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The Kyoto Student Festival is a major student-led event that began in 2003 with the aim of enlivening Kyoto with the power of students, and this year marks the 15th anniversary. This festival is planned and operated mainly by the Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee, which is organized by Kyoto students, and is unique in Japan because it is backed up by Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, economic organizations, universities, and local communities under an "All Kyoto" system.
In addition to planning and managing the Kyoto Student Festival held in October, the executive committee also actively conducts exchange activities throughout the year, such as petting projects using the original creative odori "Kyo Flame Sode Fure!" born from the festival and participating in local events.
In fiscal 2017, which marks the milestone of the 15th year, in addition to tie-ups with various cultural projects under the keyword "culture," students themselves will become "culture" and create "student culture" that adds student-like characteristics to existing culture while preserving and inheriting the traditions of Kyoto, and further widely disseminate the appeal of "Kyoto as a university city and a city of students."

Outline of the event

■The 15th Kyoto Student Festival Theme

■Activity Goals

The Kyoto Student Festival, which began in 2003, has successfully completed its 15th year this year. This year, in order to create a festival that is on par with the three major festivals in Kyoto, we have been working on activities that approach various cultures under the theme of "Creating 'Kyoto Student Culture'," which is a new culture.

The 15th Kyoto Student Festival

For one year, the 15th Kyoto Student Festival has been working on the goals of "rediscovering Kyoto culture and international culture," "fusing studenthood and culture," and "widely disseminating the charm of Kyoto student culture." In particular, this year's event was an unprecedented year for the Kyoto Student Festival, as we were able to actively engage in activities in collaboration with the Kyoto Cultural Power Project, which was held twice as a commemorative project, the "Kyoto Student Culture Promotion Day" on the 15th of every month to learn about culture from cultural figures from Kyoto who are active around the world and arranged it from the perspective of students, and the Kyoto Cultural Power Project developed by Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City. In this way, we were able to increase the number of collaborators while creating a unique student culture for the festival, and in turn, we were able to get closer to the "Four Great Festivals of Kyoto," which is on par with the three major festivals in Kyoto.

Schedule Sunday, October 8, 2017, 11:00-19:00
Venue Heian Jingu-mae Okazaki Promenade Area (Sakyo-ku, Kyoto)
Organizer Kyoto Student Festival Executive Committee
Co-organizers Kyoto Student Festival Organizing Committee (Kyoto Prefecture / Kyoto City / Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives / University Consortium Kyoto)
Special cooperation Heian Shrine


Implementation Planning

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Year-round activities other than the festival

The Kyoto Student Festival aims to be a community-rooted festival loved by the community, and conducts daily exchange activities throughout the year with local residents.
In fiscal 2017, in addition to our previous activities, we held a large-scale pre-event called the Anniversary Festa and took on various challenges to realize the purpose of the Kyoto Student Festival.

♦ Commemorative Events

・June 4, 2017 [15th Anniversary Festa in. Ukyo feat. Subway Tozai Line 20th Anniversary]


・August 27, 2017 [15th Anniversary Festa in Kyoto Station Building & Porta]


♦ Main Visual Competition

Continuing from the 2016 academic year, we received many applications from students from all over the country for the main visual. The works selected for the grand prize were published in various PR media throughout the year.

♦ Community Exchange Activities

  • Night patrol to protect local safety (twice a month) Okazaki / Annei area of Kyoto
  • Cleanup activities aimed at beautifying the area (about once a month) Kyoto Okazaki, Annei, Umeya, Sanjo area, Kamogawa
  • Uchisui activities to tackle local environmental problems (summer) in the Okazaki, Annei, Fushimi area of Kyoto
  • Participation in local festivals (summer) Kyoto Okazaki, Annei, Umeya, Sanjo, Shichiku area

Student Support

Student Growth Program

The University Consortium Kyoto supports students' daily activities based on the principle of "proactively creating," and hopes that "exchanges" and "experiences" with a wide variety of people they come into contact with through independent activities will lead to new "awareness" and "learning" that will lead to their growth.
Specifically, we have adopted a PDCA cycle method that emphasizes student activities as a single project, with each department working toward a single goal and producing results. With the goal of smooth execution of activities, improvement of projects, and continuous development of projects, we are working to create a system that promotes student growth by promoting the following support methods.


PDCA Cycle at Kyoto Student Festival

  • Planning period (around November ~ May): Start training, planning and organizational structure creation
  • Trial period (around May~September): Pre-planning (medium-sized project imitating the main festival)
  • Verification period (around June~August): Interim review meeting
  • Implementation period (October): Implementation of this festival project
  • Dissemination of results (around October ~ November): Holding post-review meetings and report meetings


・Planning period "Start training"

Would you like to Thursday, March 9, 2017, 18:30-21:00
Place Campus Plaza Kyoto
Instructor Masami Mori (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kyoto Bunkyo University)
Number of participants 38 executive committee members
Contents In running the Kyoto Student Festival, understand how each individual works with the festival and works toward its goals. In addition, we acquired an attitude of sharing information throughout the organization and working toward the same goal.

・Verification period "Interim review meeting"

Would you like to Friday, June 9, 2017, 18:30-21:00
Place Campus Plaza Kyoto
Instructor Masami Mori (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kyoto Bunkyo University)
Number of participants 66 executive committee members
Contents In preparation for the second pre-event and the main festival in October, we created a place to reflect on whether we have lost sight of our goals and directions, and to reaffirm our awareness throughout the organization by reviewing areas for improvement, sharing information, and progress within and outside each department.

・Dissemination of results "Post-event review meeting"

Would you like to Thursday, October 12, 2017, 18:30-21:20
Place Campus Plaza Kyoto
Instructor Masami Mori (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Kyoto Bunkyo University)
Number of participants 84 executive committee members
Contents After the festival, each of the executive committee members had the opportunity to verbalize and reflect on what the activities and achievements of the Kyoto Student Festival meant, what they learned from it, and how to apply them to the next stage, through individual and group work, and to gain confidence in their own activities in the future.

・Achievement dissemination "Achievement report meeting"

Would you like to Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 16:30-17:30
Place Miyako Messe
Contents An overview of the annual activities and the results of the Kyoto Student Festival were presented to all parties involved in the Kyoto Student Festival, and issues and prospects for the future were presented.
*Reporting points: Concept, goals, outline, achievements, and learnings (based on the purpose of the Kyoto Student Festival)


Implementation Report


This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Kyoto Student Festival. With the theme of "Creating Kyoto Student Culture", I have been working hard every day. With the theme of "A Day to Feel the Kiseki of the Kyoto Student Festival," students who are active in fields such as fashion, music, and food gathered here in Kyoto to hold a "miracle" that creates a festival unique to students in one day, and the "trajectory" of the Kyoto Student Festival that has been walked for 15 years so far.
In addition to the overwhelming "Kyo Flame Sodefure!", music and fashion contests, festival events where you can enjoy Kyoto's food culture, and children's projects that even small children can enjoy, were involved throughout Kyoto.
The Foundation, which plays a part in the Kyoto Student Festival Organizing Committee, sees the year-long activities as an opportunity for students to grow in addition to providing support for the festival, and has established a support system throughout the year. In particular, this year was also the 15th anniversary of the festival, and it was a pre-large-scale activity such as working on many commemorative projects, including the Anniversary Festa. In the visitor survey, it was found that these efforts throughout the year did not directly attract customers. However, I feel that the one-year activity experience has led to the students' confidence and learning. As we mark the 16th anniversary of the event, we will continue to assess the competence and potential of the Executive Committee (especially students who serve as executive staff) and develop a system to support the Executive Committee so that we can continue to hold the 20th and 30th anniversaries. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who came to the event and all those who supported this project in various ways.


The 15th Kyoto Student Festival

■Total number of visitors

136,000 (*according to the executive committee survey)

■Number of participating students

Executive Committee Member

235 (22 universities, 1 junior college)
Short-term volunteer staff 201 (34 universities, 1 junior college, 1 vocational school)
Student MC 13 people
Odorite 1,153 (16 universities)
International Student Executive Committee 3 (1 from China, 1 from Korea, 1 from Hong Kong)
Total  1,605


Contact information

Consortium of Universities Kyoto Kyoto Student Festival
TEL 075-353-9189 FAX 075-353-9101
〒600-8216 Campus Plaza Kyoto
, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto *Reception hours: Tuesday ~ Saturday 9:00~17:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays)

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