This is a list of major events organized by the 2018 University Consortium Kyoto.
Please note that Campus Plaza Kyoto is closed every Monday and from December 28 to January 4. * [NEW] is a new event for 2018.

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Month Day Day Event
Nine. 1 Soil Kyoto Student Festival Pre-event
Kyoto Studies Lecture "Born in Kyoto ~Birth of Elementary School~" 5th
The 15th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum
2 Day The 15th National University Consortium Research Exchange Forum
6 Tree Joint Training Program for University Staff "Basic Knowledge of University Faculty and Staff ~Toward Compulsory SD~"
Credit-transfer late application starts (there is an application period for each university between ~9/20 noon)
8 Soil SD Seminar Final Report Session (Open Presentation for Students)
Cross-cultural Manners and English Communication in Higher Institution
11 Fire University Staff Joint Training Program "Basics of Facilitation ~How to Realize Participatory Discussions?~"
Fourteen. Gold Roundtable for personnel and training personnel
Fifteen. Soil Kyoto Student Festival AEON MALL KYOTO AEON Planning
Kyoto College University Relay Course (5) (Meiji International Medical University)
21. Gold Credit transfer: Kyoto College second semester classes begin (Plaza Courses)
22 Soil English Skill Improvement Training (5) (Everyday Communication)
Internship Business and Public Course Closing Ceremony
Mid The 21st Kansai Roundtable for Students with Disabilities
Notebook Computer Taker Training Course (Beginner)
28 Gold Notification of Decision on Acceptance of Credit-Transfer Late Application
29 Soil English Skill Improvement Training (6) (Meeting and Discussion)
Kyoto Studies Lecture "I Was Born in Kyoto ~The Birth of Kabuki and Kyoto~" 6th
FD Joint Training Program [Basics] Part 1 "FD Basic Knowledge and Syllabus Creation"

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