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In 2018, the “Kyoto FD Executive School” was renamed to “University Executive School.”

Since its founding in 1995, the University Consortium Kyoto has been promoting FD activities in the Kyoto region together with member universities as a systematic effort to help faculty improve and enhance their teaching content and methods. This project has been held since 2010 as a study group for
university executives, including presidents of member schools. In the meantime,
SD was made mandatory with the revision of the University Establishment Standards in April 2017, and university executives are now required to receive training not only on FD but also on university management in general. In order to address not only FD but also themes related to university management in general, the name of this project was changed to “University Executive Seminar” in 2018.

Event Outline

This year marks the 14th time we have held this event, and we have invited Terumasa Ikeda, an executive officer of Aichi Konan Gakuen, to give a lecture entitled “Promoting Educational Management: Who is Curriculum Management for? Considering it from the Perspective of Diverse Stakeholders.” We would like to invite all members of the
executive boards of member universities and junior colleges to further consider the concept of strategic business management. As with last year, this year’s event will be held
online so that many people can participate. We
hope you will attend.

Online (Zoom webinar)
The Consortium of Universities, Kyoto
Executive faculty and staff of universities and junior colleges, and people related to higher education institutions who are interested in the topic
Participation fee
Faculty and staff of universities and junior colleges affiliated with the Foundation: Free
All others: 1,000 yen (prepayment required)
After completing your application, we will send you an invoice for the participation fee by email.
If you are unable to make the transfer by the transfer deadline, please inform the secretariat of the transfer date in advance.
[Transfer deadline] Wednesday, June 14th
*Please note that you will be responsible for the transfer fee.
Application period
May 18, 2023 (Thursday) 10:00 ~ June 14, 2023 (Wednesday) 17:00
theme “In Promoting Educational Management
: For Whom Is Curriculum Management? Considering it from the Perspectives of Diverse Stakeholders”
overview At the end of the 20th century, I intuitively sensed a movement to incorporate strategic thinking into education, research, and management systems to reform universities around the world. Since then, I have been trying to create new systems through trial and error, and as an individual, I would like universities to move away from quality assurance that satisfies external guidance and toward a focus on in-house quality development. As an example of a solution to this issue, I will introduce a learning outcome-based curriculum management centered approach that will bring about a transformation in the management of learning goals, activity methods, progress analysis, result evaluation, and outcome evaluation, as well as a strategic business management approach and development method.
Teacher Mr. Terumasa Ikeda
(Aichi Konan Gakuen Executive Officer)

He left Kyushu University Graduate School in 1978 after earning sufficient credits to complete his doctoral studies. He served as an assistant at Kyushu University, assistant/associate professor/professor at the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, professor at the Multimedia Education Development Center, professor at Nagoya University, Meijo University, and professor at Otemae University before retiring in 2019. He currently serves as a part-time executive at Aichi Konan Gakuen, and also runs an educational consulting business (representative of U&C Strategy) as a way of giving back to the workplace the methodological knowledge he gained from his activities and experience in management and educational research at multiple universities, including national and private universities.

Implementation Report

University Consortium Kyoto held the “2023 University Executive School” on Saturday, June 24, 2023.
This year, we continued to hold the event online (only in person at the executive level of our member universities) so that executives at universities and junior colleges, as well as faculty members from higher education institutions who are interested in the theme, could participate. On the day, we welcomed presidents of member universities and junior colleges, as well as university executives and higher education institutions from around the country. Mr. Terumasa Ikeda, representative of U&C Strategy and board member of Aichi Konan Gakuen, spoke about “Promoting academic management – Whose responsibility is this?” He gave a lecture on the theme of “Curriculum management from the perspective of diverse stakeholders.”
In his lecture, he said that he was able to put his strategic thinking into practice after meeting top management. Top management needs to accept strategic mapping not as a technique but as a way of thinking, and the flow of academic management guidelines is a request for external quality assurance rather than internal quality assurance. It is necessary to manage the curriculum using university-specific value-added management. The nine steps to achieve this and the framework for thinking about strategic curriculum were introduced. He then proposed the following ideas: “In promoting the strategic curriculum map, staff management skills are necessary” and “future faculty members will need to be researchers and professionals who will give back their research results to education and society.” Ta. It was also concluded that while training is important, recruitment is also important when it comes to strategic curriculum management.
Participants said, “I was able to hear valuable information based on my long experience in education.The knowledge from top management was very helpful.” “As someone in charge of medium-term management plans and internal quality assurance, I found it extremely helpful.” I found it interesting and would like to use it as a reference for future considerations.”

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