【Report】The 21st High School-University Collaborative Education Forum Report has been released.

The 21st High School-University Collaborative Education Forum was held on Saturday, December 2, 2023
“How can we design good questions: Exploring the commonalities between high school exploration and university research?”
The report collection has been completed.
Click on each item below to view the PDF file. You can also view the full-page report collection in PDF format from the link below.

Part 1

Opening Remarks
Explanation of purpose “How can I design a good question?
-Exploring the Commonalities between High School Exploration and University Research-“
Keynote Speech 1 Collaborative Inquiry and Inquiry Design
~Linking with the three pillars of qualities and abilities in the Course of Study~
Keynote Speech 2 The present and future of questioning
– A journey of thought and practice in questioning and question-making –
Floor participatory discussion

Part 2: Breakout Sessions

Session 1 A new team exploration activity for high school-university connections
How was it developed and implemented?
Session 2 What is a “good question” in the first place?
~Through the practice of science, we create indicators of “good questions”~
Subcommittee 3 High Schools and Universities Connected by Information Education
~Beyond Ideals and Reality, Expectations and Fears~

Special Breakout Session (1)
【High School and University Connection】

From High School to University: The Current State of Pre-Enrollment Education and GP
Co-organizer: Association of University Admissions Professionals

Special Breakout Session (2)
[Co-creation between university students and high school students]

What is the story created by the co-creation of university students and high school students?
~The future envisioned by high school and university students~

* You can see the full-page report collection here.
 Report on the 21st Forum on Collaborative Education between High School and University

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