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21st Kyoto Student Festival Main Visual
(Main visual: Kyoto Seika University 1st year student’s work)

 The 21st Kyoto Student Festival was held on Sunday, October 8th. Due to rainy weather on the day of the event, the event was shortened in time, but many people attended and the event was a great success. The 21st Kyoto Student Festival was held successfully thanks to the warm support of everyone involved and those who support the Kyoto Student Festival. I sincerely thank you.

21st Kyoto Student Festival Theme

Fly, fly! ~The power of students shining in Kyoto~

About the theme

The 21st Kyoto Student Festival has concluded its commemorative 20th edition, and the 21st Kyoto Student Festival will once again be a festival that will once again “fly away” toward a new future. Therefore, with the cooperation of industry, academia, the public, and the local community, Kyoto students will take the lead in everything from planning to running the event on the day. Through this festival, we will spread our wings and make it a bright year. In addition, by changing the expression to “Fly, soar!” instead of the two letters “Hisho,” Kyoto Student Festival will take the lead in calling out to students and pulling them forward. Through the Kyoto Student Festival, we will revitalize Kyoto, have fun for visitors, and help the Kyoto Student Festival become one of the “Four Great Festivals of Kyoto.”

21st Kyoto Student Festival Main Festival

schedule October 8, 2023 (Sunday) 11:00-16:00

*Due to rainy weather, some of the content has been changed and the event has been shortened.
*Archive videos are now available on the Kyoto Student Festival official YouTube channel .

venue Heian Jingu-mae/Okazaki Promenade area
main reminder Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee
urge together Kyoto Student Festival Organizing Committee ( Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City / Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry /
Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives / University Consortium Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation )
Heian Shrine

Project overview

Parade (Opening)

Kyenen Mikoshi

The performance begins! Keien sleeves!

Keien sleeves! Contest

Kyoto Student Music Award

National dance contest

Gather! Keien sleeves!

SDGs x fashion show

Kushi Festival (food planning)

Corporate/Government Booth

Okazaki ground project (experiential project)

Okazaki ground project (experiential project)

Struck Out

Yunori (Korean traditional game)

seal art

Keien sleeves! special version

Total dance

◆Various contest results

Project name Ranking and organization name
Keien sleeves! Contest

Winner: Kyoen Sodefure! Kyokomachi (Kyoto Women’s University)
Runner-up Kyoen Sodefure! Sakisanka (Kyoto Sangyo University)
3rd place Keien Sodefure! Saikyo Front (Kyoto University/Kyoto Prefectural University)

Kyoto Student Music Award

Winner Sunsands (Kyoto Tachibana University)
Runner-up SABARIE (Doshisha University)
3rd place Wadaiko Tsuyoshi (Kyoto University of Arts)

National Dance Contest
Yosakoi Division

Winner: Doshisha University Yosakoi Circle “Yosarou”
Runner-up: Musubi no Kami (Kyoto Sangyo University)
3rd place: Inasemon (Osaka University)

National dance contest
multi division

Winner: Kyoto Women’s University Creative Dance Club
Second Place: P→SEN (Dance FH)
3rd Place: Creative Dance Circle collash (Ritsumeikan University)

Kushi festival

Winner KKG (Kyoto Kacho University)
Runner-up Deko Veggie Cafe (Kyoto University)
3rd place Doshisha Women’s University Food Research Group


In order to encourage people to come to the Kyoto Student Festival main festival, we held a pre-event that incorporated some of the main festival’s plans. Many people visited the event, mainly for the hands-on activities.

Date and time: September 3rd (Sunday) 10:00-16:00
Location: Aeon Mall KYOTO Sakura building 1st floor center court
Project details:
Kyoen Sodefure! Dance performances and hands-on projects (Giant Jenga, Korean traditional game “Yunnori”, craft booth <Denden drum, watermelon fan>)


21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual Activities Introduction

 The Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee is communicating with people in the Okazaki area, where the Kyoto Student Festival is held, and with people in the area with whom we have been connected through past activities, while conveying our daily gratitude and preparing for the main festival. We are building a cooperative relationship with We aim to be a festival that is loved not only by the main festival but also by the local community and is rooted in the community, and we will carry out daily activities together with the local community throughout the year.

Dance performance/delivery class

 Kyoen Sodefure at various locations inside and outside of Kyoto Prefecture! We held demonstrations and lectures (commonly known as on-site classrooms) at elementary, junior high, high schools, and special needs schools in Kyoto Prefecture. We are working to let as many people as possible experience the charm of the Kyoto Student Festival. This year, Kyoen Sodefure will be held at Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA and Teramachi Kyogoku Shopping Street, and many people will be able to enjoy the Kyoen Sodefure! I was able to touch on it.

21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
Regional exchange

 We participate as student volunteers at children’s cafeterias in the Okazaki area and patrol at night to ensure the safety of the area. We also participate in local festivals and interact with children through play booths. In addition to aiming to revitalize the region, we are working to deepen interaction with local people and to let more people in Kyoto know more about the Kyoto Student Festival.

21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image

This year, we also shot a collaborative PV with the Kyoto Police Academy.
Click here for the collaboration PV! → https://youtu.be/yrrwwhtbigs

International exchange

 We actively engage in exchange activities with international students studying in Kyoto. We convey the charms of Kyoto to international students, and in turn, we learn various things from them, and we encourage each other.
 This year, we held international student exchange events in May and September, with a total of 89 international students participating. We also carried the Keien Mikoshi together at the main festival and operated the booth.

21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
environmental activities

 We are conducting cleanup activities under the theme of “KYO-SENSE,” which was originated from the Kyoto Student Festival and means “environmental initiatives that can start today.” This year as well, we conducted a cleanup activity in the Okazaki area before the main festival.

21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image
21st Kyoto Student Festival Annual activity introduction image

Recruiting new executive committee members!

 The Kyoto Student Festival is always looking for people to join us in activities. Would you like to join us as a member of the executive committee and have an experience that is hard to find in normal university life?

If you would like to know more about the Kyoto Student Festival, please visit the official website and official SNS.

Updated from time to time!

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Contact information

Consortium of Universities Kyoto Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Student Support Department
TEL 075-353-9189 FAX 075-353-9101
600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto, Shimoru, Nishinotoin Dorishiokoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
*Reception hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00-17 :00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

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