2011 14th Kyoto International Student Film Festival

Outline of the event

Concept "Encounter"


This year's competition section attracted a total of 254 works from Japan and overseas. Each member of the executive committee has their own judging standards, and after numerous discussions, they carefully face each work one by one to judge it. Fifteen winning works were selected from the 254 films. Colorful works are all appropriate. From things that make you smile to things that make you smile and things that get closer to the truth the more you think about it, there are many new encounters packed into these 15 works.
All members of the organizing committee hope that all visitors to this film festival will be able to experience some kind of "encounter" through the films.

14th Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival 2011

Date & Time: November 19 (Sat) ~ 25 (Fri),
2011 <Part 1> 14:30~16:30 <Part 2> 17:00~19:00 <Part 3> 19:30~21:30 Award Ceremony: Saturday, November 26, 2011Venue

: The Museum of Kyoto, Film Theater

Kyoto Cinema (COCOA Karasuma 3F, west side of Karasuma-dori Shijo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)
1-day ticket 1,000 yen, full day free pass 1,500 yen
University Consortium Kyoto
Planning and Operation
Kyoto International Student Film Festival Executive Committee
Operational support
Kyoto International Student Film Festival Planning Committee
Arts and Culture Promotion Fund
Special cooperation
Kyoto Cinema, The Museum of Kyoto
Acuba Film, CaRTe bLaNChe, Eesti Joonisfilm, Raphaël Gianelli-Meriano, Tallinnfilm
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Kyoto Prefectural High School Arts and Culture Association, Kobe Art Village Center, 23rd Tokyo Student Film Festival

14th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Leaflet [Click here for details]

Programs held



Final Jury

・Hiroshi Shinomiya (Documentary Film Director)
< major directorial works > "Forgotten Children: Scavenger", "BASURA Bassoula", "Forgettable Fukushima", etc.

・ Yuji Itakura (Anime Producer J.C.STAFF / Representative Director of Ajam Krishon) < main produced works > "Revolutionary Girl Utena", "Honey and Clover", "Shakugan no Shana", etc.

Films Screened in Each Program

Competition Program

Screening of selected films and talk shows
by directors and executive committee members: 15 films in total in 4 programs (7 short films, 4 feature films / 8 domestic films, 7 overseas films)

Title, Director's Name, School, Nationality category
A "1000grams" Tom Bewilogua / University of Fine Arts (Hamburg University of the Arts) Germany / 2011 / 15min / 16mm Short Films
The Bochum Boys, Henning Marquaß / Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany / 2010 / 12min / HDCAM Short Films
"Passion and Biedlo" Keigo Yamada / Kyoto University of Art and Design / Japan / 2011 / 51min / HDV Feature Films
B "Goyarina and the Coral Reef" Aika Oshiro / Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts / Japan / 2011 / 8min/miniDV Short Films
"Hand Maid" Mo Hyun-shin/Yon-sei Graduate School of Communication & Arts (Yongsei University Communication Arts) KOREA / 2010 / 4min / DV Short Films
"The Story of Gremmaa" Sakugawa Full Moon / Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts / Japan / 2011 / 11min / miniDV Short Films
"Panic Comic" Yoshiyuki Okuyama / Keio University / Japan / 2010 / 47min / miniDV Feature Films
C Elli & Richard, Julia Bossert/Academy of Media Arts Cologne, GERMANY / 2011 / 14min/HDCAM Short Films
"Short Video Work "Shinigami"" Naoya Yamaguchi / Tokyo University of the Arts / Japan / 2011 / 25min / HDV Feature Films
Growth, Florian Heinzen-Ziob/Academy of Media Arts Cologne, GERMANY / 2011/23min/HDCAM Feature Films
"EGOISM" Kai Haraguchi / Kyushu Sangyo University / Japan / 2010 / 6min/miniDV Short Films
D "TALISMAN" Kai Haraguchi / Kyushu Sangyo University / Japan / 2010 / 2min/ miniDV Short Films
THE STAIN by Igor Chojna / PWSFTviT Lodz / POLAND / 2010 / 15min / HDV Short Films
"Playback Play Ball" Shoya Minami / Kokushikan University / Japan / 2011 / 24min / HDV Feature Films
TWIST & BLOOD, Kuba Czekaj/Silesia's University/POLAND 2009/30min/35mm Feature Films

Special Program (1) Hirohara Triumphal Return Screening "Paper Balloons"

The omnibus film Paper Balloons, including the latest work by Akira Hirohara, which won the second prize in the competition section of the 12th Kyoto International Student Film Festival in the competition section of "Sekai Good Morning!!", will be screened in the opening program of this festival.
Guests: None

Screening: Paper Balloons (4 short omnibus films)
"When Will That Star Appear?" by Akira Hirohara (Semi-Grand Prix Director, 12th Kyoto International Student Film Festival)
"Two Men Who Play with Life" Kohei Sanada
"The Price of Secrecy" by Ryo Yoshikawa
"Paper Balloons" Shoichi Akino

Special Event (2) Kansai Student Filmism

This project focuses on the activities of students studying film in Kansai.
Short Story Writers Meeting Stories
Guests: 8 artists

Short Story Writer Meeting Edition Visitor Guest
"Little Story" Rie Kido (Takarazuka University) "Love Collection Seal" Naoko Murakami (Seian University of Art and Design)
"Dobu Rat" Kotoko Nakamura (Kyoto University of Art and Design) "°C" Nozomi Iwasaki (Kyoto University of the Arts)
"St.U.T" Takahiro Ueda (Kyoto Saga University of Arts)  "Smile" Ryohei Watanabe (Ritsumeikan University)
"The Invisible Girl" Tomonori Shinoda (Ritsumeikan University) "STRATUM" Keigo Yasui (Osaka Seikei University)

Student Organizations Dialogue Guests
: Daiki Kataoka, Yumaro Shibata (Moon World Travel Agency), Tomoaki Kaneko, Kazuaki Yoshimura (Eizo Family YUCCA)

Title of the film and director
"Magokoro no Kai" Daiki Kataoka
"On the Day of Y" by Yumaro Shibata
"My Favorite Ayami-chan" Tomoaki Kaneko

Student Writer Retrospective
Guest: Kento Ota

Title of the film and director
"Although there is a day when the crow does not crow"
"Hana yori Dangomushi"
"The Woman Who Fights the Stalker: The Record of Yoshiko Tanaka" (Director: Kento Ota)

Special Event (3) "Listen" to Film

This is a project in which students involved in video and music are asked to create works of about 10 minutes and add music/video to each other. After screening a total of four films, a talk show was held with professional composers. (4 works in 1 program) Guests: Takashi Watanabe (Musician, Producer), Yuki Kaneko (Ritsumeikan University 2nd year/Chinema Studio PANDA), Mayo Akashi (Doshisha University 3rd year), Takuya Oi (Kyoto City University of Arts 3rd year/Aerial Arts University)

Title of the film and director
"Fairy tale" Yuki Kaneko, Music: Mayu Akashi
"Fairy tale" Yuki Kaneko, Music: Aerial Art University
"Bluehead" Yuki Kaneko, Music: Mayu Akashi
"Bluehead" Yuki Kaneko, Music: Aerial Art University

Special Event (4) KISFVF 2010 Grand Prix Film Screening

The screening of Train of Thought (short film) and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Room (feature film), which won the Grand Prix at the 2010 Film Festival.

Title of the film and director
『Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Room』Kuba Czekaj
『Train of Thought』Ben Thomas & Leo Bridle

Special Event (5) Tokyo Student Film Festival Grand Prix Screening

Title of the film and director
"Delivery Fashion Health" Ryoko Furuchi (Grand Prix at the 23rd Tokyo Student Film Festival)

Special Event (6) Final Jury Film Screening "Forgotten Children ~Scavenger~"

Title of the film and director
"Forgotten Children ~Scavenger~" Hiroshi Shinomiya

* "Final Jury Film Screening "Children of God" and "Final Jury Film Screening "Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant after 311 as Seen by Hiroshi Shinomiya" have been canceled due to circumstances.

Collaborative Event: High School Student Film Screening

After screening the selected films for the 4th Spring High School Broadcasting Festival in Kyoto held on March 20, 2011, a talk show was held for each high school student in the form of a question-and-answer session. (7 films in 1 program)
Guests: 2 each from Toba High School, Ritsumeikan High School, and Subaru High School, 1 each from Sagano High School and Momoyama High School

Name of the work / production school
"Bookworm" Kyoto Prefectural Momoyama High School
"Good tabi, Kyoto feeling!" Kyoto Prefectural Rakusai High School
"The origin of Toba High School ~ That statue is actually …!! ~" Kyoto Prefectural Toba High School
"Re:" Kyoto Prefectural Kyoto Subaru High School
"35th National School Attendance Competition Tardy Division" Ritsumeikan High School
"Their Classroom", "JKD~High School Girls~" Kyoto Prefectural Sagano High School

Collaboration Project World Selection Program ~A Certain "Life"-In Search of a Certain "Death"~

His films have been screened at the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival and other short film festivals around Germany.
Guest: Aki Nakazawa (Oberhausen Preliminary Selection Committee)

Name of the work / production school
『man stribt./the death of one』Patrick Doberenz, Philipp Enders
『Exodus』Almagul Menlibayava
『I killed the butterflies.』 Cyrill Lanchauer
『What I’m looking for』Shelly Silver
『98 beautiful』Tessa Knapp

Special Event: The Art of Writer Virginity Not Taught in School ~Learning from Mr. Preet Pärn~

What kind of process is necessary to become a creator, to become a filmmaker, and even to eat from it?
Guests: Yuji Matsukura (Final Jury / Anime Producer), Aika Oshiro (Competition Director / Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts), Kai Haraguchi (Competition Director / Kyushu Sangyo University)

Title of the film and director
Is the World Really Round?, Magician in the Woods, Preet Pärn
Parnography, Haldi Volmer (documentary about Mr. Pärn's life)

KARA-S Planning

In addition to providing light meals, chairs and desks, there is a message board where visitors can freely leave messages, and a viewing space where visitors can watch some of the works recommended by the executive committee members from previous years.

Would you like to
November 19 (Sat), 20 (Sun), 23 (Wed) 15:30~19:30
Kyoto Seika University Satellite Space "KARA-S" (next to Kyoto Cinema)


Pre-Program "Kyoto International Student Film Festival Select Screening" "KISFVF× The Museum of Kyoto – Kyoto International Student Film Festival Masterpiece Selection Screening"

Would you like to
Saturday, August 13, 2011 13:30~16:30
The Museum of Kyoto Film Theater
Admission free.
Title, director's name, nationality, etc.
Part 1 Screenings "Otekuranshi" Eriko Onishi (Japan/2010/35min/16mm) "Martina and the Moon" by Javier Loarte (Spain/2009/12min/35mm) "Nothingness" Gashinria (USA/2009/16min/HD)

『DEACON'S MONDAYS』Lowell Frank & Destin Daniel Cretton(USA/2008/18min/16mm

Part 2 Screenings "World Good Morning!!" by Akira Hirohara (Japan/2009/80min/DV)

Implementation Report

The 14th Kyoto International Student Film Festival was held at Kyoto Cinema on November 19 (Sat) ~ November 25 (Fri), 2011. During the exhibition, a total of 21 programs were held, and 119 people attended the pre-event, 569 people attended the festival, and 688 people attended.

In each program, in addition to screenings of works by student artists, talk shows were held between the executive committee members and student writers, and secret stories that cannot be understood just by watching the works, such as the backstory of the production, were unfolded, and the students felt the fun of the works from the perspective of students, which is a bit different from box office films.


In addition, many domestic and foreign artists visited Japan, and opportunities were provided for interaction with the executive committee members, and the largest student film festival in the Japan created by the executive committee and the artists together ended with great success.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came to the venue, the student artists who submitted their works to this festival, and all the people who supported us in various ways to hold this festival.

Achievements, etc.

List of Award-Winning Works

Award category Title, Director's Name, Affiliation (Country)
Grand Prix Short Film Category "The Story of Gremmaa" Director: Mitsuki Sakugawa / Japan
Feature Film Division Twist & Blood directed by Kuba Czekaj/Poland
Special Jury Prize Hiroshi Shinomiya Award "Playback Play Ball" Director: Shoya Minami / Japan
Yuji Matsukura Award Goyarina and the Coral Reef Director: Aika Oshiro / Japan
Student Executive Committee Award Impact Award 1000grams by Tom Bewilogua / Germany
Frontier Prize Growth by Florian Heinzen-Ziob (Germany)
Audience Award Short Film Category Elli & Richard, directed by Julia Bossert, Germany
Feature Film Division "Passion and Biedro" Director: Keigo Yamada / Japan

* Grand Prize: Selected by the Executive Committee and the Final Jury * Final Jury Award: The final Jury will select
from the selected works * Student Executive Committee Award: Selected from among the winning works * Audience Award: Selected

by audience voting from among the selected works screened during the exhibition period

Number of visitors (Saturday, November 19 ~ Saturday, November 26, 2011)


Number of Entries in Competition

247 films (145 short films, 102 feature films/171 domestic films, 76 overseas films)

Contact information

Consortium of Universities Kyoto Kyoto International Student Film Festival
TEL 075-353-9189 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto Shiokoji, Nishinotoin-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
※Business hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

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