Outline of the event

Since 2005, the Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference has been held as a place for research and exchange among students and graduate students who identify problems and issues faced by cities and conduct research to solve them, and as a place to disseminate them to society. The purpose is not only to present the results of daily research, but also to deepen research by interacting with each other and disseminating them to society.

The 6th Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference

Date and time
Sunday, December 12, 2010 10:00~19:30
Place of Event
Campus Plaza Kyoto
University Consortium Kyoto
Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Japan Society for Public Policy, Kyoto Prefectural University, Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto Tachibana University, Doshisha University, Bukkyo University, Ritsumeikan University, Ryukoku University, Asahi Shimbun, Kyoto Shimbun, Sankei Shimbun Kyoto Bureau, Japan Keizai Shimbun Kyoto Branch, Mainichi Shimbun Kyoto Branch, Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Head Office, NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station, KBS Kyoto
Presentation Theme
"Urban policy" (cities here are not limited to cities)
(1) Oral presenters
will give research presentations in each subcommittee. Please join the breakout sessions that interest you and listen to the students' presentations.
(2) This
is a research presentation in which the panel presenter posts his or her research results on the panel.
(3) Special Exhibitions
Exhibition Title Exhibitors
Kyoto Prefecture Scenic Property Registration In charge of planning, City Planning Division, Kyoto Prefectural Construction and Transportation Department
Creation of "Forest of Participation and Regeneration" at Kizugawa Right Bank Sports Park (tentative) In charge of parks, City Planning Division, Kyoto Prefectural Construction and Transportation Department
Thank you for your understanding of the census. Information and Statistics Officer, Informatization Promotion Office, Kyoto City Planning Bureau
Revitalize the city of Kyoto with the power of students! University Policy Officer, Citizen Collaboration Policy Promotion Office, Kyoto City Planning Bureau
Initiatives against AIDS in Kyoto City Kyoto City Health and Welfare Bureau Health and Medical Care Division
Joint Research with Ritsumeikan University MOT Graduate School on Water Demand in Kyoto City Water Works Kyoto City Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau Water Supply Department Management Division
(4) Student planning
Theme Change your mindset! Let's make use of "Kyoto, the city of learning" and have fun interacting with citizens and students!
Contents The purpose of this year's student project is to provide students with a place to become aware of the importance of interacting with citizens, what can be gained from interaction, the ability to connect with society, and the need to communicate to society on their own. The three panelists (Kyoto City, Kyoto Children's Center, and students) will talk about the significance of exchanges, and in the tripartite crosstalk, we would like to exchange opinions with the audience on what methods are available to stimulate exchange activities between students and citizens.
Panelists Kaori Takeuchi (President, Kyoto Children's Center) Shintaro Kawaguchi (Director, University Policy Division, Citizen Collaboration Policy Promotion Office, General Planning Bureau, Kyoto City) Maho Kawaguchi (NPO Yokitano Festival Executive Committee / Bukkyo University Faculty of Sociology 3rd year)
Coordinator Yuna Otake (Student Executive Committee Member, 6th Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference / 3rd year student, Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University)
The 6th Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference Leaflet【Click here for details】The 6th Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference List of Oral Presenters (List of Designated Questioners)【Click here for details】The 6th Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference Panel Presenters-ERR:REF-NOT-FOUND-【Click here for details】

Implementation Report

The 6th Policy University and Graduate School Research Exchange Conference


On the day of the event, a total of 80 groups (54 oral presentations, 20 panel presentations, and 6 special exhibition groups) gave presentations. In addition, excellent presentations were awarded the Research Encouragement Award at the award ceremony.

List of Recipients

Research Encouragement Award Research Theme Name of University Name of representative
Kyoto Prefectural Governor's Award Economic Model Analysis
of Copyright Management ~Approach from New Institutional Economics~
Ritsumeikan University Takuro Hirabayashi
Merger of Heisei from the viewpoint of cultural policy ~ From the case of Hamamatsu City Kyoto Tachibana University Graduate School Kazushi Yamakita
Kyoto Mayor's Award Corporate Location Measures in the Southern City of Kyoto Ryukoku University Shinya Kawakami
Functional Sharing and Collaboration in Community Healthcare and Reorganization
of Municipal Hospitals -A Case Study of the Iida Shimoina Area in Nagano Prefecture-
Ritsumeikan University Graduate School Toru Yoshikawa
University Consortium Kyoto President's Award Promotion of Tourism in Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings: A Case Study of Ine Town and Imai Town Ritsumeikan University Shota Uehara
Urban Landscape and Residents' Lives: Cases of Paris and Lyon Ritsumeikan University Daiaki Ishiyama
Japan Public Policy Association Award What is
"success" in town revitalization: Using the efforts of Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture and Sayo Town, Hyogo Prefecture as examples-
Bukkyo University Hitoya Kano
Regional Development Measures
to Utilize Potential Regional Resources ~Tourism Promotion Seen in the Fushimi District of Kyoto City~
Kyoto University Graduate School Yuichiro Mitsutake
Excellence Award The Significance of Witness Functions in Medical Device Distribution and Future Policy Prospects: An Approach from the Perspective of New Institutional Economics Ritsumeikan University Kakitaro Sano
Aiming to improve student satisfaction Kyoto Sangyo University Azusa Miyashita
Initiatives of civic action groups that support the poor Bukkyo University Maho Miyoshi
Imakumano Shopping Street ~Measures for Shopping Streets Responding to an Aging Society~ Ryukoku University Shuhei Kondo
Current Status of Discrimination Against Intersex Bukkyo University Hiroko Ueda
Commercial Agglomeration Dynamics and Urban Development Policy Ritsumeikan University Toshinao Kakizaki
Improvement of Traffic Problems in Kyoto -Comparison between Kyoto and Lyon, France- Ritsumeikan University Tomoma Tanaka
PR effect
of events using local specialties ~Wazuka Town and Wazuka tea as an example~
Ritsumeikan University Akika Nozaki
Understanding Consumer Needs at Farmers' Market and Management Policy Issues -Through Farmers' Market in Otsu City- Ritsumeikan University Yuzo Kodera
Is it possible to balance scenery and everyday convenience?―Using Tomomachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture as an example― Ritsumeikan University Gaku Nakahara

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