2023 26th Kyoto International Student Film Festival


Business summary

 The Kyoto International Student Film Festival is the largest international student film festival in Japan, planned and run by university students in the Kansai region, mainly in Kyoto. The festival aims to discover the talents and people who will lead the future of film by collecting independent films made by students from all over the world.
 Historically, Kyoto is a “city of film” that continues to inherit the cultural heritage of the early days of Japanese film, and is also a “city of universities and students,” with students making up 10% of the city’s population. This film festival aims to create a place for international exchange and mutual understanding and revitalize Kyoto by discovering and introducing talents that can add new realms to film from among the many potential works from around the world.

Event Outline

The 26th Kyoto International Student Film Festival

February 10, 2024 (Sat) ~ February 12 (Monday, closed)
Kyoto Museum of Culture Film Theater
Online Streaming:
February 17, 2024 (Sat) – February 23, 2024 (Friday, Sunday)
The Consortium of Universities, Kyoto
Co-organized by:
The Museum of Kyoto
Planning and management:
The 26th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Executive Committee
Operational support:
Kyoto International Student Film Festival Planning Committee
Supported by:
Japan Arts Council / NISSHA Foundation
Sponsored by:
Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City / Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education / Kyoto City Board of Education / The Japan Foundation
NPO Visual Industry Promotion Organization / Directors Guild of Japan / Asahi Shimbun Kyoto Bureau UniJapan
Public Interest Foundation / Kyoto Shimbun / NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station / KBS Kyoto
α-STATION FM Kyoto / Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan
J:COM Kyoto Miyabijon / Cineaste Organization Osaka
King Records Co., Ltd. / Directors Univ. Inc. / Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Film and New Media Fellows
Co., Ltd. / Grand Marble Co., Ltd. / Genki na Jimusho Co., Ltd. / Tohokushinsha Co., Ltd.
Non-verbal theater “GEAR” / Kyoto Prefectural Consumers’ Co-operative Union / MIHO Cinema /
Natalie Movies

Event Program


Ticket Information

generally 3,000 yen 1,500 yen
Students 2,000 yen 1,000 yen
High school student 1,000 yen 500 yen
Middle school students and below free free

*Kyoto Museum of Culture Friendship Association members can view the exhibits for free by showing their membership card.
*Students (high school students and above) must show their student ID.
* Admission is free for those who present a physical disability certificate, a medical education certificate, a mental health and welfare certificate, an atomic bomb victim certificate, or a war injury certificate (regardless of rank or prefecture). In addition, admission is free for one caregiver per disabled person.*By presenting your ticket on the day of the event, you can also view the permanent exhibition in the general exhibition rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the venue.

Online distribution

The 16 selected works will be streamed on Vimeo from
Saturday, February 17th, 2024 to Friday, February 23rd, 2024 (National Holiday) for
one week from the date of purchase
. You will need to register as a Vimeo member to watch.

Competition Winners (16 works in total)

[Program A]

Alix Devaux, Camille Leroux, Felicia Poggi, Clemence Lacoume, Lara Brière,
Valentine Wilke
Supinfocom Rubika (France)
2022 / 6/ June
『The Crooker Lovers』
Thanachanok Padungchaipoomthai
Mahidol University International College (Thailand) 2023 / 16分 / 実写
Lost in Count
Gong Bochen
Beijing Film Academy (China)
2022 / 30 min / Live action
“Between Us”
YANG Ji-won
Kookmin University (Korea)
2023 / 24 min / Live action
Park Jongwoo
Korea National University of Arts (Korea)
2023 / 36 min / Live action

[Program B]

by Kukai
Habe Musashino Art University (Japan)
2023 / 4 min / Animation
Durian Trees
Cheun Shi Chin
Taiwan I-SHOU University (Taiwan)
2023 / 26 min / Live action
『음양판관』/ Hell-World Judge
Dongguk University (Korea)
2023 / 38/4
“Applause” / ovation
Hirao Takumi
Kyoto Seika University (Japan)
2023 / 34 min / Live action
『Returning to the South』/ Returning South
Sofía Ayala
German Film and Television Academy (Germany)
2022 / 15/ 実写

[Program C]

KWON Chan Young
Kookmin University(Korea)
2023 / 26min / Live action
Lee Euntaek
The University of Suwon (Korea)
2023 / 14 min / Live action
“The Steak”
Kiarash Dadgar
Soore Art University of Tehran (Iran)
2023 / 8 min / Live action
“Life of Dongwoo Park”
Soongsil University (Korea)
2022 / 18 min / Live action
Movie Dream
Shanghai business school(China)
2023 / 39min / Live action
Tama Art University (Japan)
2023 / 8 min / Animation

Special program

Kansai Planning (Kansai Focus) (2/11 screening)

Film: “Screenplay” Flash Back
Director: Yuichi Sasaki (Kindai University)
13 minutes

Film: “Grandpa Original”
Director: Kohei Yamada (Osaka University of Arts)
28 minutes

Film: A Cruel Thesis of Us
Director: Tai Wulin (Ritsumeikan University Graduate School) 30 minutes

Final Jury Project

“Takayoshi Oe Film Project” (Screening on 2/11)

Guest: “Appropriate Distance” directed by Takamitsu Oe,
2011 / Japan / 93 min.

“Yamaguchi Junta Director’s Filming Project” (Screening on 2/10)

Guest: Director Junta Yamaguchi
“At the End of the Droste”
2020 / Japan / 70 min.

“Yuki Yamato Director’s Film Screening Project” (Screening on 2/12)

“Tina Tamashiro Dreams”
2017 / Japan / 11 min

Final Jury

Takayoshi Oe
(Film director and screenwriter)

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1981. Filmmaker. Majored in theater at Kinki University, learned the French acting system Lecoq System from Mr. Ohashi, and after graduation, he was involved in stage productions as a director and actor. After that, he started film production and worked as a director and scriptwriter. His new film “Whale Bone” (23), which he directed and wrote, is being released in theaters nationwide from October 13, 2023. His previous films include “Beautiful Art” (09) and “Appropriate Distance” (11). He has directed dramas such as “You Fly After School” (18 / TBS Service / Toei) and “Because I Forget Everything” (22 / Disney +). His scripts include “Luck of Love” (18 / TX), “Gannibal” (22 / Disney +), and “Wonder Hatch: The Island of the Flying Dragon” (23 / Disney +). He co-wrote the screenplay for the film “Drive My Car,” and together with director Ryusuke Hamaguchi, the screenplay won awards at the Cannes Film Festival, the Japan Academy Awards, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards.

Junta Yamaguchi
(Film Director)

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1987. Joined Europe Kikaku in 2005. Active as an all-in-one director, directing, shooting, and editing video content such as movies, dramas, commercials, and documentaries. “At the End of the Droste” (20) won awards at numerous international film festivals and was distributed in many countries. His latest film, “River, Don’t Let It Flow” (23), which was shot entirely in Kifune, Kyoto, won a special award at the 15th TAMA Film Awards. Other works he has directed include CreepHyp’s music video “Ito” and the TV series “He’s Good, He’s Bad, I’m the One” and “Don’t Leisure Time, Lovers.”

Yuki Yamato
(Film Director)

Film director. In 2012, while studying philosophy at Sophia University, he self-taught and directed “That Girl Dances on the Beach”. In 2016, his feature film “Drowning Love”, starring Nana Komatsu and Masaki Suda, attracted over 600,000 viewers, becoming an unprecedented hit for a film directed by a woman in her 20s. In 2018, his first anthology film “21st Century Girl”, which he planned and produced, was shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival. In 2019, “Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy” was distributed to 190 countries around the world on Netflix. He will be the series composer and director of his first TV drama, “Living or Dying or Father or Something”, which will air in 2021. He has worked on music videos for many artists such as RADWIMPS, Nogizaka 46, and back number, as well as advertising videos for major companies, and is known for his fresh visual expression that transcends genres.

Submission results

Year of event domestic abroad count
2023 134 works 300 works 434 works
2022 160 works 221 works 381 works
2021 172 works 143 works 315 works
2020 100 works 272 works 372 works
2019 101 works 176 works 277 works
2018 98 works 490 works 588 works
2017 129 works 356 works 485 works
2016 168 works 371 works 539 works
2015 123 works 94 works 217 works

Implementation Report

The 26th festival was held at the Museum of Kyoto over three days from February 10th (Sat) to 12th (Mon, holiday), 2024, and was streamed online from February 17th (Sat) to 23rd (Fri, holiday). This year, a total of 434 works were submitted, including 134 domestic works and 300 international works, from which 16 selected works were screened.
At the awards ceremony on the final day, the Grand Prix and Runner-Up Prizes were announced, as well as the Final Jury Awards selected by this year’s final judges, Directors Oe Takayoshi, Yamaguchi Junta, and Yamato Yuki, and the Executive Committee Awards selected by the Executive Committee. Directors Oe and Yamaguchi presented the awards and gave their overall comments, and Director Yamato and others sent video messages. The
winning works are as follows:

Competition Section Results Announcement


"Movie Dream"

“Movie Dream” YANG Yuan
China/2023/39min/Live-action/Shanghai Business School

Synopsis: During the winter break of his third year of college, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. During the long lockdown, Enen, who wants to be a film director, begins to think about his dreams and reality.

Semi Grand

“Life of Dongwoo” PARK Hobeom (박호범/Park Ho-beom)
South Korea / 2022 / 18min / Live action / Soongsil University

<Synopsis> Dongwoo is ashamed that his mother is Chinese because his best friends Jun-gil and In-ho hate Chinese people, and hides it. One day, the three of them go to a factory run by In-ho’s uncle to do part-time work. While working with his friends, Dongwoo unexpectedly bumps into his mother. He immediately decides to ignore her, but…

Final Jury Award
Takamasa OE Award

/2023/26min/Live-action/KOOKMIN University

Synopsis: One day, an aspiring science fiction writer struggling with loneliness and depressing days notices that the sound of her microwave is speaking to her…


“The Steak” Kiarash DADGAR
Iran/2023/8min/Live action/Soore Art University of Tehran

≪Synopsis≫One day, a mother prepares a cake and food for her daughter’s birthday. However, suddenly, the enemy forces launch a surprise attack, and the mother has nowhere to run. To protect her daughter, the mother hides her in the closet. The soldiers attack the house and kill the mother. A medic discovers the girl and tries to celebrate her birthday, but the birthday turns into a funeral…

Ū-ki YAMATO Award

『Durian Trees』CHEUN Shi Chin
Taiwan/2023/26min/実书/ Taiwan I-SHOU University

Synopsis: Enter the world of an elderly farmer who wages a fierce battle against the Malaysian government to protect his beloved durian orchard. This heartwarming story showcases his courage and resilience as he stands up for what is right.

Executive Committee Award

“Fresh” by LEE Euntaek,
South Korea/2023/14min/Live-action/The University of Suwon

Synopsis: A hungry homeless man living in an abandoned model house finds a refrigerator with strange powers. Realizing the power of the refrigerator, the homeless man begins to turn rotten food into fresh food.

Title director Information
『Hellscape』 Alixe DEVAUX, Camille LEROUX,
Félicia POGGI, Clémence LACOUME, Lara BRIÈRE, Valentine WILKE
Supinfocom Rubika
『The Crooker Lovers』 Thanachanok
Mahidol University International College/Thailand/2023/16min/Live-action
『Lost in Count』 GONG Bochen Beijing Film AcademyChina
『Between Us』 YANG Ji-won Kookmin UniversityKorea
『EX MACHINA』 PARK Jongwoo Korea National University of Arts/Korea/2023/36min/Live-action
『DOCOOK』 Habe Kukai Musashino Art University
『Returning South』 Sofia AYALA German Film and Television AcademyGermany
『Hell-World Judge』 GUAN Lichen Dongguk UniversityKorea
“Applause” Takumi Hirao Kyoto Seika University
Japan / 2023 / 34min / Live action
『SEWING LOVE』 XU Yuan Tama Art University

Pre-events and collaborative projects


“Bloody Horror Screening – A Night of Terror at a Kyoto Temple”

Date: Saturday, December 9, 2023
Venue: Chojuzan Honshoji Temple
Content: We welcomed film director Takashi Shimizu and strange collector Hirokatsu Kihara as guests, and screened “Noise,” a work selected for the 20th film festival, as well as “Ju-on” directed by guest Takashi Shimizu and “Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Sugatami,” based on the original work by Hirokatsu Kihara. After the screening, we held a talk show with the two guests on the theme of the films screened. The survey results were also well received, and it was an opportunity to get people interested in the Kyoto International Student Film Festival.

[Collaboration project]

Last year’s Grand Prix winner will be screened at the Kyoto International Film Festival 2023

Date: Friday, October 13, 2023
Venue: Kyoto International
Manga Museum Content: Lunchbox, the Grand Prix winner of the 25th Kyoto International Student Film Festival, was screened at the Kyoto International Film Festival 2023, held at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. After the screening, members of the executive committee took to the stage and, with Garage Sale as MC, had a lively discussion about the film Lunchbox, their favorite films, and the appeal of the film festival.

Tokyo Student Film Festival x Kyoto International Student Film Festival Collaboration Project

Date: Sunday, December 10, 2023
Venue: Monnaka Gacchan’s CAFE & SPACE
Participating Executive Committee Members: 1
Content: Last year’s Kyoto International Student Film Festival Grand Prix winner, “Lunchbox,” was screened at the “Tokyo Student Film Festival Screening in Monnaka Gacchan’s Theater.” After the screening, a talk session was held with the executive committee of the Tokyo Student Film Festival on the theme of “student films.”

Last year’s selected work will be screened at the film screening project SHINPA Vol.16

Date: Saturday, December 23, 2023
Venue: Shibuya Loft9
Content: At “SHINPA vol.16,” last year’s Kyoto International Student Film Festival selected work “Identibye” directed by Sajad Shahtamy was screened. After the screening, the executive committee took to the stage to promote the appeal of the 26th Kyoto International Student Film Festival.

Kyoto University Hospital Video Distribution

Continuing from last year, we collaborated with Kyoto University Hospital to distribute past award-winning works to monitors at each hospital bed of hospitalized patients.

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Executive Committee

The Kyoto International Film Festival is looking for students who can help make the festival a success.
You can learn the know-how of running a film festival from a series of activities such as soliciting works, judging, public relations activities, and requesting sponsorship.
Please feel free to contact us.

Location Campus Plaza Kyoto (6th floor office, 5th floor common research lab, online)
Frequency of activity Meetings about once a week (also online)
General meetings about once a month (face-to-face)
Planning and review committee meetings about five times a year
Training sessions about three times a year
Attending University Kyoto University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto Women
‘s University, Kyoto Institute of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Saga University of Arts, Doshisha University,
Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, Bukkyo University, Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University, Osaka University, Kobe University, Akita International University, etc.
Organizer The Consortium of Universities, Kyoto


Kyoto International Student Film Festival
Address: Campus Plaza Kyoto, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8216
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