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Outline of the event


Professional development of staff to support the improvement of the quality of education

At this year's SD Forum, which is now in its 7th year, in response to the emphasis on "professional development of university staff" in the Central Education Council "Toward the Construction of Bachelor's Education (Report)" (December 24, 2020), a keynote speech was given on the theme of "professional development of staff to support the improvement of the quality of education", and six subcommittees were established. We will receive case reports from universities that are implementing advanced initiatives at each stage from acceptance to graduation of students, and discuss "professional development of university staff" from various perspectives. In addition, after the case study, all participants will exchange opinions and aim to utilize the results obtained from the SD Forum in future personnel policies and human resource development at individual universities and junior colleges.


The 7th SD Forum

Sunday, October 18, 2009 10:00~17:30
Campus Plaza Kyoto
Faculty and staff of universities and junior colleges who are interested in human resource development and personnel policy of university staff
University Consortium Kyoto
Overview of the 7th SD Forum 【Click here for details】
Time Contents
Keynote Speech
Theme: Establishment of strategic management, educational management, and development of staff development
skills Lecturer: Mr. Michio Shinoda (Executive Director, Japan University of Social Welfare)
Breakout Session
【Subcommittee A】
Theme: Professional Development of Staff in Admissions Public Relations – Role
as Admissions Officer Presenter: Naoki Idemitsu (Yokohama City University Admissions Center)
【Subcommittee B】
Theme: Aiming for the Japan of added value in education – The role of staff Presenter:Kenyuki Fukuda (Secretary-General, Kanazawa Institute of
【Subcommittee C】
Theme: Human resource development
through collaborative projects with companies and local communities Presenter: Akinori Inui (Associate Professor, Faculty of Art, Kyoto University of Art and Design / Deputy Director, Project Center)
【Subcommittee D】
Theme: Human Resources Sought by Society and Organizational Initiatives
for Career Education Presenter: Hiroshi Adachi (Researcher, President's Office, Rikkyo University)
【Subcommittee E】
Theme: IR
in University Academic Management Presenter: Tomoko Torii (Professor, Ritsumeikan University Educational Development Promotion Organization)
【Subcommittee F】
Theme: The image of the staff that will support the university in the future and the attempt
of the Yokohama National University Staff School Presenter: Naoki Murata (Director, Japan Society for the Promotion of Japan)
Information exchange meeting
Held a standing buffet style information exchange meeting

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