regional Cooperation Model Unique to "Kyoto City of Universities" ~" (FY2009~ FY2013)
February (japan) Formulation of "Kyoto as a University City, Kyoto as a City of Students" (FY2009~2013) (Kyoto City Collaboration)

Stage 3 (FY2009~FY2013)


April Start of Stage 3 (FY2009~FY2013)
"Plaza College" was integrated into "Kyoto College"
July (number) Kyoto FDer Juku started
August (japan) Adopted "Strategic University Collaboration Support Program (Development of International Collaboration Programs for Enhancing Multifaceted International Exchange and Improving the Quality of Higher Education)" (~FY2011) [Representative School: Ryukoku University]
February (japan) Manga FD Handbook! FD Man [New Faculty Edition] published
March (japan) SD Guidebook published


April Kyoto Regional Housing Guarantee Organization for International Students suspends
new applications Kyoto Regional Housing Support Organization for International Students established (secretariat)
June (japan) Kyoto FD Executive Department Juku begins
, "Student Place+" opens on the 1st floor of Campus Plaza Kyoto
July (number) Certified by the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto
August~September Short-term Study Abroad Program in Boston started.
September Campus Plaza Kyoto 10th Anniversary Ceremony
November Manga FD Handbook! FD Man [Grading] published
December Campus Plaza Kyoto Visitors Exceed 5 Million
February~March Short-term Study Abroad Program for Students (Melbourne) launched
March (japan) Joint FD training for newly appointed teachers started.


April Launch
of e-learning courses Establishment of think tank project "Kyoto Creative Research Project for the Future" (jointly with Kyoto City)
September Overseas Training Program for Staff 2011 (Melbourne) (~FY2012)
November Started workshop-type training (renamed SD Workshop in FY2012)


April Started the high school-university collaboration project "Kyoto Katariba" (until FY2015)
February (japan) Official Facebook page opened
and high school university collaborative career education program started.


April Started accepting applications for overseas study abroad program development support project (commissioned by Kyoto City, joint project) (until FY2015)
July (number) English skill improvement training for teachers and staff begins.
September The 10th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum (Kyoto)
December Higher Education Event Navi "Kyomachiya" opened
February (japan) Manga FD Handbook! FD Man [Class Struggle] published
March (japan) Medium- to Long-Term Plan "Fourth Stage Plan – Aiming to Support Students' Learning and Growth in the Kyoto Region" (FY2014~FY2018) Formulation of "Kyoto City of University and Kyoto City of Students" (FY2014~FY2018) (Kyoto City Collaboration)

Stage 4 (FY2014~FY2018)


April Start of Stage 4 (FY2014~FY2018)
November University Consortium Kyoto 20th Anniversary Commemorative Lecture and Social Gathering


May Credit Transfer Program "Kyoto World Heritage PBL Course" launched
Establishment of "Study Kyoto Network for International Students" (operated by the secretariat)
June (japan) SD Seminar Program started.
October Kyoto Student Public Relations Department website "Kotokare" opened (Kyoto City joint project)
November "KyoTomorrow Academy" opened
(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Project to Enhance the Acceptance Environment for International Students such as Living Environment and Employment Support")


May Kyoto College "University Relay Course" started
August (japan) Started the project to promote collaborative universities in the city (Kyoto City Collaborative Project)
September Paid internships for international students
December Started a multifaceted municipal government research project utilizing "university knowledge" (Kyoto City Collaborative Project) (until FY2017)


May Kyoto College "Kyoto Studies Course" is held in the morning and afternoon courses
(total capacity 500 students)
February (japan) Application for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Support Project for Comprehensive Reform of Private Universities (Type 5 * Current Type 3)" based on the University Consortium Kyoto was adopted (continued to be adopted in FY2018 and FY19)


March (japan) Medium-Term Plan "5th Stage Plan "Toward Kyoto (Town) where Everyone Can Learn and Connect" ~Development of Diverse Learning Utilizing Individuality and Characteristics with Local Communities~" (FY2019~FY2023)
  Formulation of "Kyoto as a University City, Kyoto as a City of Students" (FY2019~FY2023) (Kyoto City Joint Initiative)

Stage 5 (FY2019~FY2023)

FY2019 (Reiwa)

April Start of Stage 5 (FY2019~FY2023)
University and Community Collaboration Portal Site "Gakumachi Station" opened
June (japan) University Consortium Kyoto 25th Anniversary Commemorative Lecture
March (japan) Common Indicators for Questionnaires for Projects Conducted by the Foundation for FY2016-2018
"Kyoto City of Universities, City of Students" official app KYO-DENT released

FY2020(Reiwa 2)

April Credit Transfer Program "Kyoto Museum PBL Subject" launched
Credit Transfer Project "Teacher Training Course Sunday Course" started
June (japan) Student staff recruitment (for students whose economic situation deteriorated due to the corona disaster)
Establishment of a study space for students (provision of an online environment during the Corona disaster, ~2021/3/31)
October Kyoto University Students Send Out Video Messages of Support for Students in Corona Disaster at Kyoto Station Large Signage
Internship Program Portal Site Opened
November Submit a "Request for Creating an Environment Where Students Can Learn with Peace of Mind in the Corona Disaster" to the national government (jointly with member schools and Kyoto City)

FY2021(Reiwa 3)

April Kyoto College "University Recurrent Education Relay Course" started
July (number) Workplace vaccination of new coronavirus vaccine through inter-university collaboration (~September)

FY2022 (Reiwa 4)

May Kyoto College "Recurrent Education Program" started