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Outline of the event


Independent human resources required in an era of change


The 12th SD Forum

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Campus Plaza Kyoto
Autonomous human resources required in an era of change
University Consortium Kyoto
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Time Contents
Keynote Speech
Theme:Acquisition of Practical Knowledge and Autonomous Growth: The Role of
Critical Thinking Lecturer: Takashi Kusumi (Professor, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University)
Breakout Session
【Subcommittee A】
Theme: Staff who support learners "learn"!
Presenter: Yukiko Onuki (Specially Appointed Lecturer, Strategic Planning Office, Institute for Future Strategies, Osaka University)
【Subcommittee B】
Theme: "Becoming an Autonomous University Staff": A Study
from the Perspective of Peer Support among Young University Staff – Presenter: Yuichi Matsuda (Student Support Group, Student Services Office, Kansai University)
【Subcommittee C】
Theme: Aiming to
become a professional in industry-academia collaborative education ―Practical knowledge of industry-academia collaborative education "hybrid between business people and students"―
Presenter: Takuya Watanabe (General Manager of System Technology Department, Daiwa Electric Construction Industry Co., Ltd.) Masanori Tani (SE Section, SI Sales Department, Daiwa Electric Construction Industry Co., Ltd.)

Naohiro Yamamoto (Assistant Director, Cooperative Education Research and Development Center, Kyoto Sangyo University)

【Subcommittee D】
Theme: Development
of human resources who clarify "roles" and "responsibilities" Presenter: Kosuke Tsurumaki (Deputy Secretary-General, NPO Brain Humanity)
【Subcommittee E】
Theme: Management of Autonomous Human Resources ~Learning from the Practical Knowledge of Nurses~
Presenter: Ms. Yasuko Okayama (Professor, Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies, Doshisha Women's University)
【Subcommittee F】
Theme: Business improvement through leadership!
Presenter: Yosuke Kishioka (Lecturer, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)
Information exchange meeting
Held a standing buffet style information exchange meeting

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