In collaboration with Kyoto City, the Foundation will widely disseminate examples of collaboration between universities and students and local communities in the city, and will hold the "University-Regional Collaboration Summit" as an opportunity for universities, students, and local organizations involved in regional cooperation activities to interact.

On the day of the event, in addition to case studies and panel discussions by universities that have been selected for the "Cooperative University for Academic Communities" Promotion Project, keynote speeches by guests and poster sessions by universities, students, local organizations, etc. that are engaged in university and regional collaboration activities in Kyoto City are planned.
From the lectures and reports of various activity cases, why don't you find hints for further deepening cooperation with the possibility of new collaboration between the university / student and the community, aiming for further regional revitalization!

Anyone can participate, so please feel free to join us.

For information on how to apply and the application deadline, please see "About Participation" below.

Please click here for details of the 2018 program.

University-Regional Collaboration Summit

On Sunday, December 1, 2019 10:00~14:00
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 5F Lecture Room 1 / 2F Hall
(939 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)
Theme To further
"poles" of "university and student × community" ~ "Kyoto as a university city and a city of students" ~
Part 1
10:00-12:40 Venue: Lecture Room 1, 5th floor
  1. I..Keynote Speech 10:05-10:55 Theme:
    Learning for Young People and Local Vitality
    Created by Connections ~<Toward Community Development >
    Kyosuke Sakakura (Associate Professor, Faculty of Urban Life Studies, Tokyo City University)

    Kyosuke Sakakura

    (Profile) From the perspective of a "community
    platform" that creates connections and activities through the interaction of various entities, he conducts practical research on the process of community formation and the design of workshop experiences. In addition to being involved in community revitalization projects in Minato Ward, he is involved in many community development projects for regional development and companies.
    Representative of Mitaie LLP.
    Director of Yuga Lab.
    Director of Setagaya Community Foundation

  2. II.. Report Meeting on the Promotion Project of "Collaborative Universities" 10:55-11:40
    Introduction of initiatives by the six universities that have adopted the project
    Otani University, Kyoto University of Education, Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto Tachibana University, Doshisha Women's University, Ryukoku University
  3. III..Panel Discussion 11:50-12:40
    "Cooperative Universities" Promotion Project: University-wide Promotion of Regional Cooperation and Expectations for the Future
Part 2
12:50-14:00 Venue: 2F Hall (*Drinks and snacks available) Poster Session (Introduction of examples of community development by universities, students, and the community)
Quorum 200 people * All on a first-come, first-served basis (If the capacity is not met, applications will be accepted on the day.) )
Attendance fee Free
Organizer Kyoto City / University Consortium Kyoto

* Start and end times are approximate. Subject to change depending on progress.

2019 University-Regional Collaboration Summit Information Flyer .pdf
Download here

Event Report

 On Sunday, December 1, 2019, the 2019 "University-Community Collaboration Summit" was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto.  The theme is "Kyoto, a university and ×student community" to further "poles" ~ "Kyoto as a university city and a city of students" ~  In the first part, a keynote speech was given by Mr. Kyosuke Sakakura, Associate Professor of the Department of Urban Life Studies, Tokyo City University, and six universities that have adopted the "Academic and Community Collaboration University" promotion project presented their efforts and held a panel discussion, and in the second part, a poster session was held by student groups engaged in activities in collaboration with the local community.

 In the keynote speech of Part 1, in addition to Mr. Sakakura, the lecturer, Mr. Yudai Takano, who is also working on the OYAMACHI project, was invited as a guest speaker to talk on the theme of "Learning for young people and the vitality of the community created by connections ~ <Toward community development that > our own."  Please click here for details of the lecture.


Part 1: Keynote speech (top photo: Mr. Sakakura / lower photo: Mr. Takano)

 After the keynote speech, the six universities that have adopted the "Academic Community Collaboration University" promotion project gave presentations on their initiatives, and a panel discussion was held with Mr. Sakakura. In the panel discussion, opinions were exchanged on the difficulty of promoting university-wide regional cooperation and ways to encourage students to learn independently.


Part 1: Presentations and panel discussions by six universities that have adopted the "Cooperative Universities" promotion project

 In the poster session of the second part, 22 organizations exhibited, and the venue was filled with enthusiastic questions and lively exchanges.
* Please see the list of poster session exhibitors below for each exhibition poster.


Part 2: Poster Session

【Poster Session Exhibitor List】

Business name Name of organizations For more information
1 University-regional collaboration project centered on the Kita-ku and Kitaoji areas Otani University Pdf
2 Production of petit content and self-guides to support "Learning from Kyoto and Disseminating Kyoto" Kyoto University of Education Pdf
3 Establishment of a Regional Girls' Training Program (Minor) -Aiming to Develop Female Leaders to Support Local Communities- Kyoto Women's University Pdf
4 Yamashina-Daigo Region: Community Cooperation Education Program for "Growing and Resonating with Each Other" Kyoto Tachibana University Pdf
5 Future Kyoto Town Development Program with Kyomachiya at the Core Doshisha Women's University Pdf
6 Development of Regional Collaborative Education Programs through Multigenerational and Multicultural Collaboration: Toward the Realization of "Community-Based Learning" in which students and the community learn together Ryukoku University Pdf
7 Keihoku Utsu Fureai Learning Kyoto Seika University Keihoku Utsuho Search Association Pdf
8 Soikal from Shizuhara ~Dissemination of Kyoto soybean food culture~ Mirai Transmitting Station Omusubi Shizuhara Support Team Pdf
Nine. Keihoku Satomachi Festival Keihoku Satomachi Festival Executive Committee Pdf
10 Department of Children's Science Waku Waku Laboratory Pdf
11 Halloween in Saiin Halloween in West House Executive Committee Pdf
12 Camo Cinema Camo Cinema 15 Executive Committee Pdf
Thirteen. Operation of the website "Kotokare" to convey the reality of university life in Kyoto Kyoto Student Public Relations Department Pdf
Fourteen. Ukyo Ward Student Election Supporter Ukyo Ward Student Election Supporter Pdf
Fifteen. Disaster Prevention and Welfare ~Everyday life and disasters are connected~ Bukkyo University Community Welfare Fieldwork Let's Go to Omiya (Omiya Disaster Prevention and Welfare Community Development Support Team) Pdf
Sixteen. Kyoto University of Advanced Science "Kyogakudo" Kyoto Fruit Project Kyoto University of Advanced Science Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Student Challenge Shop "Keigakudo" Pdf
Yao-yeon Kyoto Student Festival Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee Pdf
Eighteen. About SDGs Kyoto Pdf
Nineteen. Product proposals that make use of Kyoto's traditional dyeing and weaving Kyoto Women's University Connecting Traditions Pdf
20 Intergenerational Exchange and Other University Exchange Handmade Workshop Held! Kyoto Tachibana University Community Collaboration Center Official Student Organization "Tachi Labs" Pdf
21. Kyoto Prefectural University Student Committee's Community Contribution Activities ~ As a Bridge between the Community and Students! ~ Kyoto Prefectural University Kyoto Regional Future Creation Center Student Section Kagora Pdf
22 Policy proposal-type regional collaboration program in Nakafurano Town, Hokkaido – Future Kyoto Town Development Program with Kyomachiya as the Core Practice 1- Doshisha Women's University Amano Seminar Pdf

About participation application

Applications will be accepted from November 1 (Fri) ~ November 29 (Fri), 2019.

Registration for 2019 has been closed.

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