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From High School-University Collaboration to Connected Education
~Fostering the "power to live" thinking at high school universities~

The 7th High School-University Collaborative Education Forum

December 4, 2009 (Fri) 10:00~17:15
Campus Plaza Kyoto
Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education/Kyoto City Board of Education/Kyoto Prefectural Federation of Private Junior and Senior High Schools/Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry/University Consortium Kyoto)
The 7th High School-University Collaborative Education Forum Leaflet [Click here for details]
<Part 1> 10:00~12:45
Time Contents
Keynote Speech
Theme: New career guidance
created through high school-university collaboration ~To cultivate the ability to design the future by oneself~
Speaker: Takayuki Shiose (Associate Professor, Kyoto University)
 The most important thing for students is to envision their own future. Only by drawing oneself, not anyone else, can one take responsibility for one's own future. In order to cultivate the skills necessary for this purpose, it is necessary for educational institutions to work closely together to establish a comprehensive career guidance system and support career design.
Rather than the ability to choose an answer from options, the ability to create one's own options is required. More than the ability to solve problems well, the ability to create problems well is required more than anything else. However, under the current examination system, there is a limit to how much these skills can be cultivated from subject guidance alone.
For better or worse, students are surrounded by options and information. A huge number of options are prepared before you worry, and each option is accompanied by the evaluation of others. The adults around them also face time constraints and demand hasty choices. Even that choice is substituted for the student.
Job hunting, which greatly affects one's future, naturally requires a completely different decision from choosing an answer from the options in the National Center Examination. However, as if this were the first opportunity, there are not a few university and graduate students who go back and forth in front of a huge amount of information. What is necessary for career education is not only work experience and detailed information, but also the ability to make decisions on their own. It is the ability to read for oneself what is an option and what is information. What should be closely linked between high schools and universities is a new career guidance system that cultivates the ability to envision this future.
Symposium 10:25~11:40 Theme: Perspectives from high school-university collaboration to connected education ~Fostering the "power to live" thinking in high school universities~
Presenter: Mr. Takayoshi Maeda (Principal, Senzoku Gakuen Junior and Senior High School) Presenter: Mr. Toshitaka Nakata (Associate Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University) C N: Hiroshi Hiroshi Hiromoto (University Consortium Kyoto High School-University Collaboration Promotion Office / Professor, Ritsumeikan University)

Discussion, Opinion Exchange, Summary
Case Report
Theme: From the Joint Education Program "Exploration of Hypotheses in Chemistry"
Presenter: Hiroshi Tauchi (Teacher, Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro High School)
<Part 2 > Session I 13:45~15:15
Type Contents
Session A
Theme: Current Status of Career Education in High Schools and Educational Issues
Related to Connection Presenter: Mr. Toshiya Yi (Principal, Osaka Prefectural Matsubara High School) Presenter: Yasuhisa Endo (Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology) C N: Masaaki Nakagawa (Director, Research and Development Center for Career Education, Kyoto Sangyo University)
Subcommittee B
Entrance Examination
Theme: Current Status and Issues
of the Center Entrance Examination Presenter: Mr. Kakinori Hattori (Teacher, Shiga Prefectural International Information High School) Presenter: Mr. Hiroshi Uchimura (Professor, Kyoto Institute of Technology) C N: Mr. Naoki Okamoto (Professor, Ritsumeikan University)
<Part 3 > Session II 15:45~17:15
Type Contents
1: Expressive Techniques
Theme: Connection and collaboration of Japanese expression method education ~What can be shared in high school and university education~
Presenter: Tsuyoshi Matsuzawa (Teacher, Sapporo Moiwa High School, Hokkaido) Presenter: Hideki Tejima (Part-time Lecturer, Osaka Jogakuin University) C N: Yoichi Tsutsui (Professor, Kyoto Seika University)
Session 2
: Mathematics
Theme: High school-university connection
starting from the reality of students Presenter: Mr. Takami Ueda (Teacher, Osaka Prefectural Otemae High School) Presenter: Mr. Yasuyuki Nishikawa (Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology) C N: Mr. Junpei Sakai (Teacher, Ritsumeikan Uji High School)
Session 3
Theme: Cross-cultural understanding and overseas study trips ~High school-university collaboration to improve classes~
Presenter: Satoshi Hirao (Teacher, Kyoto Prefectural Higashiuji High School) Presenter: Shinji Matsumoto (Associate Professor, Bukkyo University) C N: Takashi Yoshikawa (Supervisor, High School Education Division, Leadership Department, Kyoto Prefectural Agency of Education)
4: Science
Theme: Natural Science Literacy
in High School Presenter: Junichi Arimoto (Teacher, Kyoto Municipal Tonan High School) Presenter: Tadayuki Murakami (Professor, Kyoto University of Education) C N: Mr. Hideyuki Okubo (Supervisor, School Guidance Division, Kyoto City Board of Education)

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