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Outline of the event


Thinking about college in 20 years

The environment surrounding higher education in Japan continues to change at an unprecedented speed, such as the acceleration of economic and social globalization and changes in the industrial structure accompanied by rapid progress in the fields of AI and IOT, as the number of 18-year-olds, who are the main students who go on to higher education, is further decreasing. It is extremely important to develop human resources who can contribute to the maintenance and development of a sustainable society while responding to such changes in the environment, and higher education institutions are increasingly required to fulfill this role.
In response to a consultation from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in March last year, titled "Future Vision for Higher Education in Japan," the Central Council of Education is deliberating on the ideal form of higher education that should be aimed at with an eye on society around 2040 from a medium- to long-term perspective, and the direction of system revision to realize it. Under these circumstances, at this SD Forum, I would like you to think about and discuss together the various problems and issues that universities are facing in that era, while imagining the environment in which universities will be located in about 20 years.

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The 16th SD Forum

Sunday, October 21, 2018 10:00~17:30
Campus Plaza Kyoto
Thinking about college in 20 years
University Consortium Kyoto
Information leaflet 【Click here for details】
Time Contents
Keynote Speech
Theme: Toward a university that will be needed in 20 years ~ University management and university staff
necessary for a university that continues to create education, research, and innovation Lecturer: Kaname Kikuri (Senior Staff, Center for Research Strategy, Waseda University)
Breakout Session
【Subcommittee A】
Theme: Current and Future
Issues Surrounding University Reform Presenter: Naoki Kazama (General Manager, University Sales Department, Benesse i-Career Education Business Division)
【Subcommittee B】
Theme: What is
disruptive innovation for universities? Presenter: Chiharu Mukago (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University)
【Subcommittee C】
Theme: Human resource development that contributes to regional development Presenter
: Ryo Yamazaki (Representative of studio-L Inc.)
【Subcommittee D】
Theme: Thinking
about future plans to survive the extremely cold era of universities in 2040 Presenter: Yusuke Okada (Deputy Director, Ryukoku University President's Office (Planning Promotion))
【Subcommittee E】
Theme:University Management
in the Era of Population Decline Presenter:Kaname Kikuri (Full-time Staff, Center for Research Strategy, Waseda University)
【Subcommittee F】
Theme: "New" university staff
in 20 years Presenter: SD Seminar 2017 alumnus
Hiroyuki Ota (Director, Entrance Examination Division, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Secretariat) Mr. Makoto Sato (Section Chief, General Affairs Division, Hanazono University)

* This subcommittee is a "special project" planned as a follow-up training for graduates of the "SD Seminar" sponsored by the University Consortium Kyoto with the aim of improving their planning, management, and teaching skills.

Information exchange meeting
Held a standing buffet style information exchange meeting

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