2017 Kyoto International Student Film Festival

Overview of the business

The Kyoto International Student Film Festival is the largest international student film festival in the Japan, planned and operated mainly by university students from the Kansai region, mainly in Kyoto, and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the festival. The purpose of this program is to gather independent films produced by students from all over the world, review them by the executive committee, create opportunities for students to screen them, and discover human resources and talents who will lead future filmmakers. Last year, we received 539 entries from 43 countries and regions, of which 16 were screened as selected films.
Historically Japan Kyoto is a "city of movies" that still inherits the cultural heritage of the early days of cinema, and it is also a "city of universities and students" where students account for 10% of the population of Kyoto City. This festival aims to revitalize Kyoto by discovering and introducing talents who can add new fields to cinema from among the many possibilities of the world, thereby creating a place for international exchange and mutual understanding.

Outline of the event

 19th Main Festival

Concept "Nurturing Film Festival"

As a commemorative 20th edition, the festival will continue the tradition accumulated over the past 19 years, while cherishing artists and their works, and creating talent that will fly into the future. In addition, as an international film festival, it will create a place for international exchange that connects Japan and overseas.
Furthermore, in order to solidify the foundation of the organization as the only international student film festival in the Japan, we will focus on the development of executive committee members and aim for further development in the future.

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20th Kyoto International Student Film Festival

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Saturday, November 25, 2017 ~ Friday, December 1, 2017 *Award ceremony on the last day
Kyoto Cinema (COCOA Karasuma 3F, west side of Karasuma-dori Shijo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)
1 program ticket: (advance ticket, on the day) 500 yen All day free pass ticket: (advance ticket) 1,000 yen / (on the day) 1,500 yen
Consortium of Universities Kyoto
Planning and Operation
20th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Executive Committee
Operational support
Kyoto International Student Film Festival Planning Committee
Special cooperation
Kyoto Cinema
Arts and Culture Promotion Fund / Nissha Printing Culture Promotion Foundation
Agency for Cultural Affairs, Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kyoto City Board of Education, The Japan Foundation, NPO Image Industry Promotion Organization, Cineaste Organization Osaka, Cooperatives Japan Filmmakers Guild, Unijapan, Asahi Shimbun Kyoto General Bureau, Kyoto Shimbun, NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station, KBS Kyoto, α-STATION FM Kyoto, J:COM Kyoto Miyabijon
Directors' Unibu Co., Ltd., Nozomi Co., Ltd., Yeonsan Sun Co., Ltd., Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Film and New Media, Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd., J:COM Kyoto Miyabijon Co., Ltd., Okaze Co., Ltd., Pony Canyon Co., Ltd., Kyoto Prefectural Federation of Consumers' Co-operative Associations, Kyoto Minami Kaikan, Puppet Theater Kyogei Co., Ltd., VCC Planning Co., Ltd., Milan Corporation

Programs held

20th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Trailer





  category Name of the work Director Name of University Year of production, length, country
Competition A Live-Action Division 『Generation Mars』 Alexander Turpin The Norwegian Film School 2016/25min/Norway
Animation Division 『Письма куклы / Doll's Letters』 Natalia Grofpel Russian State University of Cinematography n. a. S. Gerasimov (VGIK) 2016/7min/Russia
Animation Division 『Cipka /』 Renata Gąsiorowska Polish National Film School in Łódź 2016/8min/Poland
Live-Action Division "Chonticha at end of the summer" Mei Fukuda Toho Gakuen Film College 2017/40min/Japan
Competition B Live-Action Division 『SARA THE DANCER』 Tim Ellrich Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 2016/13min/Germany
Animation Division 『here AND there』 Komitsu Tokyo University of the Arts 2017/4min/Japan
Animation Division 『Race』 Yan Dan Wong Kingston University 2016/3min/UK
Live-Action Division "Sinking Family" Tsuchi Kano Musashi University 2017/72min/Japan
Competition C Live-Action Division 『노이즈 / Noise』 Ji-young Lim Korea National University of Arts 2017/25min/Korea
Live-Action Division 『Watu Wote / All of us』 Katja Benrath Hamburg Media School 2017/22min/Germany
Animation Division 『I think I love you』 Xiya Lan California Institute of the Arts 2017/7min/USA
Live-Action Division 『The Wedding』 Sebastian Mayr Filmakademie Wien 2016/40min/Austria
Competition D Live-Action Division 『FILAMENT』 Daiki Tanaka Faculty of Art, Japan University 2017/30min/Japan
Animation Division 『Tough』 Jennifer Zheng Kingston University London 2016/5min/UK
Live-Action Division 『PRIA』 Yudho Aditya Columbia University 2016/22min/USA
Live-Action Division 『Australia』 Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica 2016/29min/Mexico

Special Events

Special Program (1) (Screened on November 26)

Orikasa Retrospective
Purpose of the project Last year, Ryo Orikasa became the first director to win the Golden Zagreb Award at Japan the Zagreb International Animation Film Festival, one of the four major animation festivals in the world, and is currently one of the most sought-after writers in the independent animation scene. In addition to the award-winning work "Origin of the Level," this special program will screen all of his past works, including "Scripta volant," which was produced during his time at the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts, "Notre chambre," "Kotono- After the screening, director Orikasa and animation researcher and critic Nobuaki Doi will be invited as guests for a talk show.
Screenings (1) "Scripta volant" directed
by Ryo Orikasa 2011/14min/Japan
Japan Media Arts Festival 2011 Animation Division Jury Recommendation
Based on Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince. "Scripta" means "written" and "volant" means "fly away."
Screenings (2) "Level Origin" directed
by Ryo Orikasa 2015/7min/Japan
The 70th Mainichi Film Contest Animation Division Nobuo Ofuji Award
Animafest Zagreb International Animated Film Festival 2016 Golden Zagreb Prize
Yoshiro Ishihara (1915-77), a leading postwar poet known for his experience of internment in Siberia, "Level Origin" Engraved on clay, a record that spans about one year.
Screenings (3) "Notre chambre Our Room" directed by
Ryo Orikasa 2016/13min/Japan
Cy Tuombri chronicles the days of writing and reading the text Temptations and Difficulties of Roland Barthes.
Screenings (4) "Kotono-no Japan
Screenings (5) "Sickly Face at the Bottom of the Ground" directed by
Ryo Orikasa 2017/2min/Japan
A video based on "Sick Face at the Bottom of the Ground" from Sakutaro Hagiwara's "Barking at the Moon".
Talk Guest Talk Show Guests: Ryo Orikasa (Director), Nobuaki Doi (Animation Researcher, Critic)

Special Event (2) (Screened on November 27)

World Wide Collection ~Germany~
Purpose of the project In Germany, where the environment for appreciating documentary films is in place, what is the significance of portraying reality through film? In this project, we will screen "Agony", a film produced by the Munich University of Television and Film, which shows a strong commitment to documentary films. In the talk show, David Clay Diaz, the director of the film, which is based on real incidents, will take the stage to delve into the world of the film depicting modern youth.
Screenings (1) Agony, directed by
David Clay Diaz, Munich University
of Television and Film 2016/93min/Germany
On November 29, a young man murdered his dating partner and dismembered him. The head, torso and limbs were found in garbage bins scattered throughout Vienna. The motive for this crime is still unclear.
Talk Guest Talk show guest: David Clay Diaz, Director of Ago

Special Program (3) (Screened on November 28)

World Wide Collection ~India~
Purpose of the project When you hear Indian films, you probably think of them as "singing and dancing", "upbeat", and "fun" movies. However, Indian films are far more diverse than we can imagine. Three films with themes that are a little different from our image will be screened: "SUFFERING", "KULA", and "by lane saga". For the talk show, we will invite Mr. Yoshio Takakura, a researcher of Indian cinema who is also involved in subtitle translation and is deeply familiar with India, to talk about the diversity of Indian films and their backgrounds through the films screened.
Screenings (1) "SUFFERING" directed by
Satish Munda 2017/16min/India
This is a film based on facts. The innocent man was caught by mistake and tortured by the authorities to confess to being the mastermind of the shootout. The story was passed on to the father of the man who was caught.
Screenings (2) KULA, directed by
Indranil Kashyap 2017/27min/India
This is a sentimental but downright distorted comedy. In the film, a child born out of wedlock finds his biological father and unknowingly pulls the trigger for his father's death, which is a major change of direction. That said, he doesn't have to fight fate like Oedipus does. Because in this empire of representation, fate is easily dreamed of by plugging it in. And in the end, he is remade into what he wanted. It was a paranormal thing of a father-son complex. And "he" showed the ideal shot of manipulating the traffic lights at will, riding a motorcycle through a tunnel with the woman clinging to her back.
Screenings (3) "BY LANE SAGA" Directed by
Ranjit Nair 2017/21min/India
This is an attempt to look at working-class communities through their same identity. That identity is found in the starting point for departing from the prescribed social system and moving toward the dream. It's like their fragility, their repressed fantasies, and they move from places like "LANE," dark alleys outside the mainstream of society.
Talk Guest Talk show guest: Yoshio Takakura (Indian Film Researcher)

Special Event (4) Screening (11/29)

Purpose of the project There is a vague image of Japan student film directors, but few people may know the details. In this project, we will screen two works by Japan student artists, "Shiranami" and "Kotasnail". In the talk show after the screening, we will talk to directors Nagao and Shindo, who are working on films from different perspectives and environments, and explore the current situation of student writers in Japan.
Screenings (1) "White Wave" Director Atsushi Nagao (Ritsumeikan University)
An island floating in a lake. There, the islanders made a living from fishing. One day, an island is discovered. It depicts a love-hate drama between a parent and child living on a small closed island and the incident in which they are involved.
Screenings (2) "Kota Snail" Director Sayo Shindo (Seikei University)
A spring evening with flickering rain. A woman from a certain province, Otarari, entered the kotatsu table of an izakaya with an older man. When he gets drunk, Ritsu accidentally finds his friend Madoka. Then, Ritsu can't leave Kotatsu and misses the last train …
Talk Guest Talk show guests: Atsushi Nagao (Director of "Shiranami"), Mr. Sayo Shindo (Director of "Kota Snail")

20th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Leaflet is here.

Please note that the program and guests are subject to change without notice.

Final Jury

©Hako Hosokawa

Atsuhiro YamashitaFilm directorBorn

in Aichi Prefecture in 1976, graduated from the Department of Film and New Media, Faculty of Art, Osaka University of Arts. His graduation project "Donten Seikatsu" (99) received high praise both in Japan and abroad. After the Bad Man Youth trilogy, he breaks new ground with "Linda Linda Linda" (05). Since then, he has continued to enthusiastically present works on a variety of subjects while maintaining his unique authorship, such as "Natural Kokekko" (07), "My Back Page" (11), "Hardship Train" (12), "Moratoriamu Tamako" (13), "Ajien Universe" (15), and "Over the Fence" (16). "Hard Core" is scheduled to be released in 2018.


Jiko Mizujiri
was born in Aomori Prefecture in 1984. A filmmaker who mainly produces hand-drawn animation. He specializes in tactile animations with motifs such as body parts and sushi. While working on music videos and commercials, he continues to produce short films. He won the New Face Award in the Animation Division of the Japan Media Arts Festival, the Renzo Kinoshita Award at the Hiroshima International Animation Festival, and was officially selected for the Berlin International Film Festival Short Film Competition.


Shinsuke OteraFilm
Critic, Lecturer at Waseda University, Lecturer at the Faculty
of Art, Japan University, Chair of Shin Bungeiza Cinematheque, IndieTokyo, Subtitle Translator
Debuted at "Cahiers du Cinéma Japon". He has written for magazines such as Kinema Junpo, Bungakukai, and BRUTUS, as well as various media such as Sankei Shimbun, boid magazine, and i-D Japan. He has made numerous television appearances and lectures. It also buys films from overseas and creates subtitles. His main works are "Lectures on Contemporary Film" (Seidosha) and "The Art of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cinema" (Shinchosha). Hosted by João Pedro Rodríguez Retrospective in 2013 and '15. Since 2015, he has released distribution releases such as "Hannah, but I'm going to live!" and "Young Poet". Jacques Rivette's Out One was screened in 2017. For the latest activities and communications, please visit the IndieTokyo website. http://indietokyo.com/

no particular order※The final judges will appear at the award ceremony

Results of Submission

Application has been closed.
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  Domestic Overseas Meter
FY2017 129 356 485
FY2016 168 371 539
FY2015 123 94 217
FY2014 163 187. 350
FY2013 212 145 357

This year's winning works will be decided in late August under strict screening by the Student Executive Committee,
and information will be released as needed, but there is a shortage of the Student Executive Committee members who will judge and manage the work.
If you are a student who is even slightly interested in this film festival, why don't you participate in the activities of the executive committee?
Click here for recruitment of new executive committee members!

Implementation Report


The Kyoto International Student Film Festival, which discovers young talent who will lead the film industry of the future, was held at Kyoto Cinema from Saturday, November 25, and concluded with great success on Friday, December 1.
The 20th Film Festival Competition (Live-Action and Animation Divisions) received 485 entries from 38 countries and regions, and 16 films carefully selected by the Student Executive Committee were screened.
At the award ceremony held on the final day, Friday, December 1, the winning directors and the final judges, Atsuhiro Yamashita, Shinsuke Otera, and Jiko Mizujiri, were invited as guests to announce the Grand Prix in the Live Action and Animation Categories, as well as the Final Jury Prize and Audience Award.
At the award ceremony, after screening the two Grand Prix films, we received comments from the final jury, and we were able to create a place for international exchange and mutual understanding through films.
The award-winning works are as follows: I wish the young coach all the best for his future success.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the visitors and supporters of the festival.

Category Awards

Grand-Prix for Live-action Film

"Sunken Family"
Director: Kano Doh
School: Musashi University
 My mother spread leaflets and recruited someone to take care of me while I wasn't home to raise my little child. The communal childcare initiative started by adults gathered was named "Sunken Families." Fifteen years later, as an adult, I decided to go see the nursery teachers again.


KingAnimation Grand Prix
for Animated Film

"Cipka /"
Director: Renata Gąsiorowska
School : Polish National Film School in Łódź
2016 / 8min / Poland
> The girl spends the night alone at home. She was trying to have fun alone, but not everything went as she wanted.


Final KingJury Prize
Atsuhiro Yamashita Award The Final Judge, Nobuhiro Yamashita Award

Director: Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson
School: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica
Elena is a woman who is struggling with infertility at the age of 40. Her last attempt went unrewarded, while her neighbor returned from the hospital with her baby. Elena sneaked into the neighbor's house while her neighbor was away, brought back the baby monitor and began eavesdropping on what was going on behind the door.



Shinsuke Odera Award The Final Judge, Shinsuke Odera Award

Director: Jennifer Zheng
School: Kingston University London
Some things can only be understood as adults. When a Chinese mother and her British-born daughter speak to each other for the first time as adults, it sheds new light on the cultural differences of their childhood.   



The Final Judge, Yoriko Mizushiri Award

"Here AND There"
Director: Komitsu
School: Tokyo University of the Arts
Here and there , here and there. One day in early summer, small events occur in three landscapes.


Audience Award

"Sunken Family" Director: Kano Doh
School: Musashi University
The Grand Prix in the Live-Action Division "Sunken Family" also won the Audience Award!
* The Audience Award will be selected from customers who viewed the works during the festival period based on a questionnaire survey.


Pre-Event and Collaborative Planning

With the goal of promoting the Kyoto International Student Film Festival scheduled to be held in late November and planning and practicing the planning and implementation of the executive committee, various pre-events will be held again this year. The executive committee reviews the activities and prepares for the planning and operation of the actual film festival. We will update the pre-event details from time to time.

Sunday, June 4, 2017 "First Student Film" @京都学園大学

0604 Pre-project static page photo

We exhibited a film festival booth at "Kyoto Student Festival 15th Anniversary Festa in Ukyo feat. Subway Tozai Line 20th Anniversary Commemorative @ Kyoto Gakuen University"!
In the pre-event held at Kyoto Gakuen University, we screened 9 carefully selected films from past selections under the title of "First Student Film". This was the first project since the 20th Kyoto International Student Film Festival Executive Committee was established, and many people stopped by and we were able to widely disseminate the appeal of student films.

Saturday, August 19, 2017 "Kamo Cinema 13" collaborative project @ Kamogawa Riverside Square

0819 Pre-project static page photo

We were invited to "Kamo Cinema 13" where you can enjoy a movie under the night sky by placing a screen at Kamogawa Riverside Plaza, a famous place in Kyoto.
Kamo Cinema is an outdoor screening event that connects people to people, people to movies, and people to Kamogawa, and this year marks its 13th year.
On the day of the event, the 18th Kyoto International Student Film Festival selection film "Scales of Katasumi" was screened. Not only movie lovers, but also local people passing through the Kamo River and tourists watched it.

Sunday, October 8, 2017 "Kyoto International Student Film Festival PR Booth" @京都学生祭典

0819 Pre-project static page photo

At the Kyoto Student Festival, the most important event of this autumn, "Kyoto Student Festival" (Heian Jingu-mae and Okazaki Promenade area), we exhibited a PR booth for the Kyoto International Student Film Festival.
At the booth, we set up synopses and panels of the 16 selected films to be screened at this film festival held in November, and we held a participatory project in which visitors voted for the films they were interested in.
Each of the executive committee members handed leaflets to visitors and promoted the film festival.
We were blessed with sunny weather on the day of the festival, and many people stopped by, and we were able to appeal our film festival not only to local people but also to those who visited Kyoto for sightseeing.

Saturday, October 14, 2017 "Kyoto International Film Festival" Invitational Screening @ AEON Cinema Kyoto Katsuragawa

0819 Pre-project static page photo

Continuing from last year, the Kyoto International Film Festival invited four past films from the Kyoto International Film Festival to be screened. In the stage greeting after the screening, we were given the opportunity to promote the Kyoto International Student Film Festival.
We were also invited to the opening ceremony held at the Nishi Honganji Minami Noh Stage, where we were able to deepen exchanges with people involved in film.

November 11, 2017 "First Student Film"@ゼスト御池編

0819 Pre-project static page photo

As a pre-event just before the main festival, a screening was planned at Zest Oike Kawaramachi Square. The screening was held in the multi-vision area of the main square, which attracted a lot of people's interest.
On the day of the festival, more than 200 people stopped by and we were able to promote the existence of the film festival. In addition, a preview video of the festival was shown on the big screen and the festival was announced.

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executive committee

 The Kyoto International Student Film Festival is planned and run by an executive committee of students. Their activities range from judging films sent from Japan and abroad to pre-planning PR activities and managing film festivals that run for one week. Since the executive committee is composed of students from consortium Kyoto member schools and students attending universities in the Kansai region, various exchanges across universities, faculties, and grades are also created.

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do something anyway ・ There are various triggers and it is OK! Would you like to liven up the film festival as an executive committee member!?

Tours and explanations of the activities are accepted at any time. Please feel free to contact us.

<<Outline of Kyoto International Student Film Festival Executive Committee>>

 Place of activity Campus Plaza Kyoto (near JR Kyoto Station)
 Frequency of activity Meetings (overall and departmental), preparation of proposals, film screening, pre-planning of the festival (April ~ August), preparation for the festival (September ~ November), festival management
 Department Introduction Festival Department, Public Relations Department, External Relations Department, General Affairs Department
 Eligibility for participation Students attending universities in the Kansai region
 Affiliated universities
(Participation records)
Kyoto University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto College of Nursing, Kyoto Saga University of the Arts, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto Women's University, The Graduate Graduate University of Informatics, Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Seian University of Art and Design, Doshisha Women's University, Doshisha University, Bukkyo University, Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University, Kobe University, Kansai University, etc.

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