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Application for use of name and inspection procedures

Application for use of name

The University Consortium Kyoto has established the following standards for sponsorship names, etc. After confirming this, please fill in the necessary items on the Application for Use of the Sponsor's Name, etc. (Form No. 1), affix your seal, and submit it to the person in charge of the Sponsor's Name, etc. by bringing it with you or by mail along with the business plan, income and expenditure budget, publicity materials (including drafts), and outline materials of the sponsoring organization.

The results will be reviewed within the Foundation (depending on the content of the application, we may not be able to meet your request), and if it is recognized that the criteria are met, the applicant will be notified by a letter of approval for use of the sponsor's name, etc.

* It takes about 2 weeks from the application for permission in the name of the sponsor. In addition, please note that co-sponsorship and sponsorship will take about 1~2 months because a resolution must be made at the institutional meeting.

: University Consortium Kyoto in charge of sponsorship TEL:075-353-9100

Download standards and forms

* If approved, we will send you an approval letter, so please enclose a return envelope with an 84 yen stamp attached.

Inspection Procedures

Please present the inspection request letter to the person in charge of the inspection desk and adjust the schedule.

: Consortium of Universities Kyoto
Tel: 075-353-9100 Mail: PR-ML consortium.or.jp

Stationery download

  • Inspection Request Letter Template (Survey on Foundation's Initiatives, etc.) [Download here]