Overview of the business

As an organizational effort for faculty members to improve and improve the content and methods of classes, the University Consortium Kyoto has been promoting FD activities in the Kyoto area together with member schools since 1995, shortly after its establishment.

In fiscal 2019, we launched the Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting as a place for university faculty and staff to share ideas and concerns related to FD beyond the boundaries of their own universities, and to interact with university faculty and staff on various themes related to FD.

Outline of the event

Faculty and staff
of universities and junior colleges * Full-time or part-time, regardless of the number of years of work * Participation is possible regardless
of member school or non-member school.
Attendance fee
Consortium of Universities Kyoto
1st time
Why don't you think together about various themes such as teacher evaluation, IR, ICT utilization, class evaluation, learning support, active learning, and regional collaboration that think about "quality of education"
The first session will be held in a workshop format.
Schedule Thursday, August 1, 2019 18:30~20:30
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 5F Seminar Rooms 3 and 4
2nd Annual
Think about "learning achievement"
Why don't you think about "learning achievement" with the participants, from "why do you have to measure learning achievement in the first place" to regular reports and tests?
In small groups, you will be able to exchange opinions freely.
Students will bring together what they want to hear about other universities' efforts and what they can introduce in their own universities, and interact with faculty and staff of other universities.
Schedule Wednesday
, November 13, 2019 18:30~20:30 Kyoto FD Exchange Party
20:30~20:50 Tea Talk Party
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall
"Rubric that can be understood from scratch"
We will invite Mr. Gary Tsuchimochi (Vice President / Professor, The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics / Director of the Center for Higher Education and Innovation) as a lecturer to give a lecture on the rubric. He will also touch on the "ICE Rubric", which is an evolution of the rubric.
Schedule Saturday
, February 22, 2020 13:30~16:30 Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting
13:30~ Opening and Self-Introduction
13:40~15:00 Lecture "Rubric~Is it possible to visualize learning outcomes?"
15:10~16:30 Group Discussion
Venue Campus Plaza Kyoto 2F Hall

Implementation Report

 The 3rd Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting was held on Saturday, February 22.

Photograph of the 3rd Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting

 In the third and final session of this fiscal year, the overall theme was "Rubric that can be understood from scratch," and Mr. Gary Tsuchimochi (Vice President and Professor of The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics / Director of the Center for Higher Education and Learning Innovation) was invited as a lecturer.
In the lecture titled "Rubric ~ Is it possible to visualize learning outcomes?", he talked about the basic knowledge of rubrics, the difference between "evaluation" and "assessment", the ideal evaluation using rubrics and their problems, and examples of the use of "nobishiro evaluation". In addition, a "scratch quiz" was practiced as an introduction to the method of the flipped classroom based on the pre-assignment. In the second half of the lecture, he also touched on the "ICE Rubric", which is an extension of the rubric, and talked about how to use it based on experience and its effects.
In the group discussion held following the lecture, each group discussed "what they learned and did not know about the rubric" and "how it will be useful for future classes", and the contents of the discussion were presented by each group and shared with the whole group. In addition, the instructor gave careful advice to each of them.

Photograph of the 3rd Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting Photograph of the 3rd Kyoto FD Exchange Meeting 

 On the day of the event, 34 university faculty members and staff members participated. When asked about the satisfaction of the participant questionnaire, the total of "satisfied" and "somewhat satisfied" was 96.0%.
One participant commented, "It was very stimulating and interesting, and I want to study to deepen my understanding." "I thought I understood the rubric to some extent, but it turned out that I didn't understand it correctly." We received comments such as:
Based on the opinions received from everyone this year, we will consider planning for the next year so that it will be an even more fulfilling exchange meeting.
Once the details of the project are decided, we will inform you on the Foundation's website.

■ Reports on past Kyoto FD exchange meetings can be viewed from the following URL.
▼1st/Implementation Report

https://www.consortium.or.jp/fd/31945 ▼2nd/Implementation Report

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of FD business TEL 075-353-9163 FAX 075-353-9101
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