Overview of the business

Taking advantage of the agreement with the University Partnership in Victoria, Australia, we aim to improve the international competitiveness of higher education in the Kyoto region and guarantee and improve the quality of education. In order to facilitate international exchange among university students in the Kyoto area beyond the boundaries of universities, we are developing study abroad programs that utilize credit transfer programs.

Program Introduction

Students participate in the government-approved "Government-Accredited English Course for International Students (ELICOS)" at four university English schools in Victoria, Australia, and study English intensively for four weeks with students from all over the world. Each class is small with an average of 15 students, and students are divided into classes according to their English level based on the results of the pre-test. (The ratio of Japan students per class is about 1-90%). Students who wish to participate in an optional buddy programme to interact with local students, full-fledged volunteer activities and weekend excursions to the suburbs will deepen their understanding of Australian culture and society through homestays and extracurricular activities, as well as English language studies.

Until 2017, Melbourne was voted the "World's Most Livable City" for seven consecutive years. After London, New York, and Paris, why don't you experience the diverse culture in the most beautiful city in the world, where the largest number of students gather? Australia has a tradition of teaching English to immigrants and international students from all countries and regions, and has a worldwide reputation for professional and excellent English education.

Schedule: ※Changed to online study abroad

February 12 (Sat) Departure from Kansai International AirportFebruary 13 (Sun) After arrival at the homestay (tentative)February 14 (Mon) Orientation English Program (ELICOS) startsMarch
11 (Fri) Last day of the program (certificate issuance)March
12 (Sat)Melbourne departure March
13 (Sun)

Arrival at Kansai International Airport, dismissal
*Submission of a report within the prescribed period after returning to Japan is mandatory.

【Important】 (Added on September 3, 2021)
As of September 2, 2021, entry restrictions and post-entry restrictions for travelers and Japan travelers from Japan are in place in countries and regions around the world. In Australia, all but Australians and permanent residents and their immediate family members (spouses, minors and legal guardians only) are prohibited from entering the country.
At the moment, there is no prospect of improvement in the current situation for short-term study abroad in February ~ March 2022. Therefore, the implementation form of this program for this fiscal year has been changed from the conventional study abroad program to online study abroad. Please keep this in mind when applying.

The decision on whether or not to dispatch this program will be made in accordance with Ryukoku University's Overseas Crisis Management Manual, including the viewpoint of whether or not to ensure an environment where students can participate safely and securely, based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Warning on Infectious Diseases and other information.
In some situations, learning may be scaled down to online.
The situation changes from moment to moment, so please check (reload) regularly whether or not the program is implemented and in what form it is implemented.

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Applications for the first semester will be accepted at all member universities, but some universities will not accept applications for the second semester.
In addition, the application period for both the first and second semesters differs depending on the university. Please be sure to check with your home university in advance to confirm whether or not applications will be accepted and how long they will be accepted.

For information on the application procedure and participating universities, please visit the special website of the credit transfer system.

University Consortium Kyoto Special Website for Credit Transfer System [Click here for details]

Contact information

Consortium of Universities Kyoto International Division
TEL 075-353-9164 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto *Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)
kokusai■consortium.or.jp (change ■ to @)



University Officials, There are multiple places to submit the documents required to participate in this program.
We inform students that the submission address varies depending on the document, but if there is an error in the submission address, please contact the International Affairs Department of the Foundation.

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