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In fiscal 2018, the name of "Kyoto FD Executive Department's School" was changed to "University Executive Department Juku".

Since its establishment in 1995, shortly after the establishment of the Consortium of Universities Kyoto, faculty members have been promoting FD activities in the Kyoto area together with member universities as an organizational initiative to improve and improve the content and methods of classes.
This project has been held since 2010 as a study group for university executives, including the presidents of member schools of the Foundation.
In the meantime, SD has become mandatory due to the revision of the Standards for the Establishment of Universities in April 2017, and university executives are required to provide training not only on FD but also on university management in general, and in order to cover not only FD but also university management in general, this project has also changed its name to "University Executive Department's School" in 2018 in order to cover themes related not only to FD but also to university management in general.

Outline of the event

University Executive School (25th Anniversary Commemorative Lecture)

2019 University Executive School (25th Anniversary Commemorative Lecture) will be held!

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its establishment, the Consortium of Universities Kyoto has decided to expand the scope of the "University Executive School," which is held every year for university executives, and to hold a grand lecture to commemorate the 25th anniversary.
As the first university consortium organization in Japan, the Foundation has been collaborating with member universities and junior colleges in collaboration with the Kyoto region, industry, the business community, and local governments. During this period, the environment surrounding higher education institutions has been changing rapidly due to the decline in the 18-year-old population, the advent of Society 5.0 due to the advancement of AI and IoT, the advent of the era of 100-year lifespans, and accelerating globalization.
Based on these social changes, Kyoto Seika University President Oussby Sako will give a lecture titled "Globalizing Society and the Future of Japan Universities."
Even those who are not usually directly involved in university management are encouraged to participate as an opportunity to learn about the situation surrounding the university.

Saturday, June 22, 2019, 11:00~12:20
Campus Plaza Kyoto 5F Lecture Room 1
University Consortium Kyoto
Educational institutions *
Membership or non-affiliation is not required. Anyone is welcome to attend.
Attendance fee
150 (first come, first served)
Theme "Globalizing Society and the Future of Japan Universities"
Overview Today, the framework of countries and societies is losing its meaning. In an era of rapid globalization and diversification, where must Japan universities seek their raison d'être?
By comparing and examining the educational philosophies of universities in other countries, we may be able to explore the future of university education in Japan.
Instructor Mr. Oussby Sako (President, Kyoto Seika University)
Teaching career Born in Mali, he came to Japan after working at Beijing Language and Culture University and Nanjing Southeast University in China. Completed the doctoral program at the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University. Ph.D. in Engineering. He has been a faculty member at Kyoto Seika University since 2001. He is currently the president of Kyoto Seika University and a professor at the Faculty of Humanities.


How to apply (apply by e-mail)
0622 University Executive School Application
(1) Name (furigana)
(2) Please apply by e-mail to FDRD■consortium.or.jp with the name of your university, department name, and job title

We will send you a confirmation email after receiving your application.

Deadline for application
Friday, June 14, 2019

Implementation Report

On Saturday, June 28, we held the 2019 University Executive School.
In response to the Foundation's 25th anniversary in March 2019, we held a lecture to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Foundation's establishment.

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This year, President Oussouby Sako of Kyoto Seika University gave a lecture titled "Globalizing Society and the Future of Japan Universities." On the day of the event, 103 people from university executives, university officials, local government officials, and private companies participated.
In the lecture, based on his own experience studying abroad, he explained the importance of supporting international students, stating that "mutual understanding between Japan and international students is important, and it is necessary to foster a society and human resources that can deepen mutual understanding while acknowledging the differences and awareness between one's own culture and other cultures."
Furthermore, regarding the diversification of universities, he stated that "it is important for each university to value its individuality and coexist," and concluded that he expects the Foundation to further understand and support the globalization projects promoted by its member schools in the future and to provide information on related educational policies.
Participants commented, "I listened with interest at a lecture on globalization based on a variety of experiences," "I was able to hear opinions on the future state and role of universities," and "I recognized the importance of a system that accepts diversity."

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