The 29th FD Forum Report is now available

The 29th FD Forum: The Future of Higher Education in the DX and AI Era

On February 23 and 24, 2024, we are pleased to announce the release of the report of the 29th FD Forum “Challenge: Challenges and Choices Required to Support Diverse Learning”.
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symposium Gazing at the Learning Continuum: Seeking Tolerance and Unsubstitutability of Generative AI
Session 1 Aiming to create a classroom environment where students can learn without being intimidated
Session 2 A detonator for university education?! Academic DX
Subcommittee 3 The use of AI in university education and its harmful effects
Session 4 Effects and Challenges of Self-Educational Education in Universities
Subcommittee 5 How language education should change
Session 6 Supporting Students in the Face of “Care”
Session 7 Let’s AL with ICT in university classes!
Session 8 Generative AI and the Future of Humanity: Technology, Education, Soul, and the Possibility of Coexistence
Session 9 Automatic Classification of Free Writing in Class Evaluation Questionnaires and Its Application
Session 10 What do you do? Future Career Education and Employment Support
Session 11 Will university education change if the course of study changes?
Session 12 Learning and support in the era of the “Human-AI Occupancy”

* You can see the full-page report collection here.
 Report on the 29th FD Forum