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Outline of the event


Thinking about career education
at universities ~ Do companies need to develop the human resources they are looking for at universities? ~

17th FD Forum

Saturday, March 3, 2012 13:00~17:10 Symposium 17:30~19:00 Information exchange meetingSunday
, March 4, 2012 10:00~15:30 Mini Symposium
and Breakout Session (concurrent)
Kyoto Sangyo University
University Consortium Kyoto
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City
17th FD Forum Leaflet [Click here for details]
Day 1 of <> 13:00~19:00
Time Contents
13:00~13:10 Opening Remarks
Symposium 13:10~17:10 Theme: Do companies need to develop human resources at universities?
Symposist: Koichiro Komikawa (Professor, Faculty of Career Design, Hosei University) Akihisa Fukasawa (General Manager of Human Resources Development Office, Human Resources Department, Career Design Center, Global Human Resources Group Leader, Shiseido Co., Ltd.)
Masashi Matsutaka (Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Kyoto Sangyo University)

Designated Discussant:

Takashi Matsumoto (Benesse Corporation) Director, Business Development Division, University Division)
Masayuki Murakami (Associate Professor, Center for Multimedia Education and Research at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)

17:30~19:00 Information exchange meeting
Day 2 <> 10:00~15:30
Time Contents
Mini Symposium
Breakout Session
◆Mini Symposium◆
【The 1st Mini Symposium】 Theme: "Aiming for a Paradigm Shift in University Classes" 【The 2nd Mini Symposium】 Theme: "Abilities and Curriculum Expected of Graduates of Nursing Universities" 【The 3rd Mini Symposium】

Theme: "Positioning of Specialized Elements in First-Year Introductory Education" 【

The 4th Mini Symposium]
Theme: "It's hard to understand now,

FD" ◆Subcommittee
◆ 【Subcommittee 1】Rethinking
the ideal form of high school-university collaboration 【Subcommittee 2】Systematic introduction and utilization
of teaching portfolios 【Session 3】Science Literacy
in Liberal Arts Education ―Aiming to acquire problem-finding and problem-solving skills―
【Subcommittee 4】Disaster Countermeasures and Universities: What Role Do We Play?
【Subcommittee 5】Considering
the Ideal Way of Childcare Teacher Training in Cooperation between Kindergartens, Kindergartens, and Elementary Schools ―What are the similarities and differences―
【Subcommittee 6】<Qualities> and <Literacy>
that students of arts and expressionist universities should acquire 【Session 7】Organizational
support for students with developmental disabilities 【Session 8】Attempt
on Study Abroad Support and International Exchange for Students 【Session 9】"Private Conversation" and "Silence" at the University 【Session 10】Improving Education through Collaboration ~Thinking through the Activities of the Japan-U.S. Consortium~ *FY2009 Strategic University Collaboration Support Project "International Collaboration Program Development"
(with consecutive interpretation)

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