4th FD joint training program/thematic training Thinking about university-specific first-year education ~ Using one university’s practice as an example ~

“FD Joint Training Program / Thematic Training” targets new teachers, teachers who want to relearn the basics of FD, teachers who are interested in FD, and staff working in FD-related departments, and provides IR and report guidance. This is a small-group training program aimed at acquiring skills and knowledge such as seminar/laboratory management, first-year education, lesson design, and lesson practice. A total of five sessions will be held in 2023.

The 4th event will be held with the following contents. We look forward to the participation of many university-related people.

4th Thinking about university-specific first-year education ~ Using one university’s practice as an example ~

First-year education is expected to facilitate a smooth transition from high school to university and strengthen students’ motivation to learn. In recent years, the number of students who are unable to adapt to university studies has been increasing due to the accelerating changes in society, such as the further advancement of information technology, and the accompanying diversification of the academic abilities and learning skills of new students. Therefore, in first-year education, it is necessary to consider the design of learning after accurately understanding the problems that current students face in learning. In this training, a lecturer who has been involved in building the university’s first-year education will give a lecture on the efforts to date, and afterward, participants will exchange information with each other to help build the university’s unique first-year education. We would like to use this as an opportunity to consider the necessary perspectives and methods.

Date: January 16th (Tuesday) 18:00-20:00

Lecturer: Hisashi Sakamoto (Associate Professor, Department of Basic Science, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)

Moderator: Ikuko Takao (Assistant Professor, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Student Training Support Center) Riho Matsuse (Lecturer, Department of Global Tourism, Faculty of International Contribution, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)

Target audience: university/junior college faculty and staff *Limited to those who can use Zoom.

Event format: Online (Zoom meeting)

Participation fee: University Consortium Kyoto member universities/junior colleges faculty and staff: Free
For those other than the above: 1,000 yen (tax included, advance payment required)

Number of members: Approximately 30 people

Click here for details.
You can view the details of all programs scheduled to be implemented this year and how to apply.

Contact information

In charge of FD project, University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
TEL 075-353-9163 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
*Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00

[Event Report] About the 20th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum

The purpose of the National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum is to exchange information on the efforts and research results of each university consortium in order to contribute to the development of higher education, and this year marks the 20th time.
 The memorable 20th forum was co-hosted with the Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium, a public interest incorporated association, and was held under the theme of “Creating a sustainable local community spun by a university consortium – A new vision for the post-corona era.” The event was held at Tokoha University’s Shizuoka Kusanagi Campus with the main theme of “Aiming to Create Value,” marking the first time it has been held in Shizuoka Prefecture.

234 university faculty members and education-related people participated from all over the country, and through keynote speeches, symposiums, and case reports and exchanges of opinions in breakout sessions, the event became a forum for exchanging information and reconsidering the ideal form of “university consortiums.”

▼ Tokoha University Shizuoka Kusanagi Campus   


[September 2nd (Sat)]

▼ National University Consortium Council
Greetings from Hikaru Kurosaka, Representative Secretary

▼President of Shizuoka University,
Chairman of the Fujinokuni Region and University Consortium
Greetings from Kazuyuki Hizume

▼Greetings from Tsutomu Deno, Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture

▼Scene of the venue


The keynote speech was given by Kazuo Oike, President of Shizuoka Prefectural University and Vice-Chairman of the Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium, on the theme of “The Land of Japan, the Land of Shizuoka – Large-Scale Natural Disasters and Crisis Management for Higher Education Institutions.” We welcomed him and gave a lecture.

▼ Keynote speaker: Mr. Kazuo Oike ▼ Keynote speech


 At the symposium, speakers from industry, government, and academia perspectives made presentations on the theme of “Expectations for University Consortiums to Create Sustainable Local Communities,” and a lively discussion ensued.

 Kazuyuki Hizume (President of Shizuoka University, Chairman of Fujinokuni Regional and University Consortium)
 Tsutomu Deno (Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture)
 Kimio Sakai (Chairman and Representative Director of Shizuoka Railway Co.)
 Shigehiro Ikegami (Shizuoka Prefecture) Board of Education Superintendent)

▼ Scene from the symposium 


In the education administration report,Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Higher Education Bureau, University Education and Entrance Examination Division, Assistant DirectorWe welcomed Mr. Kenichi Yamada and gave a report on “trends in higher education policy”.   

▼ Educational administration reporter Mr. Kenichi Yamada
(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 
(Assistant Director, University Education and Entrance Examination Division, Higher Education Bureau)


At the poster session, which brought together 18 organizations from consortiums, governments, and companies from all over the country, participants asked many questions and commented on their respective initiatives, and there was active interaction between exhibitors and participants. Ta.      

▼ Poster session  ▼University introduction corner
▼ Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Science, Technology and Academic Policy Bureau, Research and Development Strategy Division
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
2025 Japan International Expo Association
▼ Shizuoka Prefecture ▼ Shizuoka City
▼ Iwate Higher Education Consortium ▼ Academic City Sendai Consortium
▼ University Consortium Yamagata ▼ Academia Consortium Fukushima (ACF)
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
Academic/Cultural/Industrial Network Tama
▼ University Consortium Hachioji
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
Sagamihara-Machida University Regional Consortium
▼ Public Interest Incorporated Association
Fujinokuni Region/University Consortium
▼University Consortium Ishikawa Public Interest Incorporated Association ▼University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
▼ Specified non-profit corporation
University Consortium Osaka
▼University Consortium Okayama
▼ General Incorporated Association Educational Network China ▼University Consortium Kumamoto


At the information exchange meeting, participants exchanged information over food and drinks for the first time in4 years after the coronavirus pandemic. We heard that the participants were able to communicate in a way that only a face-to-face meeting could do.

▼ Information exchange meeting 


[Sunday, September 3rd]

On the second day of the forum, four breakout sessions were held that covered various themes related to universities and consortiums, and participants reported on practical cases and exchanged opinions with participants.

▼ 1st Subcommittee
(University Consortium Kyoto)
▼ 2nd Subcommittee
(Academic/Cultural/Industrial Network Tama)
▼ 3rd Subcommittee
(Fujinokuni Region/University Consortium)
▼ 4th Subcommittee
(University Consortium Osaka)


 The purpose of establishing this council is to exchange information and research between university consortiums, and we hope that your participation and active exchange of information will lead to great success.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the faculty and staff, as well as from each consortium, for their participation and cooperation.

 The next 21st forum will be co-hosted with University Consortium Kyoto and will be held in Kyoto City in September 2024.
Details will be posted on the University Consortium Kyoto website as soon as they are decided.
We look forward to your participation.


◆Click here for information about the National University Consortium Council.

Bidding/public proposal information (International Student Study Kyoto Network, 2024 Internship Program for International Students, etc.)

 Since 2016, the International Student Study Kyoto Network (secretariat: University Consortium Kyoto International Division) has been providing opportunities for international students studying at universities in the Kyoto area to gain work experience at companies in the Kyoto area. In addition to promoting understanding of the business content and corporate culture in Japan and fostering a desire to find employment, we also carry out an internship project with the aim of promoting recruitment in Kyoto after graduation and completion of the program through mutual understanding between international students and companies, and ensuring retention after employment. We plan to implement this program again in 2024.
 Therefore, we are recruiting contractors for this project, so please consider participating in the proposal. If you are interested, please prepare a project proposal and quotation according to the requirements below and submit it by the deadline. Thank you for your understanding.

*This project is to implement the 2023 and 2024 projects together before the International Student Study Kyoto Network’s 2024 budget is approved.In the event that the 2024 budget for this project is reduced at the network general meeting, etc. We may cancel our business or change or reduce our business content.

Deadline: Until 17:00 on Friday, December 22, 2023
Requirements: Internship program, etc. for international students in 2024 Proposal requirements

Contact information

University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
International Student Study Kyoto Network Secretariat (in charge: Sawada, Murata) in the International Business Department
〒600-8216 His Campus Plaza Kyoto, down Nishinotoin-dori Shio-koji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
*Reception hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

[For faculty and staff] 2nd Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting 2023
“Transformation of classes in elementary and secondary education through the GIGA School concept. What should we think about the future of universities from this point of view?” Now accepting applications for participation

In primary and secondary education, the GIGA School Initiative is creating an environment in which each learner can learn using an information terminal and a network connection, promoting Japanese-style education in the Reiwa era. About three years have passed since the GIGA School, we will explain the current changes in classes mainly at elementary and junior high schools, using cutting-edge examples.
Based on these, I would like to think with you about how the university environment (classes, research, student life) will change in the future.
This is not a “training session” but a “social gathering”, so please feel free to join us.

Date Schedule December 16, 2023 (Saturday) 13:00~15:20

For university/junior college faculty/staff
*This course is aimed not only at teachers but also at staff members who are interested in FD.

Meeting venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 2nd floor hall    

Participation fee Free

Number of members: Approximately 30 people


13:00~13:02 Opening of meeting/administrative communication
13:02~13:05 Explanation of purpose by coordinator
Providing topics

Transformation of classes in elementary and secondary education through the GIGA School concept.
What do you think about the future of university from this point of view?

13:45~14:05 Question-and-answer session
14:05~14:45 Exchange
14:45~15:15 Questions/Summary
14:15~15:20 Closing of meeting/fill out questionnaire

Application included

Application deadline: 2023: December 14th (Thursday) 17:00

Contact information

In charge of FD project, University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
TEL 075-353-9163 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto, Nishinotoin-dori Shiokoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City
*Business hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00


[For students and faculty members of member schools] 29th FD Forum
About recruiting presenters for the poster session

The 29th FD Forum will be held on February 23rd (Friday/Holiday) and February 24th (Saturday), 2024. This year, the poster session will also be held face-to-face.
We look forward to receiving your applications.

Recruiting poster session presenters for the 29th FD Forum

Examples of initiatives related to distinctive education at the presenter’s affiliated university
*In addition to individual efforts by member schools, efforts related to inter-university collaboration, regional collaboration, and industry-government collaboration are also possible. (The partner school does not matter whether it is a member school or a non-member school)
*Even for initiatives announced in previous years, you can reapply if the information has been updated.

Faculty members and students from University Consortium Kyoto member schools wishing to present their initiatives related to university education.
List of University Consortium Kyoto member schools

  Place of implementation   
University Consortium Kyoto 2nd floor hall, 2nd conference room, 3rd conference room

  Date and time    
February 23, 2024 (Jin·Zhu) 16:30-18:00 

 About the application

  Application deadline     

December 7, 2023 (Wood)

  Application method  
Please check the recruitment requirements below, fill out the 29th FD Forum Poster Session Presentation Application Form, and send it to the secretariat [address: fdf@consortium.or.jp] as an email attachment.

  • 29th FD Forum Poster Session Recruitment Guidelines [Download]
  • 29th FD Forum Poster Session Presentation Application Form [Download] 

  About screening of presentation contents  
The submitted “Poster Session Presentation Application Form” will be reviewed by the FD Forum Planning and Review Committee, and applicants will be notified by email by Friday, December 15, 2023, whether or not their presentation is possible.

If there are a large number of applicants, we may be unable to accept applications due to the number of presentations that can be made.
Additionally, we may limit the number of presentations per university.

   Other notes     

  • No honorarium will be paid to presenters. Please note.
  • If presenters wish to participate in other FD Forum events (symposiums, breakout sessions) other than the poster session, they will need to apply in advance for participation online just like other participants.
    *If you are only participating in the poster session, there is no need to apply online.

An overview of the 28th FD Forum Poster Session is posted on our foundation website.
[28th FD Forum]https://www.consortium.or.jp/wp-content/uploads/page/51/27thFDF-poster.pdf

 Contact information

University Consortium Kyoto FD Forum Secretariat
TEL: 075-353-9163 FAX: 075-353-9101  
E-mail: fdf■consortium.or.jp (Please change ■ to @)
*Counter reception hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

[For university faculty and staff] 2023 SD joint training program “Career of university staff – Graduate school admission and beyond” We are currently accepting applications for participation. .

The purpose of this training is to learn about the skills required of university staff and how to go on to graduate school as a way to acquire them. Through this training, you will reconsider your own career development and develop an awareness of improving your skills.

Yusuke Okada (Administrative Director, Ryukoku University Entrance Examination Department/High School-University Collaboration Promotion Office, Oberlin University Graduate School/Master’s degree)
Yumi Taniguchi (Assistant Director, Human Resources Division, Human Resources Department, Ritsumeikan University, currently enrolled in master’s program at Doshisha University Graduate School)
Mr. Yuichi Matsuda (Chief, Kansai University Trusteeship Group, Kansai University Management Bureau, Master’s degree, Oberlin University, Ph.D., Kansai University Graduate School)
Yasunari Shirafuji (Kyoto Sangyo University President’s IR Promotion Office, Doshisha University Graduate School, Master’s degree)

Mr. Takamichi Murayama (Administrative Director, Kyoto Bunkyo Junior and Senior High School, Master’s degree and Ph.D., Doshisha University Graduate School)>

[Date and time]Wednesday, December 6, 2023 13:00-16:00
[Meeting venue]Online (Zoom)
[Target] All faculty and staff (anyone can participate, regardless of years of service)
[Participation fee] Member schools: 1,000 yen (4,000 yen for those other than those listed on the left) *We will send you an invoice.
[Capacity] 40 people (first come first served)
[Application deadline] 11Month 22nd (Wed) 17:00
[Training Overview]Careers of university staff – entering graduate school and beyond
 Organizer: University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation


【Kyoto Student Public Relations Department】Workshop "For You to Become a Student Writer"

Theme: "For You Who Become a Student Writer: The Iroha of Interviews with Professionals"

This time, we will welcome Kazuko Iwamoto, a freelance writer who has written many articles on various themes, to give a lecture to everyone who is interested in student writers.

In addition to specific writing skills, such as the steps from the time of the interview to the start of writing the article, and the points to note from article correction to publication,
we will deliver content that will help you improve your conversation catch-ball skills and how to ask questions during interviews.

It also includes group work, making it a fun course where participants can interact with each other!

≪ all university and graduate students attending universities in Kyoto can participate for free. ≫

*This photo shows the training held in fiscal 2019.

◆ Especially recommended for students like this ◆

・ People who are interested in editing magazines and web media and writing articles
・ People who are interested in telling people ・
People who like writing, people who are not good at writing but are interested
I want to liven up the community! People who think that


Yoshimoto Kogyo Official Writer Kazuko Iwamoto

< Profile>
In 1997, he joined editorial production and experienced the production of fan club newsletters and town information magazines.
After leaving the company, he joined the editorial department of an entertainment information magazine in 2007 as a contractor, mainly in charge of articles on entertainment and theater.
He left in 2017 and is now freelancing. I work on articles for magazines and the web for entertainment, town stories, and corporate in-house newsletters.

Outline of the event

Date of the event

Thursday, May 20, 2021, 19:00~21:00【Finished】
(Reception opens at 18:45)

* Please apply in advance.

Place Campus Plaza Kyoto 4F Lecture Room 3
Eligibility for participation

Current students attending universities, graduate schools, and junior colleges in Kyoto Prefecture (especially first- and second-year students

Belongings Student ID, writing utensils
Visitor capacity 20 (first come, first served)
Capacity for online (Zoom) participation 50 (first come, first served)


* Please do not forget to bring your student ID card so that we can confirm that you are a student at the reception of your visit on the day of the event.
* This training is scheduled to be held in a hybrid format that combines face-to-face and online, but please note that depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection, it will be held only online and the start time may change.

Details / Application

■For details and application, please see the Kyoto Student Public Relations Department website "Kotokare" below.


Contact information

University Consortium Kyoto, Kyoto Student Public Relations Department Office
TEL 075-353-9130 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto Shiokoji, Nishinotoin-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
※Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)