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Outline of the event


Supporting Student Learning
~Development of Connecting FD~

15th FD Forum

Saturday, March 6, 2010 13:00~17:00 Symposium 17:30~19:00 Information exchange meeting
Sunday, March 7, 2010 10:00~15:30 Mini Symposium
and Breakout Session (concurrent)
Doshisha University
University Consortium Kyoto
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City
15th FD Forum Leaflet [Click here for details]
Day 1 of <> 13:00~19:00
Time Contents
13:00~13:10 Opening Remarks
Symposium 13:10~17:00 Theme: Supporting Students' Learning ~Development of Connecting FD~ Symposist: Masaru Hashimoto (Professor, Center for Educational Development,
Okayama University) Keiko Jimbo (Director, Center for University Education Development, Meijo University) Katsuhiro Enzuki (Professor, Faculty of Letters, Director of the Educational Services Organization, Doshisha University) Ryuji Oda (Center for Higher Education and Research Planning, Yamagata University)


Otsuka Yusaku (Professor, Center for the Promotion of Research and Development of Higher Education, Kyoto University)

17:30~19:00 Information exchange meeting
Day 2 <> 10:00~15:30
Time Contents
Mini Symposium
Breakout Session
◆Mini Symposium◆
【The 1st Mini Symposium】Aiming to
build career education that supports students 【The 2nd Mini Symposium】Possibility
of providing full online learning for working adults 【3rd Mini Symposium】Role

of top management in promoting and supporting FD ◆Subcommittee
◆ 【Subcommittee 1】 First-year education
leading to the second year and beyond 【Subcommittee 2】Revival of Lectures: Analysis
from Theory and Practice 【Subcommittee 3】What
Regional Cooperation Brings to University Education 【Subcommittee 4】Theory, Methods, and Utilization
of Class Questionnaires by Students 【Subcommittee 5】Restructuring
of Liberal Arts Education 【Session 6】Possibilities
of Education in the Field of Arts 【Subcommittee 7】 Practices and Issues of Support for Students with Disabilities 【Subcommittee 8】Diversification Needs of Higher Education and Issues

of Junior College 【Subcommittee 9】Invitation to Interactive Classes

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