FY 2013

Outline of the event


To cultivate the ability to survive in society

The 19th FD Forum

Date & Time
Saturday, February 22, 2014 13:00~17:10 Symposium (12:00~Registration starts)
17:30~19:00 Information Exchange Meeting
Sunday, February 23, 2014
10:00~15:30 Breakout Session and Poster Session (9:00~Registration starts)
Ryukoku University Fukakusa Campus
University Consortium Kyoto
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City
The 19th FD Forum Leaflet [Click here for details]
Day 1 <> 13:00~19:00
time substance
13:00~13:15 Opening Remarks
13:15~17:10 【Symposium I】From Kyoto! A community-wide learning community: Creating a society that grows and learns together
【Symposium II】Nurturing Students Who Will Open Up the Future
17:30~19:00 Information Exchange Meetings
Day 2 <> 10:00~15:30
time substance
10:00~15:30 ◆Breakout Sessions◆
Session 1: FD and Educational Improvement through Open Education
Session 2: Student Support to Promote Mutual Support among Students and Energize the Community: Peer Support as a Place for Students to Belong
Session 3: Changes in the Environment of University Education and Liberal Arts Education
Session 4: Learning Support from University Libraries
Session 5: What is the ideal environment for educational activities?
Session 6: A New Form of Lesson Design and Classroom Modification at Universities: Creating with Classroom Visitors and Collaborators
Session 7: Class Questionnaire and Individualization of Education
Session 8: Current Status and Issues of Experiential Learning
Session 9: Paradigm Shift in Classes
Session 10: Problems of Teaching Writing in Universities
Session 11: Planning and Implementation of Lessons to Deepen Cross-Cultural Understanding and Multicultural Exchange
Session 12: How to develop global human resources through industry-academia collaboration
Session 13: Support for Students with Developmental Disabilities: Society and “Tsunagu”
◆Poster Session◆
Announcement of applications by Kyoto member universities of the University Consortium
Core time: 12:00~13:30
* In core time, the presenter will answer questions from the participants in front of the poster.

Implementation Report

The 19th FD Forum Report [Click here for details]

On February 22 (Sat) ~ 23 (Sun), the 19th FD Forum was held at Ryukoku University’s Fukakusa Campus.

This project is based on the “Basic Plan for the Promotion of Education” ( June 2013), one of the basic directions of the conference, was held with the participation of 832 participants from 290 universities and institutions nationwide, with the theme of how universities can cultivate the ability to survive in society.


On the first day, Symposium I, titled “Learning Communities for the Whole Community: Creating a Society that Grows and Learns Together,” presented practical practices and issues for the creation of local learning communities from the standpoint of university teachers, university students, local government officials, and MEXT officials.


In Symposium II, under the theme of “Nurturing Students Who Will Open Up the Future,” university faculty members and NPOs made presentations on the sharing of the current situation, the practices to respond to it, and the mechanism of issue arise, based on the “issue of declining academic ability” and “the problem of dropouts,” which are serious issues at universities.


On the second day, 13 subcommittees were held on various themes surrounding university education, such as “Open Education,” “Learning Support for University Libraries,” “Lesson Design,” “Experiential Learning,” “Writing Instruction,” and “Learning Support for Developmental Disabilities,” and other topics covered by the participants in the field. The “Poster Session” was a great success, with a total of 13 “Educational Practice Examples” exhibited by 9 member schools of the Consortium, and many questions and comments were raised by the participants about each practice, and there was a scene where the presenters and participants actively interacted.

Participants have requested forums on the themes of “promotion of FD through collaboration between faculty and staff (collaboration between teachers),” “first-year education,” “career education,” and “student and learning support” as future projects, and expectations are high for the next forum, which will be the 20th milestone.


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