FY2020 & FY2021

FY2020 & FY2021 Foundation-designated research projects

In fiscal 2020, we set two designated research topics and conducted one designated research project, respectively.

(1) New development of the Kyoto brand in attracting international students
~Development of a model case based on the University Consortium Kyoto~ [2020 Projects]

Principal Investigator Noritaka Hashimoto (Ritsumeikan University, General Affairs Department, Secretarial Division)
Summary of Research The purpose of this survey is to further promote the internationalization of universities in the Kyoto region from the perspective of accepting international students. Through questionnaire surveys and interviews, we organized the current situation and issues of the member universities of the University Consortium Kyoto and investigated precedents. Based on these findings, we will propose a model case in which the efforts of each university and the efforts of inter-university collaboration organizations can synergize and contribute to the expansion of international student attraction.
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(2) Role structure of the University Consortium Kyoto member universities in the regional network
Social Network Analysis [FY2020 Issues]

Principal Investigator Jun Kanemitsu (Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Kyoto Sangyo University)
Summary of Research In this survey, the network analysis and statistical analysis of a wealth of data on social-related capital, industrial-related capital, human capital, intellectual capital, and cultural capital collected through the organizational data of the University Consortium Kyoto, the input-output table of Kyoto Prefecture, a questionnaire survey of member universities, and the “Kyoto Prefectural University Brand Survey” of the Kyoto regional brand were used to determine that the University Consortium Kyoto and its member universities are responsible for the regional industries and cultural capital of Kyoto. We have clarified how they contribute to the production and maintenance of local cultural resources from multiple perspectives.
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(3) Re-Exploring the Core Values of Kyoto, a University Town: Toward the Future of Credit Transfer [2021 Projects]

Principal Investigator Hironori Yamaguchi (Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Institute for the Promotion of Common Education)
Summary of Research Amid the declining birthrate and aging society and the progress of globalization, there is a movement to re-examine the essence of inter-university collaboration along with individual reforms at higher education institutions, such as the introduction of the university collaboration promotion corporation system.
This survey makes recommendations for the future of the credit transfer system, based on the fact that the credit transfer program of the University Consortium Kyoto has been conducted as a learning system that reflects the regional characteristics and advantages of the university town and Kyoto.
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Research Report Meeting

This year, three research studies were conducted, including two research studies in FY2020 and one survey study in FY2021, which extended the research period by one year due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and a research report meeting was held on March 1. From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections, the event was held in a format that combined in-person and online (Zoom webinars), but 52 people from all over the country participated.
At the debriefing session, proposals were made on the role that the University Consortium Kyoto should play in each of the three research themes, the way it should be in the future, and the possibility of new development of various projects, and then deepened their understanding through a question-and-answer session.
In the questionnaire about satisfaction, the total number of respondents who were “satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” was 100%, and participants also commented that they were able to discover knowledge that they had not experienced before, that they understood the situation at other universities in Kyoto, and that the recommendations that should be made by the University Consortium Kyoto were interesting.
The three research reports reported this time are scheduled to be published on the Foundation’s website around the end of May.



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