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In recent years, many government subsidy projects have been developed to support diverse collaborations between universities, local communities, industries, etc., and in Heisei 24, the "University Reform Action Plan" was formulated as the basic policy of the national university policy. One of the important issues in this plan is "human resource development that responds to globalization," which overlaps with the expectations of industry that universities are expected to develop human resources who can work immediately. In addition, the creation of a university that will be the core of regional revitalization has been presented as the "Center of Community (COC) Concept," and there is a need to strengthen cooperation between the community and universities and lifelong learning functions.
Therefore, we will focus on the role of universities demanded by local communities and industry, as well as the future of collaboration and its future, and will hold the event under the theme of "The Role Required of Universities and the Future of Inter-University Collaboration."

The 10th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum

Saturday, September 14, 2013 11:00~17:00 Keynote Speech, Symposium, Poster Session, etc.
Saturday, September 14, 2013 18:15~20:00 Information Exchange MeetingSunday
, September 15, 2013 10:00~15:00 Breakout Sessions
Keynote Speeches and Symposiums: Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus (Kanumekan) Information Exchange Meeting: Kyoto Hotel Okura
Subcommittee: Doshisha University Imadegawa Campus (Ryonshinkan)
University and junior college faculty and staff
National University Consortium Council
University Consortium Kyoto/Doshisha University

Outline of the 10th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum 【Click here for details】

Day 1 <> 13:00~20:00

*Poster session will be held from 11:00~17:00
from the Council Representative Tetsuma Akamatsu (Representative Director, National Council of University Consortiums / President of Ryukoku University)
Greetings from
the Representative of the Host School Mr. Koji Murata (President, Doshisha University)
Address Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa (Mayor of Kyoto City)
Keynote Speech
Theme: Universities in Japan – Current Situation and Challenges
: Mr. Yuichiro Anzai (President, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
Poster Session
Core time
Symposist: Taichi Ichikawa (President, Hiroshima Shudo University) Symposist: Ichiro Fujioka (President, Kyoto Sangyo University) Symposist: Atsushi Hamana (President, Kansai International University) Symposist: Tomoka Satomi (Director, University Promotion Division, Higher Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Coordinator: Reiko Yamada (Director, Center for Learning Support and Educational Development, Doshisha University)
Information exchange meeting
Held a standing buffet style information exchange meeting

Day 1 <> 10:00~15:00

【Subcommittee 1 Program】
Initiatives and Issues for University Library Collaboration (Campus Consortium Hakodate)
10:00~10:05 Explanation of the purpose
10:05~10:30 Theme: Library Link, Library Collaboration Project Presenter: Sadako Awaya (Campus Consortium Hakodate, Information Library
Librarian, Future University Hakodate)
10:30~10:55 Theme: Past, Present, and Future
of the Yokohama City University Library Consortium Presenter: Mr. Toyosuke Hasegawa (Council for Academic and Educational Exchange between Universities in Yokohama City, Secretary-General of Academic Information, Tsurumi University)
10:55~11:20 Theme: Possibilities and Challenges
of Regional Joint Repository Project Presenter: Shinichi Kitayama (Regional University Consortium Kagoshima, Chief of Academic Content Section, Information Management Division, Academic Information Management Department, Kagoshima University)
11:20~11:40 Q&A
11:40~12:00 Exchange of opinions
Coordinator Mr. Kuniaki Tanaka (Chair of the Campus Consortium Hakodate Steering Committee, Professor, Faculty of Education, Hokkaido University of Education)
【Subcommittee 2 Program】
Employment problem: Exploring the ideal form of matching based on "the true feelings of the company" and "the true feelings of the university" (Academic, Cultural and Industrial Network Tama)
10:00~10:40 Theme: True Feelings of Corporate Recruitment and the Employment Front
from the Perspective of 28,000 Corporate HR Presenter: Mr. Kosuke Terasawa (President & CEO, HR Pro Co., Ltd.)
10:40~11:20 Theme: Corporate recruitment, employment support
for successful students from the perspective of the University Career Center Report: Yutaka Nakamura (Chief Director, Network Tama)
11:20~11:40 Q&A
11:40~12:00 Exchange of opinions
Coordinator Akihiko Yoshioka (Chief Director of Network Tama)
【Subcommittee 3 Program】
Consortium activities among young people (University Consortium Osaka)
10:00~10:05 Explanation of the purpose
10:05~10:35 Theme: About
Hiyobi Children's University Presenter: Toshihiko Shibuya (Chairman, Okayama Community Contribution Committee, University Consortium, Professor, Department of Human Life Psychology, Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Sanyo Gakuen University)
10:35~11:05 Theme: Outline of Summer Seminar for Junior High School Students Presenter: Tsutomu Miyake (Secretary-General, Osaka Consortium of
11:05~11:35 Theme: Educational Effects
of Summer Seminar for Junior High School Students Presenter: Ms. Saito Yasuko (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Setsunan University)
11:35~12:00 Panel Discussion
Coordinator Tomohiro Nishida (Associate Professor, Faculty of Informatics, Osaka Gakuin University)
【Subcommittee 4 Program】
Workshop to consider the possibilities of consortium (University Consortium Kumamoto)
10:00~12:00 Orientation
Group Presentations
Facilitator Yoshimitsu Ishihara (Chairman, Kumamoto Regional Creation Department, University of Universities, Secretary General, Kumamoto University of Health Sciences)
Mitsusato Namba (General Coordinator, Minami Osaka Regional University Consortium)
Tetsuya Furuya (Director, Sagamihara-Machida University Regional Consortium, Assistant to the President of Kitasato University)
Coordinator Shinya Ueno (Board Member, University Consortium Kumamoto, Chairman of the Planning and Steering Committee)

Day 2 <> 13:00~15:00

【Subcommittee 5 Program】
Human Resource Development Initiatives in the Consortium
-In connection with the Inter-University Collaborative Joint Education Promotion Project- (University Consortium Ishikawa)
13:00~13:05 Explanation of the purpose
13:05~13:20 Theme: Ishikawa Academic City / Construction
of problem-solving glocal human resource development systemPresenter: Toru Furuhata (Chairman, Academic Affairs Student Department, University Consortium, Professor, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kanazawa University)
13:20~13:35 Theme: Presentation on
the development of the "Yamagata Course for Fostering Working Persons" using the beautiful Yamagata: Mr. Hiroshi Yokoi (Chairman of the Yamagata Planning and Management Department of the University Consortium, Professor of Public Relations at Yamagata University)
13:35~13:50 Theme: Pioneering the Future of Fukushima Joint Education Program for Developing "Strong Human Resources" Presenter: Mr. Yoshihito Ozawa (Chair of the Fukushima Project Promotion Council, Academia Consortium, Vice President for
Regional Relations, Fukushima University)
13:50~14:05 Theme: Presentation on
the Nagasaki Global Human Resource Base Formation Project through Co-learning and Collaboration with International Students: Mr. Takeo Hashimoto (Secretary General of the University Consortium Nagasaki, Director of the Regional Education Collaboration and Support Center, Nagasaki University)
14:05~15:00 Q&A / Summary
Coordinator Toru Aono (Chairman, Ishikawa Faculty Training Department, University Consortium, Professor, Center for University Education Development and Support, Kanazawa University)
【Subcommittee 6 Program】
Promotion of FD and SD by the Consortium (Aichi President's Meeting)
13:00~13:20 Theme: Iwate Higher Education Consortium's FD/SD initiatives
: Ms. Rie Emoto (Associate Professor, Center for Education, Iwate University)
13:20~13:40 Theme: Current status and issues
of mutual training-type FD activities implemented in university collaboration Presenter: Osamu Yamakawa (Professor, Center for Liberal Arts, University of Fukui)
13:40~14:00 Theme: Current Status and Issues
of FD and SD Activities of the Consortium of Universities Kyoto Presenter: Kiyo Kawamoto (Researcher, Consortium Kyoto)
14:00 ~ 15:00 Discussion "The ideal form of FD and SD that university consortiums should fulfill and their challenges"
Coordinator Tatsuya Natsume (Professor, Research Center for Higher Education, Nagoya University)
【Subcommittee 7 Program】
Center of Community (COC)
(University Consortium Kyoto)
13:00~13:05 Explanation of the purpose
13:05~13:30 Theme:Development of Regional Qualification System through Inter-University and Interdisciplinary Collaboration Presenter:Katsutaka Shiraishi (Professor, Faculty of
Policy Studies, Ryukoku University)
13:30~13:55 Theme: Collaboration between Local Communities and Universities for Social Innovation ~ Achievements and Challenges"
Presenter: Tatsuro Shinkawa (Professor, Graduate School of Policy Management, Doshisha University)
13:55~14:20 Title:Diversification
of universities through a program to dispatch graduate students to regional co-creation sites Presenter:Tomohiko Yoshida (Professor, Faculty of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University)
14:20~14:45 Theme: Industrial Promotion and Universities: An Example of the Kyoto Industry-Academia-Public Partnership Organization – Presenter: Tadashi Shirasu (Director-General
, Kyoto City Industry and Tourism Bureau)
14:45~15:00 Q&A / Summary
Coordinator Yoshio Kawamura (Regional Cooperation Fellow, Ryukoku University)
【Subcommittee 8 Program】
How will the consortium create cooperation with the government?
(Education Network China)
13:00~13:05 Explanation of the purpose
13:05~13:30 Theme: Collaboration between the Consortium and the Government Presenter
: Mr. Hitoshi Ishimaru (Deputy Director, Planning and Promotion Department, Ishikawa Prefecture)
13:30~13:55 Theme: Operation
of Consortium Satellites Presenter: Tsutomu Miyake (Secretary-General, Osaka of the Consortium of Universities)
13:55~15:00 Q&A / Summary
Coordinator Yuji Kawano (President, Elisabeth College of Music)

Implementation Report

It was held from Saturday, September 14 to Sunday, September 15, 2013 at Doshisha University in Kyoto. The 10th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum, with the main theme of "The Role Required of Universities and the Future of Inter-University Collaboration," was successfully concluded with the participation of a total of 467 people from all over Japan.


The purpose of the establishment of this council is to exchange information and research among university consortiums, and the participation and active exchange of information by many of you will lead to great success. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many consortiums for their participation and cooperation.

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