Examples of Activities (by Theme)

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Environment & Energy, Landscape & Beautification ActivitiesEnvironment & Energy, Landscape & Beautification Activities

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto University of Education Environmental conservation activities around Oiwayama (Fushimi Ward) Since Heisei 20 (the name LactPren has been named since Heisei 22), we have been collecting illegally dumped garbage, constructing and maintaining a mountaintop observatory (felling trees, improving flower beds, etc.), improving roads (construction of new promenades and installing bamboo fences), maintenance of degraded bamboo forests, and maintenance of irrigation ponds. Pdf 
Kyoto University of Education Uncover the potential of bamboo. Takeyukai Taketori Story. We cut bamboo from the bamboo forests that spread throughout the Fujimori area, where Kyoto University of Education is located, and process them into bamboo lanterns, stilts, bamboo pokkuri, kadomatsu, and bamboo swings, and display them at local events, exhibit them for experience, and plan and manage events in cooperation with the Fujimori School District Union Residents' Association. Pdf 
Kyoto Prefectural University Production of wooden structures using wood thinned from the region, based in Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture, regional exchange, regional development
→Click here for details
Since 1999, Miyama Kishojuku has been conducting and continuing production activities using wood from regional thinning in Miyama-cho, Nantan City, Kyoto Prefecture. Currently, he is engaged in a production activity planned by students in 2013 to create an outdoor wooden education plaza in Chibikko Square in Ono Ward. In addition, efforts are being made to introduce activity sites at events outside the region through products. Pdf 
Otani University /
Otani University Junior College
University-wide participation in the zero waste strategy at the Gion Festival, one of Kyoto's best traditional festivals Participated as a core leader and volunteer and participated in the Gion Festival Zero Garbage Operation.
We are working on the overall progress, the operation of the eco-station, and the navigation of the collection of garbage and reused tableware.
Kyoto Koka Women's University・
Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior College
Venison Operation
~Oishika Activities to Connect with the Community~
Monthly study sessions are held to deepen understanding of environmental issues, as well as to develop recipes and prototypes for dishes using venison. In addition, venison dishes are provided at tasting events and local events to convey the actual situation of venison damage and the reasons for eating venison to the general public, and to let them know the deliciousness of venison and how to use venison. Pdf 
Kyoto Women's University Vacant House Project (Vacant House Watching Volunteers)
→Click here for details
On behalf of vacant house owners who have difficulty inspecting their vacant homes, students regularly conduct simple inspections of the building (check for stains due to leaks, rust adhesion from flushing water, etc.) and ventilation (open windows and closets in all rooms to ventilate and breathe). Pdf 
Kyoto Women's University Gion Shimbashi Landscape Conservation Activities
→Click here for details
Faculty members and students of TUFS participate in the activities of the Gion Shimbashi Landscaping Council. Specifically, the staff in charge of regional cooperation coordination participate in regular meetings and events in the community. In June 29, a joint campaign for landscape conservation was conducted. Pdf 
Kyoto Bunkyo Junior College Devising
and promoting zero-waste recipes →Click here for details
As a joint research project with the Waste Reduction Promotion Division of the Uji City Civic Environment Department, students from the Department of Food and Nutrition were divided into groups in specialized subjects under the theme of reducing waste and eliminating waste, and devised 30 different cooking recipes. We have created a collection of zero-waste recipes, posted them on the city's website and city administration newsletters, and held cooking classes for elementary school students in the city. Pdf 


Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto Institute of Technology Liven
up Nishiki Market with Jakuchu-themed art events →Click here for details
In the Nakano Laboratory, students draw tapestries based on Jakuchu's paintings, and create and install an installation that stretches more than 10 meters above the arcade. During the period, the Sakata Laboratory renovates vacant stores as special booths and sells original goods (such as tenugui) created by Nakano Laboratory students in consultation with each store. Pdf 
Ikebo Junior College Gion Festival Sponsorship Event "Flower Kira Kira"
→Click here for details
・For the purpose of learning about the history and traditions of Hokomachi, students will visit the Hoko folding screen.
・ From the edge of keeping chicken hoko at the school, students participate in yukata at the beginning of the chicken hoko pulling.
・Students volunteer to award the chimaki.
・The campus will be open for two days during the Gion Festival (pre-festival), and students and faculty members will cooperate to invite the general public to flower exhibitions, tea ceremonies, club and club presentations, etc.
Ikebo Junior College Ikebana exhibition at Hankyu Karasuma Station Once every few days, TUFS students (one or two students) take turns creating ikebana works and displaying them in a special case at Hankyu Karasuma Station. Pdf 
Saga Art University /
Saga Art Junior College
-Saga Flea Market-
→Click here for details
Flea market at the university Pdf 
Kyoto Seika University Keihoku Utsu Fureai Learning →
Click here for details
In addition to interviews and surveys on the local Kitayama cedar industry and the natural environment of the Uzu area, we hold workshops on traditional cuisine, mochitsuki competitions that have been handed down for a long time, and workshops on traditional foods and local woodwork production. In addition, we are planning to archive materials from elementary schools that will be closed and create a map of the area. Pdf 
Doshisha University Kanbaikan Summer Festival
→Click here for details
At the Kanumekan Summer Festival, the hall, atrium, and reading space of the Imadegawa Campus Kanumekan are open to the public, and a variety of events are held by university students, including tea ceremony experiences, music performances, and model railroad driving for elementary school students. Pdf 

Industry & TourismIndustry & Tourism

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto Institute of Technology Appealing
the charm of Wazuka Town with the power of graphic design →Click here for details
The Nakano Laboratory cooperates in disseminating visual appeal through design. We have created a tourism promotion pamphlet that introduces the tea industry with the keywords of package design of local products planned by local women and "Wazuka tea, history, and landscape". The Sakata Laboratory conducts questionnaire surveys and workshops to build consensus among residents. Pdf 
Kyoto Gakuen University We exhibited and participated
in the Kyoto Vegetable Festival →Click here for details
With the cooperation of the Association for Considering Local Products, we tasted and sold local Kyoto vegetables.
In addition, the school cafeteria "Yu Ai" on the Kameoka Campus in Kyoto sold deer katsu curry and karaage cups, which were well received by many visitors.
Kyoto Sangyo University Kyoto Higashiyama Tourism Hospitality Team
→Click here for details
We are working to promote universal tourism by creating the Higashiyama Wheelchair Sightseeing Walking Map, developing menus for food allergies, creating store introduction booklets where people with allergies can enjoy meals with peace of mind, holding tours that visually impaired people can enjoy, and creating a sign language notebook that can be used at stores to entertain the hearing impaired. Pdf 
Kyoto Sangyo University Kyoto Sangyo University Ide Support Team
→Click here for details
Since the conclusion of the partnership agreement between the town and the university, various initiatives have been carried out, such as holding regional revitalization events in the fall and cleaning activities in the town. In 2016, vacant houses in the town were renovated and the "Musubi House IDE" was established as a base for activities by the students of the Ide Support Corps. Terakoya activities provide learning guidance to local elementary school students, and summer vacation parent-child science classes are held by professors at Kyoto Sangyo University. Pdf 
Kyoto Tachibana University Activities
in which organizations engaged in town development in Yamashina work together to revitalize the city -Yamashina Station Front Ceramic Lantern-
→Click here for details
Using pottery produced in the Kyoto Yamashina Kiyomizu-yaki complex, water, kiriko glass, and candles are placed in the vessel in order (= ceramic lantern). Then, by lighting the candles inside and arranging them like a road, they create a fantastic space where you can relax. Pdf 
Kyoto University of Arts and Crafts Cafe tableware development project
→Click here for details
A project to develop tableware for a new café in the Kikuhama district near the Higashiyama Campus was realized. Based on the concept of "tableware that makes use of traditional crafts and allows you to feel the four seasons of the Kikuhama area," we divided into four groups and developed tableware for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. After half a year of trial and error, tableware incorporating the beauty of each season was completed. Pdf 
Hanazono University Body-friendly President's Herb Sweets Creation & Sales Planning
Using Products from Keihoku-cho, Ukyo-ku →Click here for details
Using Sansho and kuromoji from Keihoku as ingredients for the president's sweets, they create sansho mitarashi dumplings, kuromoji pudding, and kuromoji cheesecake as "herbal sweets that are kind to the body" and sell them at the campus café. We made efforts to promote ingredients produced in Keihoku and to get people interested in Keihoku Town and forestry. Pdf 
Heian Jogakuin University /
Heian Jogakuin University Junior College
Regional collaboration activities with the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau ~ Focusing on the creation of FP "Kyunkyun KYOTO" introducing the area around subway stations In March 2015, we signed an agreement with the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau to work together on activities related to the promotion of subway use and regional revitalization. Create a free paper "Kyunkyun KYOTO" that introduces the attractions and shops around each subway station from the student's perspective. First- and second-year students interviewed and wrote in the generic skills class, and the 16th issue was published in November 2017. Pdf 
Ritsumeikan University Keihoku Project
, Faculty of Social Sciences →Click here for details.
(1) Food foster parent P: Holding "Keihoku Marche @ Kinugasa", activities to promote "local production for local consumption and food education" in collaboration with Ritsumeikan University and Ritsumeikan University Co-op, agricultural production support. (2) Japan Sake P: Production and sale of 100% Keihoku sake in collaboration with Haneda Sake Brewery, and establishment of agriculture, commerce, and industry collaboration. (3) Keihoku as the village of natto: Planning and commercialization of "Natto Natto" (2011) and "Natto Mochi" (2015), and building cooperation between agriculture, commerce and industry. Pdf 
Ryukoku University /
Ryukoku University Junior College
Click here for details × regional revitalization through sports → traditional industries In cooperation with the Kyoto Nenju Manufacturing and Sales Business Cooperative, we produced Kyo Nenju bracelets with local children. These products will be sold at the Kyoto Marathon venue and runners will wear them to promote Kyoto's traditional industries. In addition, the proceeds are used to fund the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support activities conducted by seminar students. Pdf 
Kyoto University of Informatics Suizokukan and Kubutsuke "Draw and shoot! Drawing Workshop"
→Click here for details
Pictures of fish drawn by children who visited the Kyoto City Aquarium were placed on original frames created by students and projected on the wall for a commemorative photo. In addition, we created a large-scale art work that mosaics of cultural properties exhibited at the Kyoto National Museum using the drawings of children from all over Japan that were solicited in advance. Pdf 

Health, Welfare and HealthHealth, Welfare and Health

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto University Counseling activities for the "mind" open to the community (counseling and play therapy)
→Click here for details
We provide counseling and play therapy to people who come to us with various worries and symptoms about themselves and their families, and find ways to overcome each problem together. Under the guidance of faculty members, graduate students are basically in charge. Pdf 
Kyoto Prefectural University Improvement of the thermal environment of homes as a measure to reduce heat stroke damage for the elderly in the prefecture and promotion
of behavioral change through temperature recognition →Click here for details
With the cooperation of residents of private nursing homes in Kyoto Prefecture, we conducted a "questionnaire survey on heat and health in housing" as part of the Kyoto Prefectural University Special Study on Community Contribution (ACTR). In addition, shades were installed in 10 houses, and the indoor thermal environment before and after installation was measured, and a hearing survey was conducted. Pdf 
Kyoto Huading University /
Huading Junior College
Initiatives to make use of student learning in the community For several years, first- and second-year students of the Department of Nursing Care at Huading Junior College have been collaborating with faculty members to carry out various community collaboration activities using seminar time.
(1) Huacho Salon: Utilizing vacant stores in the Furukawacho shopping street near the university, we communicate with local people and practice
hand massage. (2) Furukawacho Shopping Street Gate Sweeping Team: Regularly clean
the shopping street while taking turns in seminars (3) Participation in the Higashiyama Ward Citizens' Fureai Plaza: Exhibited a booth at the Department of Nursing Care and practiced tactile care, etc.
Kyoto Koka Women's University・
Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior College
Let's learn and support "food" for the elderly and people with disabilities! In addition to learning about the current state of support for food for the elderly and people with disabilities at facilities in Ukyo Ward, we are developing and providing Japanese sweets that are easy for the elderly and people with disabilities to eat. Pdf 
Kyoto Women's University Regional network revitalization project
through "food" in Higashiyama Ward →Click here for details
It holds "parent-child cooking classes" for parents and children living in Higashiyama Ward and "cooking classes for healthy longevity" for the elderly. In addition to preparing menus, giving nutritional advice, and disseminating health information, we play a role as a coordinator for multi-generational exchange and support the entire community to tackle child-rearing and long-term care prevention, which are issues in an aging society with a declining birthrate. Pdf 
Kyoto Seika University Danchi Renovation Project
→Click here for details
The project, which was developed in collaboration with the Kyoto Municipal Housing Supply Corporation, is a practical and empirical class program in which students of the Department of Architecture plan the concept and implementation design of multiple vacant housing complexes for the Nigenjaya housing complex in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, and after the construction is completed, students themselves live in the renovated housing and evaluate the contents of the renovation. Pdf 
Kyoto Tachibana University Initiatives
aimed at revitalizing housing complexes →Click here for details
In addition to holding events such as muscle training and brain training events, health consultations for local residents, exchange meetings where international students living in shared rooms introduce their countries and regions of origin, and Respect for the Aged Day fun party where quizzes, skits, and points are provided by students for the elderly living in housing complexes, we also participate in housing complex children's associations and disaster prevention events. Pdf 
Kyoto Tachibana University Tachibana Health Club Since we are currently developing a base within the university, we are mainly developing outreach activities outside the university. As a "Business Trip Tachibana Health Club," we regularly work in two free spaces in Yamashina Ward. We measure physical measurements, bone density measurements, vascular age measurements, brain age measurements, etc., and conduct health consultations to understand the needs of local residents and disseminate them to their activities. Pdf 
Kyoto Bunkyo Junior College Initiatives
at Kyoto Bunkyo University and Kyoto Bunkyo Junior College Childcare Support Office "Bunkyo Niko Niko Room" →Click here for details
It is operated in collaboration with the local specified non-profit organization "Makishima Kizuna no Kai", which was entrusted by Uji City to project the regional childcare support base Hiroba Project. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are taught by the Makishima Kizuna no Kai, and Wednesdays are handled by junior colleges. As a "place of belonging" for parents and children raising children, it is open to a wide range of citizens, mainly in the community. It is a place for interaction and interaction based on daily learning results, mainly for students studying early childhood education, and for research and practice by faculty and staff. Pdf 
Tanechiin University Participation in salons for the elderly and child-rearing salons Participated in the senior citizen salon and child-rearing salon run by the school district social association. At the salon for the elderly, they help with food serving, recreation, and chat over tea. At the child-rearing salon, they help with production and hand play, and interact with participants (parents and children). Pdf 
Doshisha Women's University "Kyotanabe City Childcare Support Book"
→Click here for details
Regarding child-rearing information in Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture from the fetal stage to infancy, we surveyed the voices of various people such as citizens raising children and child-rearing support NPOs, and created this information in cooperation with the Childcare Support Division of the Health and Welfare Department of Kyotanabe City. Booklets are distributed to citizens through the websites of Kyotanabe City and universities. Pdf 
Doshisha Women's University Department of Social Systems "Wonderful Aging Project"
→Click here for details
In cooperation with Kyoto City and Kyotanabe City, we are conducting educational activities for the elderly and their families on psychological health promotion in old age and holding health classes to prevent and support them. Pdf 
Hanazono University University Student Child-Rearing Support Project "Call Atto Ukyo" (University Students Connect, Parent to Parent, Child to Child, Parent to Child)
→Click here for details
A university student produces child-rearing in a workshop. Specifically, after parents and children come to the event, parents and children are first asked to leave the event, and through the production of the "Scrapbooking" workshop for parents to connect with each other, parents interact with each other, and the children's connection workshop "Cross-age exchange contact play" is held. And as a parent-child connection workshop, we are an initiative to get people interested in the community through suites made in Ukyo Ward and deepen the bond between parents and children anew. Pdf 
Bukkyo University Let's go to Murasakino ~ Enliven the community with elderly people living alone! Students and Purple Friends write and compose lyrics together, publish CDs, and tour songs to other regions and other regions. We also operate Cafe Murasakino where everyone can gather, and create a place where people can easily gather. Received the Grand Prize of the "Gakumachi Collaboration Project (2014)". Pdf 

Safe and secureSafe and secure

Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto University of Medical Science Survey and Research on Environmental Radiation Measurement in Nantan City / Participation in
Nantan City Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Drill →Click here for details
In addition to helping students acquire measurement techniques through surveys and research on environmental radiation measurement in the region, we will investigate the distribution of radiation dose and radioactivity in the natural environment and use it as basic data for Nantan City's disaster prevention plan. In addition, an environmental radiation dose map will be created based on the data obtained from the measurement, and it will be exhibited at places such as the Nantan City Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Drill, which will be open to the public, and measurement demonstrations will be conducted in emergency monitoring training and using portable radiation dosimetry devices. Pdf 
Bukkyo University Student Circle Activities
for Thinking about Regional Disaster Prevention →Click here for details
In order to prevent local disaster prevention around the campus, together with the local Rakuda Fire Brigade, we patrol the area twice a month on Kyoto City Fire-Free Promotion Day as a fire prevention patrol to call for "fire precautions." In addition, a monthly circle meeting is held to discuss the activity plan not only with students and university officials, but also with administrative staff and local residents' associations. Pdf 
Kyoto Sangyo University Student Community Safety Promotion Team "Sagitarius Team" He has created the "Kita-ku Safety and Security Map" showing dangerous places around the university, and is engaged in activities to watch over children at Kyoto Municipal Hiiragino Elementary School when they leave school. In addition, in cooperation with elementary schools and police stations, we hold crime prevention classes and drug abuse prevention events, raise awareness of the expiration of automobile liability and bicycle theft, and raise awareness of crime prevention, traffic safety, and drug abuse prevention on campus. Pdf 


Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto University Initiatives
aimed at discovering and revitalizing local learning resources →Click here for details
They regularly hold a regional learning course called "Nodo Inaka Juku" that both adults and children can participate in. This year, in August, we held the Dosenbo Museum, where we used wild grasses in vessels that utilized local resources and experienced grass flutes. In February 2018, we are planning to hold a "Disaster Mitigation Roundtable" to approach disaster prevention issues in hilly and mountainous areas. Pdf 
Kyoto City University of Arts Ink painting experience class at Shimokyoga Elementary School The Japan Painting Laboratory of Kyoto City University of Arts held a hands-on learning program for sixth-grade students of Shimokyoga Elementary School, which was born in April this year in Shimogyo Ward, where the university was relocated, to draw ink paintings established by Sesshu, a cultural figure representing the Muromachi period. Pdf 
Kyoto City University of Arts Kazalacca Concert Volunteers from the Faculty of Music perform together with elementary school students and PTAs. In addition, since around Heisei 20, in order for children to become more familiar with music and enjoy studying, students have been thinking and doing activities such as introducing musical instruments and conducting experiences in addition to performances. Pdf 
Kyoto City University of Arts Kyoto Municipal Sakaiya Elementary School Residence
→Click here for details
Since Heisei 23, graduates and current students of Kyoto City have been using vacant classrooms at Kyoto Municipal Sakaiya Elementary School as ateliers to create works of art, and interact with children and students on a daily basis.
In addition, workshops where children can experience art on a regular basis and exhibitions of works jointly by children and artists are also held. Regional cooperation is also expanding, such as the participation of local cultural circles in the exhibition.
Fukuchiyama Public University Community Collaborative Practical Education Student Project Projects that support and subsidize initiatives that are expected to produce results by utilizing regional characteristics by selecting initiatives that take advantage of regional characteristics from among voluntary activities targeting the local community are eligible, and are intended for initiatives that can be developed in collaboration with local residents and administrative agencies. Pdf 
Otani University /
Otani University Junior College
Community Collaboration Activities "Otani Kids Campus" and "Tani University Challenge Study"
→Click here for details
We use on-campus facilities to conduct hands-on learning activities such as social studies, music, science, arts and crafts, physical education, and food education. Each time the age (grade) that can participate is determined, and the activities are set by university students consulting with the target students about the educational effects and guidance goals. It may also be held outside the university, and we are active as an "outing team" in local governments where there is a request. Pdf 
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies /
Kyoto Junior College of Foreign Studies
Summer Vacation Sports Class: Interaction with Children from Neighboring Elementary Schools through Sports Summer Vacation Sports Class
Mainly organized by student club groups affiliated with athletic associations, students belonging to each club teach elementary school students sports such as soccer, tennis, badminton, and volleyball for several days and play games together to experience sports so that they can experience the joy of sports.
Kyoto Huading University /
Huading Junior College
Long-term exchange between children and students Mainly during summer, winter, and spring vacations, we visit the Yoshitsu and Yoro districts of Miyazu City and enjoy making circles of human wisdom, soap bubbles, and kadomatsu with our children. In Kadomatsu-making, students make and present kamishibai shows about "why do you decorate Kadomatsu?" and "the meaning of osechi cuisine," and after the exchange, each student is sent a letter and photo so that they can have the next exchange. Pdf 
Kyoto Seimo Jogakuin Junior College Our Lady of Children Festival 2018→ details In addition to inviting local children to participate, performing music plays and games, planning booths for hands-on crafts, etc., and holding an exhibition of graduation works at the same time, it is an opportunity for students to see the efforts of our students. Pdf 
Kyoto Notre Dame Women's University Notre Dame Play Project "Let's Play with Nature!"
-Nature Experience and Modeling Activity Program for Parents and Children –
Click here for → details
Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the festival is held in the forests of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden and on the university campus, where they observe the nature of plants and animals, play games and play with natural objects such as fallen leaves and acorns, observe under a microscope, and play and experiment with natural science. It is a program that not only children but also adults can enjoy, and students plan and prepare the program and support the participants on the day. Pdf 
Kyoto Bunkyo University MJ Study Group: Learning support for elementary school students at Mukaijima New Town in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City Implemented from April 2014. In cooperation with the Children's Commissioner, we work on a project to create a place to belong once a week during after-school time. We mainly provide learning support to university students and support them so that they can do their homework on their own. After that, we set up time to play with the children and interact with them. Pdf 
Kyoto Bunkyo University Project subjects that meet the community, learn from the region, and solve regional issues →Click
here for details
About 10 classes a year collaborate with the government and community-based companies and organizations to solve regional issues. Specific examples include classes in which elementary school students collaborate to cover regional issues, summarize them in newspaper articles, and propose solutions to NPOs and other organizations, and classes in which students collaborate with local welfare committee members to propose what local communities and students can do in the event of a disaster. Pdf 
Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Yamashina Science Experimental Course
→Click here for details
Teachers of the Student Practical Training Support Center of TUFS plan the contents of the experiment, and the local citizens' organization "Yamashina Ward "Hagukumi" Network Executive Committee" participates as volunteers. The subject matter is familiar science in daily life, and by using the advanced facilities of the university laboratory, you can experience the atmosphere of a scientist, and you can take home experimental materials so that you can conduct experiments at home. Pdf 
Doshisha Women's University Department of Contemporary Children's Studies Student Project "Kodopa" First- to third-year students of the Department of Contemporary Children's Studies plan and manage the project over a period of about one year in cooperation with the Kyotanabe City Board of Education and elementary schools in Kyotanabe City, from recruitment to implementation.
FY2016 results: Creating a huge three-dimensional maze, Cups experience, etc.
Bukkyo University Picture Book Plaza ~Let's enjoy picture books with parents and children~ "Picture Book Hiroba ~Let's Enjoy Picture Books with Parents and Children~" is an event held on the first Wednesday of every month at the Nijo Campus of our university where former nursery teachers and students read picture books to infants and their guardians living in the vicinity of Nijo Station. Pdf 
Ryukoku University /
Ryukoku University Junior College
Click here for details of the learning support project "Kyomachiya Study Group" for children in →Fukakusa area Students majoring in education regularly (every Tuesday) conduct learning support activities at the Fukakusa Machiya Campus, mainly for third-year junior high school students aiming to enter high school. In addition to supporting studying, we also support personal growth through interaction events with people, such as cooking together. Pdf 


Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto University Genius Table in Kyoto
→ details
They regularly hold a social gathering called the Genius Table over lunch. The venue for this exchange event is supported by places where you can feel the culture of Kyoto, such as temples and shrines and traditional craft workshops, and meals are prepared in bento boxes, which are unique to Japan culture.
Foreign tourists who will be guests are especially active in their own countries or around the world, and the participants are Kyoto citizens and students.


Name of University Business name Outline of Initiatives For more information
Kyoto Institute of Technology Review public facilities
after the merger of the three towns →Click here for details
Students surveyed each of the 197 facilities grouped by function one by one according to the laboratory's specialty. We interviewed the person in charge and analyzed the current situation while considering the characteristics of the facility. The students' perspectives are useful for various issues, such as discovering the charms of the town that are difficult to notice locally, and proposing cooperation between facilities managed by different departments. Pdf 
Kyoto Prefectural University Activities
that serve as a bridge between "universities" and "citizens and communities" →Click here for details
○ Holding of Kagora Cafe (a place for interaction between local residents and university students) ○ Cooperation in participation in events held in the Kitayama area (Kitayama Aoi Festival, Botanical Garden Event, etc.) ○ Creation

of Kitayama illustration map ○ Dissemination of information through the publication of the Kagora Times (public relations magazine)

Fukuchiyama Public University Regional Cooperation Exchange Program
→Click here for details
In fiscal 2016 (Heisei 28), the facility was renovated and a regional cooperation exchange facility "Kita-re" was opened. Kita-re plays a role in promoting cooperation between the university and the community as a facility equipped with a café space (free space), a co-working space (reservation required), an office space, a workshop space, an information dissemination space, and a reading space related to the community. Pdf 
Fukuchiyama Public University North Regional Cooperation Conference
→Click here for details
A think tank consisting of universities and about 50 private organizations has been established to conduct research and research on issues in the northern region and make proposals. Pdf 
Otani University /
Otani University Junior College
Disseminating attractive people, places, and things in the Kitaoji area In addition to broadcasting a weekly radio program (Otani University HAPPY HOUR) that welcomes people who are active in the community as guests, it also covers local news in the area and disseminates it on its website. Pdf 
Kyoto Huading University /
Huading Junior College
Regional Revitalization Student Project In cooperation with the social welfare promotion activities of the Jodo sect, we participate in reports and exchange meetings of the social cooperation activities of the Somon School. Representatives of the project constituent organizations gather to participate in this debriefing session, and by exchanging various opinions, it is a great opportunity to understand each other's activities and review the social contribution activities of the university. We also started publishing Network News in 2015. Pdf 
Kyoto Koka Women's University, Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior College Kyoto Sanjo-kai Shopping Street Terakoya Business Based in the rental space of the Kyoto Sanjo-kai shopping street, they plan and implement events to liven up the shopping street and events according to the season. Every year, they hold popular Halloween costumes, Christmas wreath making, study sessions, etc., so that they can become a playground and learning place for children and a place of interaction as a community place for local people. Pdf 
Kyoto University of Art and Design Maka-dori
-Modern Industrial Heritage Art Revitalization Project-
Click here for details →
We have discovered historical resources such as ceramic dolls and hell picture solving, and have regenerated them with the power of art. In addition, through events and fieldwork surveys, we aim to develop new tourism resources and revitalize the region, and aim to create new industries that use the town's unique resources and give back to the town from this fiscal year. As an annual activity report, we create and disseminate a booklet such as "How to Love Your Town". Pdf 
Kyoto Bunkyo University Voluntary efforts
by students who are rooted in the community, learn from the community, and aim to solve local issues →Click here for details)
In fiscal 2017, three projects (three in progress) based in Uji City were adopted, and we are working in collaboration with the government, shopping districts, NPOs, etc. on themes such as revitalizing shopping districts, disseminating the charm of Uji tea, and promoting tourism in Uji through new content. Pdf 
Heian Jogakuin University /
Heian Jogakuin University Junior College
Comprehensive partnership agreement with Kyoto Central Market As part of the "Japanese Food and Japanese Sweets in Kyoto" class, a hands-on tour of "Seri" at the Kyoto Central Market, and an event to spread and
enlighten healthy eating habits "Let's play! Let's do it! "Kyoto's Food Education Wonderland"".
Ritsumeikan University Service Learning Center Regular Course "Citizenship Studies I"
→Click here for details
(1) Project
to plan the "Satoyama Experience Program" We plan a program for young people living in the town to think about how to live, such as capturing the charm and issues felt through the nature around Kitayama, which is a characteristic of Kita Ward, and the way people living there from the perspective of young people, and conveying them to young people of the same age (mainly in their 20s).
(2) Jidai Festival Support Project In cooperation with Heian Kosha No. 8, one of the civic organizations responsible for the Jidai Festival, we will help prepare costumes, play musical instruments, and practice and march marches, and at each university in the city, we will publicize the Jidai Festival from the student's perspective to convey the charm of Jidai
Festival to students.
(3) Youth Town Development Staff "Team Town Star" Project In cooperation with the Kyoto City Youth Service Association Kyoto City Shimogyo Youth
Activity Center, we will participate in community development activities such as surveying shopping streets in the Shimogyo area and holding events in the area.
Ryukoku University /
Ryukoku University Junior College
Regional debut program "Machiya de Udon"
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Local residents (from children to the elderly) and TUFS students (including international students) interact through udon making at the Fukakusa Machiya Campus, which is the university's regional exchange base. It is used as a motivation for students to engage in community collaboration activities, and as a place for multi-generational and international exchange for local residents. Pdf 

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