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The purpose of this is to provide students from member schools of the University Consortium Kyoto with a place to present their research, deepen exchanges through the presentation of the results of daily research and learning related to cities, and utilize them in urban policy. Excellent presentations will receive the Research Encouragement Award.

Outline of the 16th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto

"The 16th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto"

 This tournament will be held for the 16th time since it was held in 2005. This year, in order to prevent new coronavirus infections, we changed the format and held it via Zoom.
The theme of the presentation was "Urban Policy in General." We are looking for a wide range of research presentations on policies to solve urban issues from various perspectives such as the environment, economy, culture, community, and welfare.

Re Sunday, December 20, 2020 10:00~16:30
Venue format Zoom
Hosted University Consortium Kyoto
Planning & Operation Urban Policy Research Promotion Committee The 16th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto Student Executive Committee
Presentation Theme Urban policy in general ("city" here is not
limited to "urban") ≪Points to note≫
Clarify the awareness of the issues and the agenda, and structure the policy proposal so that it is concrete and original based on the background and current situation as the basis for which it is investigated and analyzed.

Presentation format: Oral presentation After submitting a paper in advance and undergoing a presenter qualification examination and thesis review, you will participate from Zoom on the day of the conference and make an oral presentation
The presentation time is 25 minutes, 15 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions and answers.
* Please note that panel presentations that were recruited until last year will not be accepted at this year's competition due to the Zoom event.

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Judging Guidelines for the 16th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto Research Encouragement Award


〇 Proceedings (full) Proceedings (full)

〇 Collection of papers (divided by subcommittee) Cover Index Presentation Overview Subcommittee 1 Subcommittee 2 Subcommittee 3 Subcommittee 4 Subcommittee 5 Subcommittee 6 Subcommittee 7 Subcommittee 8 Application Paper (Publication Only) Back Cover

The tournament held on Sunday, December 20

 On Sunday, December 20, 2020, the 16th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto was held online.
With more than 400 presenters and viewers, 56 groups of presenters were divided into eight subcommittees to present their research on urban policy and make policy proposals. The enthusiastic question-and-answer session and advice with the judges through the screen seemed to give them hints for deepening their research.
During the time leading up to the announcement of the winners, student projects planned by the Student Executive Committee were held. Under the theme of "The Future in which We Live ~How to Contribute to the Local Community~", the project was designed to deepen exchanges between students online while deepening learning. Students who gathered online in the fields of "Community Development," "Tourism and Culture," and "Transportation Policy" actively exchanged opinions under the facilitator's direction and participated proactively while using Jamboard.
The winners will be announced in the form of a Zoom webinar. Although it was different from the award ceremony in previous years, the students' nervousness waiting for the results and the joy of the award winners were conveyed through the screen, indicating that this competition was a place where the presenters could learn and find it rewarding.


Scene from the breakout session 1


Breakout Session 2


Breakout session 3


Student project

Research Encouragement Award Winners

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Award Name category Presentation Title Area Name of organizations Name of university Thesis
University Consortium Kyoto President's Award Oral and dissertation Regional Circulation and Local Industry Based on Renewable Energy -Based on the Problem of Survival of Tea Factories in the Government Office- Organizations Fukao Seminar Seisho Project Ryukoku University Thesis PPT
Japan Public Policy Association Award Article Effects and Issues of Uneven Distribution of Physicians -Approach by Panel Data Analysis- Organizations Ryukoku University Faculty of Economics Masahide Watanabe Seminar Team Code Blue Ryukoku University Thesis PPT
Excellence Award Oral Presentation Forest Revitalization Policy of Kyoto through "TAMBA Tourism" -Tamba wine as a key content- Organizations Doshisha University Hiroki Tanaka Seminar Kyoto Prefectural Team Doshisha University Thesis PPT
Measures against undernutrition for children from poor families -Introduction of healthy home meal "TSUNAGU"- Organizations Doshisha University Faculty of Policy Studies Kazama Seminar Food Pandry Group Doshisha University Thesis PPT
Social Impact Investment: Potential for Regional Implementation -For the Construction and Dissemination of Sustainable Regional Models- Organizations Fukao Seminar Social Investment Group Ryukoku University Thesis PPT
Effectively telework with "humor" -Focusing on the weaknesses of telework of Japan companies- Organizations Ryukoku University Faculty of Policy Studies Nakamori Seminar Ryukoku University Article
A Study on Support Policies for Social Enterprises: Focusing on Kyoto City's Policies Organizations Fukao Seminar 2nd Year Team Ryukoku University Thesis PPT
Strengthening soft disaster prevention in the event of a major flooding of the Kamo River Organizations Mayama Seminar Group 1 Doshisha University Thesis PPT
A shopping street that shines with the Kyoto dialect Organizations Faculty of Policy Studies, Doshisha University, Noda Seminar Group A Doshisha University Thesis PPT
Sustainable regions from the perspective of animal damage Organizations Ryukoku University Faculty of Policy Studies Imazato Seminar Ryukoku University Thesis PPT

Reference: Click here for the PowerPoint of the paper and oral presentation of the 15th Annual Research Encouragement Award

Meeting of the winners of the Encouragement Award to report to administrative agencies

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, members of Fukao Seminar Seisho Project Organization, winners of the Kyoto President's Award of the University Consortium, and Masahide Watanabe Seminar Team Code Blue of the Faculty of Economics, Ryukoku University, winners of the Japan Society for Public Policy Award, held a debriefing session for the winners to make presentations to the departments of administrative agencies related to the content of their presentations.
While there were comments such as "I was able to see only the numbers in the analysis, I was able to hear valuable opinions from the field," there were also comments from government agencies that were impressive.
I think that the comments and exchanges of opinions from the people in charge of administrative agencies directly related to the research content provided a valuable opportunity to further deepen the research.

Winner report meeting (Zoom)

Main schedule

Late July, 2020 Advance briefing session (video distribution)
Friday, August 7, 2020 Entry Deadline
Saturday, October 31, 2020 Paper Submission Deadline
Mid-November, 2020 Presenter confirmation notification (email)
Late November, 2020 Conference Program Announcement
Friday, November 27, 2020 Pre-briefing session for presenters (18:30~) (online)
Early December 2020 Participant Zoom connection test (tentative)
   Just before the tournament Sending information on Zoom for participation, YouTube live for viewing, and
Zoom information for announcing winners
Sunday, December 20, 2020 The 16th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto
Thursday, February 4, 2021 Report Meeting on the Winners of the Encouragement Award at the 16th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto

Scene from the event (FY2019)

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