Call for participants for the special lecture "Interview with Astronaut Takao Doi: Manned Space Activities" held on April 22 <Application deadline: 4/14 (Fri) 17:>


We are accepting applications for the Kyoto College Recurrent Education Program Special Lecture "Manned Space Activities with Astronaut Takao Doi". In the lecture, Mr. Doi, who was the first Japan person to conduct an extraspacecraft activity, will look back on his "learning" journey so far and talk about what manned space activities mean to humankind.

<About registration>

 Application deadline: Friday, April 14, 2023 until 5 p.m.

 How to apply: Please access the following URL and apply from the "Application Form".

 Target: Anyone is welcome to participate

 Capacity: 200 people


< Outline of the lecture>

 Date & Time: Saturday, April 22, 2023, 13:00~15:00

 Place: Campus Plaza Kyoto, 4th floor, Lecture Room 2

 Speaker: Takao Doi (Astronaut, Professor, Kyoto University Graduate School of Integrated Human Survivability)

 Entry fee: free

 Interview with Astronaut Takao Doi "Manned Space Activities"

【For University Faculty and Staff】Applications for the 2023 SD Joint Training Program
"The More You Know Business Manners" (starting in May)
are now open.

We are accepting applications for participation in "Business Manners the More You Know" (May).
The purpose of this training is to acquire the basic knowledge for working as a member of society and university staff. Through this training, you will acquire the basic business manners necessary to carry out your work.

【Lecturer】Mariya Fujiwara (Speaking Education Center, Inc.) 【Date & Time】Friday, May 12, 2023, 13:00~17:00 【Venue】Campus Plaza Kyoto » Access
【Target】1st ~ 2nd year of employment (even those who are not eligible can participate) 【Participation fee】Member schools: 4,000 yen (10,000

yen for those other than those on the left)
* We will send you an invoice.
【Capacity】20 (first-come, first-served basis)
【Application Deadline】Friday, April 28
, 2023 【Training Summary】The more you know, the more business manners you know Organizer
: University Consortium Kyoto



【For University Staff】2023 SD Seminar Students Recruited!!
<Application deadline: Thursday, April 27>

Recruitment of 2023 SD Seminar Students

The SD Seminar is mainly targeted at young and mid-career employees, and aims to develop human resources who will lead the next generation of each university.
It consists of a series of nine training programs, and provides a curriculum that allows university staff to systematically acquire the knowledge necessary for university staff, such as public presentations and writing policy proposal reports as a place to present results.
In addition, we provide various follow-up opportunities such as follow-up training after completing the SD seminar.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from staff who are aiming to step up.

Outline of the event

【Venue】Campus Plaza Kyoto

【Capacity】16 people (Document screening will be conducted based on the application form)

【Target】 As of the start date of the SD seminar, in principle, those who have at least 3 years of work experience as a university staff member

【Participation fee】University Consortium Kyoto member universities and junior colleges: 20,000 yen For those other than the above: 60,000 yen

【Application deadline】Until Thursday, April 27, 2023

Training Program

Saturday, May 27

・About taking SD Seminar (Administrative Communication) ・Attitude toward taking SD Seminar (Message from graduates)

1st 14

of Academic Writing – How to convert "problem awareness" into concrete "questions"? -

Lecturer: Takashi Sakamoto (Associate Professor, Department of General Education, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)

2nd session
: Saturday, June 3

The History and Institutions of Universities: Understanding the History and Institutions of Higher Education to Create the Future

Lecturer: Tsunetaka
Miyabayashi (Director, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Advanced Industrial Technology)

3rd session
: Saturday, June
10 13:50-17:00

University Strategy and Leadership: Creating an Organization to Create Strategy

Lecturer: Hiromichi
Yoshitake (Auditor, Research Organization of Information and Systems / President, Tokyo Kasei Gakuin / Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba)

4th Saturday
, June
17 13:50-17:00

Academic Literacy and Policy Advocacy Report
: Understanding Academic Literacy and Initiating Research

Lecturer: Takamichi Murayama (Director, Kyoto Bunkyo Junior and Senior High School)

5th June
24 (Sat)

Educational Management for Quality Assurance of University Education: Discussion and Advice for Promoting Educational Management
at Your School

Lecturer: Takero
Nishino (Kyoto Tachibana University Educational Development and Learning Support Office / Faculty of Business Administration Department of Business Administration Full-time Lecturer)

6th July
1 (Sat)

Universities and Society: The Meaning of Regional Cooperation and the Role of Universities

Lecturer: Masamine Fukao (Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Ryukoku University)

7th July
8 (Sat)

Collaboration between Universities and High Schools and Universities: Considering "High School-University Connection Reform" from the Perspective of High School Education

Lecturer: Katsumi Arase (President, Japan Teachers' Support Organization)

8th July
15 (Sat)

Universities and Higher Education Policy: Looking at Universities from the Perspective of Higher Education Policy

Lecturer: Hiroshi Matsuzaka (Director, Japan Sports Promotion Center)

9th July
22 (Sat)

Branding and Student Recruitment: How to Proceed with University Branding

Lecturer: Kenji Kamijo (Professor, Department of Regional Business, Faculty of Business Administration, Aichi Toho University)

Saturday, September 9

Public Presentations

Saturday, September 16

Public presentation follow-up training

Lecturer: Yasunari Shirafuji (IR Promotion Office, President's Office, Kyoto Sangyo University)


How to apply for SD seminars, program contents, etc.

"SD Guidebook 2023" has been released!

The SD Guidebook was created for those who have just started working as university staff members with the aim of raising their awareness of working in higher education by making them interested in SD (Staff Development), which refers to efforts to develop the skills of university staff. We hope that it will help the university staff who will be responsible for the future management of the university to develop their skills.
You can download the PDF file, so please make use of it.

Ⅰ. What is
SD? II..Functional
Skills Required of University Staff III..SD Project
of the Consortium of Universities Kyoto IV..SD-related Programs in Japan
V..Distinctive training systems at member schools
VI. Sources of information on higher education and national policy trends
VII..Major periodicals and SD-related books on higher education

Publisher: Consortium of Universities Kyoto SD Training Committee
* The next edition is scheduled to be published in 2025.

【Click here for details】

【For Students】Publication of Credit Transfer Courses for AY 2023

A credit transfer system that allows students to take courses from other universities. Credit transfer courses for the 2023 academic year can be searched on the "Credit Transfer / Kyoto College Portal Site".

There are more than 340 courses offered by each university. In addition to subjects related to culture, art, history, and natural sciences, you can choose from a variety of subjects based on nine themes, including courses for studying Kyoto.

Credit-transfer courses include on-campus (classes taken at the university where the course is held), online and at Campus Plaza Kyoto (in front of Kyoto Ekimae). Courses taught in English are also offered as credit transfer courses.

Please take advantage of the credit transfer system as a great opportunity to learn things that you cannot learn at your home university.

★ Click here
if you want to know more about the credit transfer system New!! Credit Transfer System Digital Pamphlet https://tg-kyoto.consortium.

 Digital pamphlets can be pasted with sticky notes and written notes!
Student interviews have been enhanced, all credit-transfer courses have been made available to the public, increasing the volume compared to last year.
On the map of university locations, click on a mark or university name to display a sorted list of courses offered. You can read it on both your computer and smartphone. Please take advantage of it.

 Credit Transfer Special Website
Kyoto World Heritage PBL Courses Special Site
Kyoto Museum PBL Courses Special Site 

★Click here for
the 2023 credit transfer course search and course registration Credit Transfer / Kyoto College Portal Site https://tg-kyoto.consortium.
Note: Depending on the university, the course registration method, application period, and maximum number of credits may differ. Must be your university
    Please check with the credit transfer desk (Academic Affairs Division, Faculty Office, etc.).
Contact: University Consortium Kyoto, Education Division, Credit Transfer
TEL:075-353-9120(Tuesday~Saturday 9:00~17:00)・

【Internship】Practical training site has been opened!

Training site OPEN!

Practical training information of about 140 companies and organizations registered for the 2023 Internship Program has been released!

This year as well, a variety of companies and organizations are preparing to accept you in the hope of your growth!

In addition to the contents of the training and the planned acceptance period, the appeal points of the practical training and messages from the person in charge are also posted.
Please take a look at the information of many companies and organizations!

Please click here for details such as points to check at the training site and how to use the search site.

Internship Program Portal Site

Contact us

University Consortium Kyoto Internship Project Promotion Office
TEL 075-353-9106 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto ※Reception hours: Tuesday~Saturday 9:00~17:0 0 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

【Event Report】Kyoto Student Public Relations Department Kotokale High School Student Project


This time, the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department held the first face-to-face event in three years, "Kotokare High School Student Project".

Outline of the event

■Date and time

Interview Date: Saturday, October 22, 2022, 13:00~17:00

Achievement report meeting: Saturday, November 19, 2022, 13:00~17:00

■Venue: Campus Plaza Kyoto

■Recruitment target and number of people

About 10 first- and second-year high school students attending Kyoto Municipal High School (if there are many applicants, they will be selected by lottery)

■Participation fee: Free

About the Kotokale High School Student Project

The "Kotokare High School Student Project" is a project born from the desire of Kyoto Student Public Relations Department members to provide high school students who are unable to work satisfactorily due to the coronavirus pandemic with a place where they can plan something and get a sense of accomplishment, and to provide them with opportunities to think about their career path through interviews and exchanges with university students.

Participants will interview Kyoto university students and circles together with members of the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department, write articles for publication on the website "Kotokare", and present what they have learned from the interview at the results report meeting.

This year's interviewees and interviewees are as follows.

・Ritsumeikan University Course, Faculty of Industrial Sociology, Ms. Y

・Doshisha University Course Doshisha Co-operative Student Committee

・Kyoto University Course: Kyoto University Magic Circle KUMA

Kota Nakatani, a first-year student at Kyoto Municipal Horikawa High School, and Kanon Watanabe, a second-year student at Kyoto Municipal Saikyo High School, who applied for this project, participated in the Kyoto University Course.

October 22 (Sat)


On Saturday, October 22, high school students and members of the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department gathered at Campus Plaza Kyoto.

After everyone introduced themselves, two high school students participated in the Kyoto University Course and took the Kyoto City Bus to the university. In the car, a member of the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department took the lead in talking about questions about high school studies and university life, and deepening exchanges.

In addition, on this day of the Jidai Festival, I was able to experience the atmosphere of "Kyoto different from usual" in the procession that I saw through the window of the bus.

When I arrived at Kyoto University, I finally started my interview. Mr. Nakatani asks questions to the members of the Kyoto University Illusionist Research Group at a good pace, and Mr. Watanabe expands the topic from the answers and asks new questions. While meeting for the first time, we proceeded with the interview with a lively cooperative play.

The article written by the two will be published on the website "Kotokare" in December.


November 19 (Sat) Achievement report meeting

On Saturday, November 19, about one month after the interview, the participants gathered at Campus Plaza Kyoto. Each of the three courses shared what kind of stories they heard and what they felt through the interviews.

Mr. Watanabe was surprised to hear the introduction and talk of the Kyoto University Magic Circle (Kyoto University Magic Circle KUMA), and summarized the photos of the day on PowerPoint and reported on it.
Even in high school, Watanabe creates materials in PowerPoint. They were not afraid to report at the debriefing session surrounded by university students and secretariat staff.
The Kyoto Student Public Relations Department members were amazed by the advanced technique of drawing participants into the talk, sometimes with jokes, and the high quality of the materials.
In addition, Mr. Watanabe expressed his gratitude many times, saying, "Thank you very much for this opportunity."

 Ms. Nakatani commented, "I deepened my understanding of the university" and "I enjoyed the work of summarizing the knowledge I gained from the interview in the form of an article."

In addition, there were reports from the Ritsumeikan University Course and the Doshisha University Course that we realized only because we interviewed them from the student's perspective, and we were able to share the new appeal of the three universities.

After the presentation, we played card games and chatted. The worries that high school students currently have about studying and taking entrance exams are all about "I understand, there was such a time" for university students who have experienced it earlier. Although the time between the two high school students was limited, by working with university students, they seemed to be able to feel the image of university life and the reality of becoming university students.

The "Kotokale High School Student Project" was the first challenge for students to be responsible for everything from planning to operation as part of the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department. The project members commented, "It was difficult, but I was happy that the high school students participated," and "I would like to make use of this experience to come up with a better plan," and it was an opportunity for us to grow as a student organization.

The Kyoto Student Public Relations Department will continue to disseminate the "real charm of Kyoto" to junior high and high school students and prospective students nationwide through the website "Kotokare" and exchange projects, as university students studying in Kyoto can really feel. 

For more information about the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department, please click here.


Consortium of Universities Kyoto, Kyoto Student Public Relations Department
TEL 075-353-9130 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto *Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

【Notice】Acceptance of "University Relay Course"

・Admission to the venue starts at 1 p.m. If you arrive at the venue by 13 o'clock, please line up in order in front of Lecture Room 2 on the 4th floor to avoid confusion

・ In order to grasp the number of people who wish to take the course,
we will distribute a number slip 10 minutes before entering the venue (12:50).

・ At 13 o'clock, you will be asked to enter in the order of the number slip.

・ Regarding the capacity, in line with the efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection in Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City,
the capacity will be changed (maximum 280 people).

* From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, when using Campus Plaza Kyoto, we ask for your cooperation in the following points.

・Please wear a mask when entering the museum and disinfect your hands with the disinfectant installed at the entrance on the first floor (if you do not wear a mask, you will not be allowed to enter the museum in principle).

・If you have a fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher or more than 1 degree Celsius), or if you have symptoms such as cough, sore throat, sluggishness, or difficulty breathing, please do not enter the museum.

・Please refrain from loud conversations at the venue.

・Please bring a handkerchief or hand towel, and wipe your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom.

・Please refrain from talking in the elevator or in the lobby in front of the elevator. You can also use the stairs.

                                       More than

【For Faculty and Staff】2022 International Student Employment Support Online Study Session (Information)

The International Student Study Kyoto Network (Secretariat: University Consortium Kyoto) will hold the "International Student Employment Support Online Study Session" for faculty and staff as follows.


In this briefing session, we will introduce employment support projects for international students implemented by public institutions in Kyoto,

We will set aside time for participants to exchange opinions, share their worries and issues as the person in charge, introduce case studies, and ask questions to find clues to solve problems.


Please use it as an opportunity to share information about initiatives related to employment support for international students and to build a network among international student supporters.

We look forward to your participation.




Date & Time: Thursday, April 21, 2022 (Reiwa 4) 14:00~16:15(Reception 13:45~)

Format: Online (using Zoom) from each person's Internet environment

Target: Faculty and staff of universities, junior colleges, vocational schools, and Japanese schools in Kyoto

    (Faculty and staff who are involved in employment support for international students or who are interested in employment support for international students)

Capacity: 30 people (first-come, first-served basis, deadline as soon as capacity is reached)

Contents: Introduction of employment support projects, opinion exchange meeting

    Click here for details

Admission: Free

How to apply: Please apply using either the application form or email.

1Application Form

(2) To apply by e-mail, the title is "Application for participation in the 2022 International Student Employment Support Online Study Session".

 Please fill in the following items (1)~(5) and send them to the secretariat [].

 (1) Participant's name (multiple people can apply, individual sign-in is required to participate)

 (2) Affiliation (school name) (3 ) Department/job title (4) Issues and opinions regarding employment support for international students at their own university, etc.

 (5) Whether or not you wish to exchange business cards online

 (*The personal information received will be used only for the purpose related to the operation of the Society.) )



Contact Us:

 International Student Study Kyoto Network (Secretariat: International Affairs Department, University Consortium Kyoto)

 TEL075-353-9164  FAX075-353-9101