In collaboration with Kyoto City, the Foundation will widely disseminate examples of collaboration between universities and students and local communities in the city, and will hold the "University-Regional Collaboration Summit" as an opportunity for universities, students, and local organizations involved in regional cooperation activities to interact.

On the day of the event, case studies will be presented by universities that have been selected for the "University Collaboration Universities" promotion project, keynote speeches by guests, and poster sessions (case studies by panels and exchanges of opinions) by universities, students, local organizations, etc. engaged in university-regional collaboration activities in Kyoto City.
From the lectures and reports of various activity cases, why don't you find hints for further deepening cooperation with the possibility of new collaboration between the university / student and the community, aiming for further regional revitalization!

Anyone can participate, so please feel free to join us.

Please see "About Application" below for how to apply and the application deadline.

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University-Regional Collaboration Summit

On Sunday, November 12, 2017 10:00~13:00
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 5F Lecture Room 1 / 2F Hall
(939 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)
Content Part 1 10:00-12:00 Venue: Lecture
Room 1 on the 5th floor I. Keynote Speech 10:00-10:55
Theme: Let's play in the town. ~Community development that does not tire the community and students~ Speaker: Tomohiro Taniguchi (Professor, Fukuchiyama Public University)


Born in 1964, Ochadokoro was born in Yuyaya, Ujitawara Town, Kyoto Prefecture. Graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology Graduate School in 1990. After working as a design consultant, he worked as an assistant at Kyoto Institute of Technology, an associate professor at Ritsumeikan University, a professor at the Graduate School of Policy and Policy Science, Doshisha University, a specially appointed professor at the Kyoto Institute of Technology's Center for Creative Collaboration, and a consultant office management before assuming his current position in April 2016. Since planning and implementing a sign plan for citizen participation in a port town in the Seto Inland Sea about 20 years ago, as an expert in workshops with citizen participation, he has participated in community development projects with citizen participation and collaboration, such as the Arashiyama Sakura Toilet, Kamogawa Park Demachi District Workshop, and the Kyoto City Future Town Development 100-person Committee. We will work on collaborative urban development in which citizens, companies, governments, etc. work together to solve problems in local communities. With the catchphrase "From T-shirts to community development," he is conducting research and practice together with students and local people.

 II..Case Presentations 11:00-12:00 Theme: "Cooperative Universities" Promotion Project Presenters
: Otani University, Kyoto University of Education, Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto Tachibana University, Doshisha Women's
University, Ryukoku University
Part 2 12:00-13:00
Venue: 2F Hall
Poster Session (Introduction of examples of community development by universities, students, and the community)
Quorum 200 people * All on a first-come, first-served basis (If the capacity is not met, applications will be accepted on the day.) )
Attendance fee Free
Organizer Kyoto City / University Consortium Kyoto

* Start and end times are approximate. Subject to change depending on progress.

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Event Report

 On Sunday, November 12, the 2017 "University-Regional Collaboration Summit" was held at Campus Plaza Kyoto.
In the first part of the day, Professor Tomohiro Taniguchi of Fukuchiyama Public University gave a lecture on the theme of "Let's play in the town ~Community development where the community, students, faculty and staff do not get tired~".

Keynote Speech 1
Keynote Speech 2

Part 1: Keynote speech by Tomohiro Taniguchi

 After the keynote speech, faculty, staff, and students from universities that have been selected for the "University of Community" Promotion Program (Otani University, Kyoto University of Education, Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto Tachibana University, Doshisha Women's University, and Ryukoku University) reported on the status of regional collaboration efforts at each university.

University Case Study 1
University Case Study 1

Part 1: Case studies by universities that have adopted the "Cooperative University for Learning" Promotion Project

 In the second part, a poster session was held to introduce examples of community development by universities, students, and the community. Twenty organizations active in the region participated, and their distinctive initiatives were introduced. Visitors and poster session presenters actively exchanged opinions and exchanges.
*The posters on display are linked to the list of poster session exhibitors below.

Poster Session 1
Poster Session 1

Part 2: Poster Session

 After the end of the second part, an exchange meeting was held by the poster session presenters. Divided into tables of four participants, they introduced themselves and their activities, and then gathered at a table on a theme of interest among the themes proposed by the participants to discuss.
At first, everyone was nervous about the unfamiliar situation, but once the meeting started, the tension gradually eased, and opinions were exchanged in a friendly atmosphere.
Participants commented, "It was good to be able to interact with other universities of various ages and receive opinions from new perspectives," and "It was good to hear the opinions of people of the same age group because I had little interaction with other organizations and did not know how they were working." We received comments such as, "I was able to exchange contact information with several people, and I think it was an opportunity to further expand the scope of our activities."

Networking Event 1
Networking Event 2

Networking Event 3
Networking Event 4

Networking event by poster session presenters

【Poster Session Exhibitor List】

Business name Name of organizations For more information
1 Disseminating
Culture through ORIGAMI Science ~Integration of Origami Humanities~
Meeting to think about the future of arithmetic and mathematics education Pdf 
2 Regional revitalization through the Jizo Bon Project and
urban development for the environment
Ryukoku University, Higashitakase River Environmental Protection and Jizo Basin
Project Team
3 Kyoto Gakuen University "Kyogakudo" Kyoto Fruit Project Kyoto Gakuen University "Kyogakudo" Pdf 
4 Collaborative project to restore the connection of the housing complex Ryu-SEI GAP, Faculty of Policy Studies, Ryukoku University Pdf 
5 Takezo -TAKEZO – Events created in the community Takezo (Saga Art University, Saga Art Junior College, Student Circle) Pdf 
6 Kaohsiung Revitalization Project Bukkyo University Kyoto-Kaohsiung Revitalization Project Pdf 
7 Department of Children's Science Waku Waku Laboratory Pdf 
8 Kitashirakawa Children's Cafeteria "Karafuru" From the Student Organization Pdf 
Nine. Kimono Fashion Show "Iroyoi—Get drunk with color, because color envelops the evening." Kyoto Kimono Project Pdf 
10 Soikal from Shizuhara ~Dissemination of Kyoto soybean food culture~ Mirai Transmitting Station Omusubi 〜Shizuhara Support Team〜 Pdf 
11 Daigo Nakayama Danchi Tolando Kyoto Tachibana University Society for Contemporary Business Urban Development Study Group Pdf 
12 Product Joint Development Project between Welfare Facilities and Students Kyoto Women's University Joint Product Development and Design Team with Welfare Facilities (Magokoro Project) Pdf 
Thirteen. Traditional dyeing and weaving industry in Kyoto and student design project Kyoto Women's University Connecting Traditions Pdf 
Fourteen. Multilingual tourist information sign development project centered on Higashiyama area Kyoto Women's University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Associate Foreign Languages Pdf 
Fifteen. Urban Development in Hokkaido -Considering the Connections between Multiple Generations and Regions from Sustainable Urban Development
Department of Social Systems, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Doshisha Women's University Taro Amano Seminar Pdf 
Sixteen. About music festivals held at restaurants and shops in the Ichijoji and Shugakuin areas of Sakyo Ward Ichijoji DOP Executive Committee Pdf 
Yao-yeon Operation of the web media "Kotokare" to convey the reality of university life in Kyoto Kyoto Student Public Relations Department Pdf 
Eighteen. Kyoto Student Fire Supporter License System Kyoto Student Fire Supporter Pdf 
Nineteen. Initiatives to Promote Universal Tourism Higashiyama Tourism Support Community
(Kyoto Sangyo University, Faculty of Business Administration, Matsutaka Seminar)
20 Contributing to the development of a safe and secure city of Kyoto with the power of youth! ~What only students can do, only students can do~ Student Crime Prevention Volunteers
"Rock Monkeys"

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