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What is the academic ability required by the new Course of Study?

The 9th High School-University Collaborative Education Forum

December 2, 2011 (Fri) 9:30~17:00
Campus Plaza Kyoto
Kyoto High School Collaborative Research Council (Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education/Kyoto City Board of Education/Kyoto Prefectural Federation of Private Junior and Senior High Schools/Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry/University Consortium Kyoto)
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<Part 1> 9:30~12:40
Time Contents
Keynote Speech
Theme: Changes in society and the economy and the image of the
person required Speaker:Shinji Kirimura (Distinguished Guest Professor, Kanagawa University)
In response to changes in the situation, such as economic growth, technological innovation, and fluctuations in the economies of Japan, the United States, and Europe, the way of promoting skill development in society is shifting from a method of emulating superiors and seniors to a "self-reliant and corporate support" human resource development policy through the systematization and standardization of in-house education.
School education has also been greatly influenced by globalization and the progress of information technology, and the new curriculum aims to (1) acquire basic and fundamental knowledge and skills, (2) solve problems through the ability to think and make decisions by utilizing them, and (3) foster an attitude of independent learning.
In order to develop human resources who can be useful in society through high school-university collaboration, I would like to proceed with discussions with specific examples on what should be paid attention to and what kind of ingenuity is required.
Symposium 10:20~11:45 Theme: Exploring the view of academic ability behind the new Course of Study ~From the perspective of high school-university connection~
Reporter: Ken Terawaki (Professor, Kyoto University of Art and Design) Reporter: Rokuzaemon Sekime (Principal, Kyoto Municipal Saikyo High School) Reporter: Mr. Akira Tanaka (Director, Manufacturing and Logistics Department, Kinshi Masamune Co., Ltd.) Reporter: Mr. Shinji Kirimura (Distinguished Guest Professor, Kanagawa University) Designated Discussant: Hiroshi Hiromoto (University Consortium Kyoto High School-University Collaboration Promotion Office / Professor, Ritsumeikan University)

C N: Yoshio Hosaka (Director, High School-University Collaboration Promotion Office, University Consortium Kyoto / Professor, Ritsumeikan University)

Discussion, Opinion Exchange, Summary
<Part 2> Session I 13:30~15:00
Type Contents
Session A
Theme: What is
the ability to be cultivated in career education? Presenter: Toshiki Fujisawa (Principal, Omi Brothers' High School) Presenter: Takashi Ueda (Teacher, Omi Brothers' High School) Presenter: Keiko Matsunaga (Associate Professor, Ryukoku University) C N: Miyuki Nagakami (Professor, Ryukoku University)

Subcommittee B
Entrance Examination
Theme: How will diversifying entrance examination methods affect
the connection with society (high school and university enrollment connection)? Presenter:Kenzaburo Murata (Professor, Ryukoku University) Presenter:Takanori Yanagichi (Team Manager, Human Resources Development Team, Business Strategy Planning Group, Pharmaceutical Division of Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
C N: Minekazu Tanaka (Mynavi Inc. Education and Public Relations Division)
<Part 3 > Session II 15:30~17:00
Type Contents
1: Expressive Techniques
Theme: Curriculum
for designing dialogue and expression Presenter: Takuya Hasegawa (Teacher, Kyoto Tachibana High School) Presenter: Shiho Mochizuki (Member, Institute for Learning and Development) C N: Yoichi Tsutsui (Professor, Kyoto Seika University)
Session 2
: Mathematics
from mathematical modeling Presenter:Takehiro Kihei (Teacher, Kyoto Municipal Murasakino High School) Presenter:Tetsutsugu Kawasaki (Associate Professor, Sonoda Gakuen Women's University) C N:Hiroki Masaki (Supervisor, Kyoto City Board of Education)
Session 3
Theme: Fostering Basic Academic Skills – Considering
the Possibility of High School-University Collaboration Presenter: Mr. Takemasa Yamashita (Teacher, Heian Junior and Senior High School, Ryukoku University) Presenter: Mamoru Shimada (Professor Emeritus, Ryukoku University) C N: Mr. Yoshio Ukita (Chairman, Foreign Language Study Group, Kyoto Prefectural Federation of Private Junior and Senior High Schools / Teacher, Doshisha Junior and Senior High School)
4: Science
Theme: What you can gain through presentation experience ~ Research experience presentation in the form of an academic conference at the high school stage ~
Presenter: Yoshikazu Sugai (Teacher, Kyoto Prefectural Nishi-Maizuru High School) Presenter: Tetsuo Ota (Professor, Doshisha University) C N: Mr. Hidefumi Toyama (Supervisor, Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education)

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