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By utilizing the creative and academic research results of university researchers in the policies and projects of Kyoto City, we aim to return the knowledge of university research to the local community and society. Researchers and the departments in charge of Kyoto City have been collaborating on research since the planning stage, and we aim to form a network based on the surveys and research of this project by holding report meetings on the results of this research and holding exchange meetings between researchers and citizens, city officials, students, etc.


Research Report

Research Report

This is a report on the results of research adopted in 2011. (The title of the principal investigator is as of the time of selection.)

Designated issue: Understanding the needs for realizing "true work-life balance" and measures to promote it

Research Theme Issues of needs analysis and support measures for realizing an environment where family caregivers can balance work and nursing care (work-care-life balance)
Principal Investigator Associate Professor, Faculty of Industrial Sociology, Ritsumeikan University Mao Saito
Research Outline Although there is an urgent need to establish measures to support a balance between work and nursing care due to the progress of an aging society, changes in population and household structure, and an increase in the employment rate of women, it must be said that measures to support a balance between work and nursing care are lagging behind those of work and childcare. Therefore, in this study, with the main purpose of understanding the needs for realizing an environment where family caregivers can balance work and nursing care, we conducted a questionnaire survey of companies and workers in Kyoto City and interviewed people who had to leave their jobs due to nursing care, and compiled basic data on administrative issues (support for companies and workers) for balancing work and nursing care.
Research Cooperation Kyoto City Cultural and Citizens' Bureau Joint Participation Society Promotion Department Gender Equality Promotion Division
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Designated Issue: "Community Development Utilizing Culture, Arts and Traditions" in Kyoto City

Research Theme A Study on Citizen Participatory Activities in Traditional Performing Arts
Principal Investigator Lecturer, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Chisako Takashima
Research Outline Traditional performing arts are one of the effective mediums for regional revitalization, but the relationship between traditional culture and people has been weakened due to changes in lifestyles and local communities, making it difficult to pass on traditional culture.
Therefore, in this study, we clarified the conditions for inheriting traditional performing arts by conducting fieldwork surveys and questionnaire surveys of public elementary, junior high, and high schools in Kyoto City, and summarized support measures to maintain and improve traditional performing arts in the future.
Research Cooperation Culture and Arts Planning Division, Culture and Arts Promotion Office, Kyoto City Culture and Citizenship Bureau
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Research Theme Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Food Recycling in Kyoto City
Principal Investigator Master's Student, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University Yumi Hatano
Research Outline In Kyoto City, the amount of food waste (garbage) emitted by both households and businesses is decreasing, but in light of the fact that Kyoto City is one of the leading international tourist cities in Japan and the number of tourists is steadily increasing, this study examined a more optimal treatment method for business-related food waste. Specifically, we simulated the disposal method of business-related food waste from the viewpoints of economic and environmental aspects using a waste input-output table for three cases: the current case (carried out of the city), the total incineration case, and the virtual case (a new biogasification facility was built in the city), and showed that the virtual case was the most desirable.
Research Cooperation Kyoto City Environmental Policy Bureau Business Waste Management Office, Circulation Planning Division
, Recycling-oriented Society Promotion Department, Kyoto City Environmental Policy Bureau
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Research Theme Greenery nurtured by citizens by overflowing potted plants in alleys ~Verification of green vision rate and improvement of local community~
Principal Investigator Lecturer, Faculty of Sociology, Bukkyo University Shogo Mizukami
Research Outline Although greenery is sought after by residents in cities, most urban land use is residential. Especially in the alleys of Kyoto City, it is said that there is little greenery.
Therefore, in this study, we focused on the mobile greenery of potted plants placed on the surface of dwelling units in the greenery along the alleys (specific areas) of Kyoto City, conducted a green vision rate survey and a resident awareness survey, clarified the contribution of potted plants to the green vision rate of potted plants and the impact of the presence of potted plants on the local community, and summarized recommendations for future greening policies in Kyoto City.
Research Cooperation Green Policy Division, Water and Green Environment Department, Kyoto City Construction Bureau
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Achievement report meeting and exchange meeting

In addition to holding a report meeting to disseminate and widely share the results of the survey and research in fiscal 2011, the following exchange meetings were held to interact with young researchers, citizens, Kyoto City officials, etc. in order to form a broad network based on the survey research in this project.


Thursday, March 22, 2012 18:00~21:00
Campus Plaza Kyoto, 4th floor, Lecture Room 3 (results report meeting), 5th floor, Seminar Room 3 and 4 (exchange meeting)
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