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Outline of the event


Rethinking University Education ~Shape Seen from Imadoki~

21st FD Forum

Saturday, March 5, 2016 13:00~17:10 Symposium (12:00~Registration starts)Saturday, March 5, 2016 17:30~
19 :00 Information exchange meetingSunday
, March 6, 2016 Breakout Session / Poster Session (9:00~Registration starts)
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Day 1) Morita Memorial Auditorium, (Day 2) Building No. 1
University Consortium Kyoto
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City
21st FD Forum Leaflet Pdf

<Day 1> 13:00~19:00

Time Contents
13:00~13:10 Opening Remarks
13:10~17:00 Symposium Rethinking University Education ~Shape Seen from Imadoki~
17:00~17:10 Closing Remarks
17:30~19:00 Information exchange meeting (Venue: Building 12 Libre)

Day 2 <> 10:00~15:30

Time Contents
10:00~15:30 【Session 1】Student Growth Brought About by Community Contribution Out-of-Campus Activities: Current Status and Potential 【
Session 2】Exploring
Sustainable First-Year Education 【Session 3】How to deal with students who cannot grasp the opportunity to learn? ~The Challenge of Liberal Arts Education~ 【Subcommittee 4】Students' Understanding Unraveled from the Trend of High School-University Connection Reform ~The Meaning of "Connection"~ 【Subcommittee 5】English and Japanese Remedial Education at Universities 【Subcommittee 6】Active Learning for Small Universities in Local Communities 【Subcommittee 7】University Reform and FD ~Criticism and Proposals~

【Subcommittee 8】"From Education
to Learning
Paradigm Change and FD~<Unlearning> Focus~ 【Session 9】Exchange of "Language" in Classrooms ~Interactive Communication and Student Independence~

【Session 10】The Role
of Writing Centers in Universities 【Session 11】University Library Support
for Students with Disabilities 【Subcommittee 12】 The University Now Facing Faculty and Staff ~Sharing and Solving Problems~ 【Subcommittee 13】Learning on a Special Campus Off-campus ~Regional Cooperation and Educational Effects~

◆Poster Session◆
Application presentation
by Kyoto member universities of the University Consortium Core time: 12:00~13:30
*During core time, the presenter answers questions from the participants in front of the poster.

Implementation Report

The 21st FD Forum Report Collection [Click here for details]

On March 5 and 6, 2016, "The 21st FD Forum: Rethinking University Education ~Shape Seen from Imadoki~" was held at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

In recent years, the state of university education has been intensely questioned and qualitative transformation is required, sandwiched between the diversification of learning histories due to the declining birthrate and universalization, the severe problems of university management (entrance), and the changes in the employment environment due to globalization and informatization (exit). In addition, policy pressure is imposed on third-party evaluations, mandatory FD, disclosure of educational information, financial support based on the principle of competition, and various quality assurance measures overflowing from reports issued in rapid succession. While we are busy dealing with these issues, we will reconsider the state of university education, such as how students learn and grow (student theory), how education develops in relation to the community and society (educational theory / academic theory), and how universities (organizations) contribute to the realization of students' learning and happiness (organization theory, staff theory). It was a successful event with the participation of 832 people from 293 universities and institutions nationwide.

On the first day, presentations were given from different standpoints from national, public, and private universities, administrators, faculty members, and staff, as well as inside and outside the university. In the panel discussion and floor discussion that followed, lively exchanges of opinions and discussions were held from both speakers and participants based on the keyword of full participation.

On the second day, 13 subcommittees were held on themes of great interest to university educators, such as "Student Growth Brought About by Community Contribution Out-campus Activities," "Exploring Sustainable First-Year Education," "How to Deal with Students Who Can't Find the Opportunity to Learn," and "Understanding Students Unraveled from the Trend of High School-University Connection Reform." The "Poster Session" held at the same time, which exhibited a total of 17 "educational practice cases" from 10 member schools of the consortium, and the "Company Booth" exhibited by 7 companies were very successful, and there were many questions and impressions from the participants, and there were scenes of active exchange.

Contact information

Consortium of Universities Kyoto FD Project
TEL 075-353-9163 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto *Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

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