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The purpose of this program is to provide opportunities for students who are conducting research to identify and solve the problems faced by cities to make presentations, as well as to provide opportunities for research exchange including faculty members, to present their results and deepen their own research. Excellent presentations receive research encouragement awards (Kyoto Prefectural Governor's Award, Kyoto Mayor's Award, University Consortium Kyoto President's Award, Japan Society for Public Policy Award, etc.).

Outline of the event


The 12th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto

This year, the 12th edition of the conference since fiscal 2005, is "Urban Policy in General," and a wide range of research presentations on policies to solve urban issues are invited from various perspectives such as the environment, economy, culture, community, and welfare.
Why don't you deepen exchanges among students not only at universities and graduate schools with policy faculties, but also beyond the boundaries of universities and seminars, and propose policy proposals and disseminate information about the results of daily research and learning to local communities?
We look forward to your application!

Submissions for presentations have been closed. We look forward to your participation in the lectures and student projects on the day.

Re  Sunday, December 4, 2016, 10 a.m. ~ 6 p.m. (scheduled to end)
Place Campus Plaza Kyoto (Kyoto City University Community Exchange Center)
Hosted University Consortium Kyoto
Planning & Operation The 12th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto Student Executive Committee
Theme: "Urban Policy in General" (The word "city" here is not limited to "urban")
You can freely think about the fields that are themes in urban policy, such as "environment," "economy," "culture," "community," and "welfare."
Reference: The 11th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto List of Oral Presenters
(Reference) The 11th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto Panel Presentation
Please select one of the formats.
(1) Oral presentations
Presentation time is 30 minutes per presenter (group).
After the 15-minute presentation, there will be 10 minutes for comments and questions by the judges, and 5 minutes for preparation and withdrawal.
(2) Panel presentations
Materials will be displayed on the panel, explanations will be given to visitors, and questions will be answered by the judges.

Through the experiences and working experiences of people who have volunteered in various disaster-stricken areas, we will think about "what is reconstruction" and "what kind of reconstruction support can students do"!
Click here for details↓ https://www.consortium.or.jp/seisaku/17026
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Conference Information Leaflet
List of Oral Presenters (List of Designated Questioners)List
of Panel Presenters

About application

The application period has ended.
Period: July 15 (Fri) – October 14 (Fri), 2016
Fund: Students and graduate students of member universities and junior colleges of the University Consortium Kyoto (both individuals and groups are acceptable)
* In the case of a group, it is possible if the representative meets the above conditions.
* For non-member universities, please contact the secretariat.
Method: Step (1) Presenter Registration (Deadline: Friday, October 14)
Please fill out the presenter application form below and enter.
Step (2) Submission of papers (Deadline: Monday, October 31)
The paper is A4 and has two pages.
Please refer to the presentation paper preparation guidelines below.
*Published papers are also subject to review.

Presentation Paper Preparation Guidelines
・ [Reference] Presentation paper layout (when presented by an individual) ・ [Reference] Presentation paper layout
(when presented in a group

) * Both steps (1) and (2) are required to apply.
In addition, we will send you an email after each completion, but
the final presenter qualification will be obtained only when you receive the email sent as a "Confirmation Notice" based on (1) and (2).

Please note.

※To all presenter registration
※※About the presentation※              

Main schedule

Submission of Presenters: July 15 (Fri) – October 14 (Fri),
2016 Submission Deadline: October 31, 2016 (Mon) Preliminary Briefing Session: November 12, 2016 (Sat) 10:00~11:50
On the day of the conference: December 4, 2016 (Sun)

Last year's event

Click here for details→ The 11th Policy Research Exchange Conference

Oral presentationPanel PresentationsStudent project (group work on the theme of "Thinking about Political Participation of Young People") Award CeremonyAward ceremony

Implementation Report

The 12th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto Preliminary Briefing Session

In preparation for the tournament on Sunday, December 4, a preliminary briefing session was held for presenters on Saturday, November 12, hosted by the Student Executive Committee.
The briefing session provided an overview of the competition, including the schedule on the day of the competition, precautions related to presentations, and judging criteria, as well as opportunities for participants to improve their motivation to make presentations in preparation for the competition, such as interaction between presenters and time to listen to last year's winners, which is new from this year.


The 12th Policy Research Exchange Conference from Kyoto

 This year, the 12th edition of the festival, we received applications on a wide range of themes not only from policy faculties but also from other faculties and universities. A total of 83 groups (65 oral presentations and 18 panel presentations) who passed the presentation selection gave presentations in various fields related to urban policy in 11 types of subcommittees and panel presentation venues.
In addition, during the judging time, a workshop was held for the student project planned and managed by the Student Executive Committee to focus on "major disasters" and "reconstruction that is forgotten with time." Through lectures and workshops by students involved in reconstruction support, 21 participants thought about "what is reconstruction" and "what kind of reconstruction support students can do" and gained new insights.
At the award ceremony that followed, the Research Encouragement Award was presented to outstanding presentations, and the venue was filled with cheers and excitement every time the award winners were announced. In addition to their impressions, the award winners commented on the difficulties they faced in writing and presenting papers and the points they had devised in their findings, suggesting that the contest was a place for great learning and rewarding in the presenters' thoughts toward the competition.

ReceptionOral presentation: Inside the breakout session hallPanel presentation: Inside the venue Panel presentation: Inside the venueStudent project: Group presentation Student project: Group presentationStudent project: Guest lectureAwards ceremony: Inside the venueAward Ceremony: Chairman Ishida of the Urban Policy Research Promotion Committee and Kyoto Mayor's Award, Ryukoku University 3rd Year Tsujita SeminarChairman Ishida and the 12th Annual Student Executive Committee

Research Encouragement Award Winners

Award Name category Presentation Title Area Name of organizations Name of university Representative Name
(Presenter's Name)
Kyoto Prefectural Governor's Award
Oral Presentation
(Graduate School)
A Study on the Impact of Local Government Finance on the Regional Economy: A Case Study of the Iida Shimoina District in Nagano Prefecture Personal Ritsumeikan University
Graduate School
Minoru Enari
Kyoto Mayor's Award
(2 winners)
Oral Presentation
(Bachelor Course)
Two Steps Necessary for Rebuilding Traditional Production Areas ~The Importance of Accumulation and Sharing of Know-how~ Organizations Ryukoku University Faculty of Economics 3rd Year Tsujita Seminar Ryukoku University Seita Fukamachi
Challenges of Domestic Water Conservation in China and the Possibility of Japan Companies Entering the Economy Organizations China Project Ritsumeikan University Kei Nakahara
University Consortium Kyoto President's Award
Panel Presentations Proposals for improvement based on a fact-finding survey on the utilization of the results of the Kyoto City Policy Evaluation System Organizations Kyoto Prefectural University Faculty of Public Policy 2nd Year Kubota Seminar Kyoto Prefectural University Mei Okumura
Japan Public Policy Association Awards
(2 winners)
Article Preventive measures and coping methods for bullying in elementary school Personal Bukkyo University Ryosuke Konami
A Study on Regional Characteristics of CO2 Emissions in China Personal Ritsumeikan University
Graduate School
Huang Laugh-yi
Excellence Award
Oral and Panel Presentations 1% Strategy
to Return to the Countryside -Creating a Half-Farm, Half-X Lifestyle to Reduce the Extraterritorial Procurement Rate-
Organizations Ryukoku University Faculty of
Policy Studies Shiraishi Seminar
Ryukoku University Mayu Yamashita
Current situation and countermeasures for vulnerable shoppers Organizations Hanaoka Seminar
Japan Economics Team
Kyoto Sangyo University Tomoya Minamikata
Actual situation and issues of illegal vacation rentals in Kyoto Organizations Kyoto Sangyo University
Yashio Seminar Minpaku Group
Kyoto Sangyo University Tomoki Mori
Come to Ukawa Organizations Imazato Zemi Ukawa Survey Team Ryukoku University Katsuaki Mukai
Current Status and Issues of Technical Intern Training System for Foreigners in Kyoto: Human Rights Movement from Ancient Kyoto Personal Ritsumeikan University Yuka Kodaka
Uniform section of the bus Organizations Faculty of Law
, Kyoto Sangyo University, Nakai Seminar
Regional Revitalization Group
Kyoto Sangyo University Yoshitake Yamaguchi
Disaster prevention for foreign tourists Organizations Mayama Seminar Doshisha University General Matsuoka
Tourism with your heart Aquatourism Organizations Ritsumeikan University
Aquatourism Project Attraction Team
Ritsumeikan University Maya Konishi
The Potential
of Roadside Stations -A Case Study of Woody Keihoku-
Organizations Kyoto Prefectural Policy Proposal Seminar Graduate School, Kyoto University Kensuke Kawabata
as the Second "No": Policy Theory for Social Isolation rather than Economic Isolation
Organizations Ritsumeikan University
Child Poverty Project NPO Team
Ritsumeikan University Moe Kawamoto
Current Status of Kyoto City Public Housing Organizations Kyoto Policy Study Group Ritsumeikan University Kodai Chigusa

Contact information

Consortium of Universities Kyoto, Urban Policy
TEL 075-353-9130 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto *Business hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

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