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Business summary

 Starting in 2015, the University Consortium Kyoto will hold the SD Seminar with the aim of training professional staff who will be responsible for the next generation of university management at member universities and junior colleges.
 Today, when the full-scale arrival of the “knowledge-based society” is pointed out, the environment surrounding higher education has changed dramatically, with a declining birthrate and aging population, and the progress of globalization, making it even more uncertain. The Central Council for Education’s “Toward a qualitative transformation of university education to build a new future (report)” (2012) lists expectations for human resources and academic research that will open up the unpredictable future of the future, and society’s expectations of universities are increasing. In addition, the Central Council for Education’s University Subcommittee Organization Management Subcommittee’s “Promotion of University Governance Reform (Summary of Deliberations)” (2014) stated that it is essential to build a governance system that can strategically manage universities under the leadership of the president, and from the perspective of strengthening the support system for the president to exercise his leadership, the establishment of “highly specialized positions” familiar with various fields such as investor relations, student selection, academic affairs, student support, human resources, finance, and public relations, and the mandatory implementation of SD to constantly improve the skills of university staff are being considered.
 In light of this situation, university staff, as professionals involved in university management, are required to have accurate steering capabilities with an eye to the future, and the ability to accurately analyze changes in the environment and social needs and reflect them in organizational decision-making and in education and research, which are the social mission.

Event Outline

venue Campus Plaza Kyoto
*The event on July 4th will be held at Myoshinji Temple, the head temple of the Myoshinji school of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism.
Organizer The Consortium of Universities, Kyoto
Capacity 20 applicants (Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s SD Training Committee)
subject University staff with at least 5 years of work experience (regardless of position)
Entry fee Member school staff: 30,000 yen
Non-member school staff: 60,000 yen
*If you withdraw from the course after paying the course fee and starting the training, no refunds will be given.

Training content

Date and time Theme and lecturer
Episode 1 June 13th (Sat)
Orientation – Guidance by the Secretariat –
Lecturer: Sono Yamazaki
(Counsellor, General Planning Office, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies and Kyoto College of Foreign Studies)
*Graduate of the first batch of Foundation University Administrator Training in 2004
Episode 2 June 20th (Sat)
History and Systems of Universities – Historical Development of Universities and Trends in University Reform –
Lecturer: Takekazu Ehara
(Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University)
Episode 3 June 27th (Sat)
Students and university education – what students learn and what their current situation is – considering the connection with high school education
Lecturer: Hiroshi Mukumoto
(Lecturer at Ritsumeikan University, former Director of the Connected Education Support Center)
Episode 4 July 4th (Sat)
University Staff and “Kokoro” – Practical Training at Myoshinji, the Head Temple of the Rinzai School of Buddhism –
Lecturers: Sermon by Myoshinji School Permanent Missionary Nagashima Soshin and Zen Master
   Hotta Yasukuni (Myoshinji School Head Office Legal Affairs Department)
Episode 5 July 11th (Sat)
Revitalizing University Organizations – Considering Intrinsic Motivation –
Speaker: Tetsushi Fujimoto
(Professor, Graduate School of Policy Studies, Doshisha University)
Episode 6 July 18 (Sat)
Universities and Society – The Meaning of Regional Collaboration and the Role of Universities –
Lecturer: Masamine Fukao
(Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Ryukoku University)
17:20~18:00 Academic Presentation
– Presentation Skills, Tools, and Mindset –
Lecturer: Takamichi Murayama
(Director of the Academic Affairs Department, Kyoto Bunkyo University)
*Graduate of the 6th batch of the Foundation University Administrator Training in 2009
Episode 7 July 25 (Sat)
University Strategy and Leadership – Building an Organization that Creates Strategies –
Speaker: Hiromichi Yoshitake
(Professor, Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
17:20~18:05 Academic Writing
Lecturer: Hiromichi Yoshitake
(Professor, Department of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
Debriefing session September 12th (Sat)
Public presentation by students

*The implementation time is tentative and subject to change.
*The instructor’s title is current as of April 2015.

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There are two ways to apply for the course.
[A] Apply through your affiliated university or junior college (hereafter referred to as “university, etc.”) (hereafter referred to as “institutional application”)
[B] Apply as an individual (hereafter referred to as “individual application”)
However, a single university, etc. cannot use both methods [A] and [B] at the same time.
Prior to applying, please select the application method at the human resources and training department of your university, etc. and inform all staff members of the method.

[How to apply]

[A] Institutional application [B] Individual application
[STEP 1]
Please fill out the necessary information on the application form and send it by email
via your affiliated university

Note: When collecting applications at each university, please set a deadline for collection within your university so that it meets the application deadline below.
Please fill out the necessary information on the application form and apply by email attachment.
Note: When applying, please check with the Human Resources and Training Department in advance to see if your university uses the “Institutional Application” method.
Application deadline: Thursday, April 30, 2015 (must arrive by this date)
To apply: sd■consortium.or.jp (please replace ■ with @)
Subject of email: [SD Seminar Application] (affiliation, name, etc.)
[STEP 2]
Applicants will be screened based on their application documents.
[STEP 3]
Notification of
selection results
The results will be sent to students via their home university in mid-May or later .
At that time, the bank account details for transferring tuition fees will also be provided.
We will notify you of the results in mid-May or later.
At that time, we will also provide you with the bank account details for transferring your tuition fees.
[STEP 4]
of tuition fees
Please transfer the funds to our designated account by the specified date.
[STEP 5]
Start taking the course
Course start date (June 13, 2015)

[Application Form]

Download the application form and send it as an email attachment to sd■consortium.or.jp (replace ■ with @).
・[A] Institutional Application
 ① 2015 SD Seminar Application Form[More details here]  Registration is now closed.
②2015 SD Seminar Priority List[More details here]  Applications are now closed .
*If you are applying as an institution, please submit a list of names in the designated form along with your application form. If there are multiple applicants from the same university, please be sure to apply in order of priority in the appropriate column on the list.

・[B] Individual Application / 2015 SD Seminar Application Form[More details here]  The registration time has ended

Submit your application form and contact details

The Consortium of Universities Kyoto, Public Interest Foundation Educational Development Division (SD Project Division)
e-mail: sd■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■ to @ when sending)
Campus Plaza Kyoto, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8216
TEL: 075-353-9163 FAX: 075-353-9101
*Reception hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00 (excluding New Year’s holidays)

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